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The Legend of Academia


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“It burns deeply within all Void Scholars, the Flame of Academia. Some keep it hidden while others let it shine through them, illuminating their Path.”


And perhaps it existed since the genesis of man, tertiary to the major Elements of Creation. Knowledge, Wisdom, Organization, and Philosophy all encompassed by the one: Academia. It roots within all of us, though blooms upon the realm’s Scholars in a spectacular show. Vivid artistry, best expressed through the erudite studies into Arcana.


Through a macro lens one observes the beauty of the interconnected flow of Academia and all of her patrons. Chains of institutions all saturating the realm with wisdom. The Enchantry, The Celestial Order, Galdorcreft College, Aurowind Enclave, The Delvers, Raine Academy, The Mages Guild… Nexuses each, of their own gilded eras.

Shedding breadth, one witnesses a singular particular seed and it’s stories. How it’s roots came to span generations, and how its branches encompassed all of Academia's holdings.


Eliza of the Emerald Glade
Born to grandchildren of Malin, altered by the sequestered Golden Pools during their exodus with Larihei’s flock. Eliza first encountered descendants upon their arrival to the continent of Anthos. She was a hermit in simple terms, hidden from the public eye in an idyllic glade far from the rapidly expanding civilizations. The entirety of her holdings was a cottage with its garden and chicken coop, and it was enough.


The Anthosian era was famed for the innate connection that her people shared with magic. The nearby Elven settlements soon came to hear of the Elfess of the glade, and soon rumors spread of her mystical abilities. Whether it was magical ability or simply an advanced knowledge of local flora, it became apparent that the Elfess’ medical ability was unmatched. Many folks came into her graces to seek alms and she would provide. Her skills were untempered, however and thus marked the meeting of minds. Nienna Calm, the mother of Medicinal Alchemy, and Eliza.


Unbeknownst to either of them, Nienna would bestow the wisdom that would foster Eliza’s ascent into a masterful caster. The Elfess, under the tutelage of the Great Mage, would garner a surgical precision within the realms of both Medicine and Magic. As Eliza grew, so too did her ambitions; It was time to depart from the Glade and seek The Mages Guild.


Eliza, the Mage

The Fringe into the Atheran Era marked a formative time in the Elfess’ timeline. Her development was greatly swayed by the winds and whims of the age, taking upon whatever mantle that the Realm required her to. And so she absorbed all that she could, supporting the varied reformations of The Mages Guild, The Delvers and other minor institutions wherever they cropped up.


The Elfess also sought firm control and security. She would pursue a martial path in this era as well, in an attempt to grasp what could not be grasped to begin with. She took a direct stance against the Dark, joining arms with Aeriel’s Ascended as a knight. These Knights of Aeriel were responsible for counter-intelligence, assassinations, and guerilla skirmishes with agents of the Dark. It was here that Eliza created unbreakable bonds with many names since lost to time, among them were Kyral Winterleaf, Grungron Irongut, Heial the Enderpearl and Daniel Ward.


The war against the Dark raged on for many decades, with neither side showing any give. Such would whittle down the most battle hardened Knight. Then, the bell tolled.


Eliza, the Archmage

The realms institutions began to yearn, and Eliza would shed her wealth and titles to supply them with the wisdom they so needed. The era of Vailor needed her guidance, and so she was recognized as Archmage by the many great minds, upon her ascendance into the Order of Magi. While the Order was short lived, it cemented the understanding that each of these individuals were at the helm of Arcana. Such names as Ceruberr, Ambros, Sarrion, Elindor, Zahrer, Daniel, Glacio and Erendriel took part in this meeting.


Eliza, the Provost

The era of Axios saw the final waning of the martial spirit that clung to the Elfess from decades prior. This seemed to be her true retirement into Neutrality as well as her alignment with the True Way. As always, Eliza drifted between many scholarly academies to offer her guidance, though most notably was her participation in Galdorcreft College. A meeting of Legends; Among them, Archwizards Ambros and Salamandra, and the Great Alchemist Kardel Irongut. It was here that Eliza studied the concept of Wizardry in contrast to the typical Voidal mage. She drew inspiration from Ambros with his seemingly infinite well of Wisdom and Philosophy.


Eliza, the Uniter

Following the opening of the Atlasian era, Eliza spent a short tenure with the Enchantry and later with the Knight Errantry. The Errantry was a band of Soldiers that probed into the Icy wastes where a monolithic wall of dark ice cut the landscape into two. They sought Eliza for her previous martial exploits, yet it was clear she would only participate in logistics. Many years were spent amidst icy wastes as they made contact with the mysterious Vaeyl Order. With the campaign deemed a success, Eliza filled her time with the political landscape as she co-founded the Global Assembly. A neutral entity through which the participating political parties could meet and discuss the issues of the realm at large. At it’s height all of the racial capitals were represented, yet the Assembly was under active threat by ill intentioned parties as well. The members found it necessary to resign. Afterwards the Elfess pursued another tenure as Archmage, officially under the name of her original alma mater The Mages Guild. The rise of the September prince was afoot among the forests of the Realm. The errant Druid sought to lay waste to all civilization to return the realm to the Wilds. Naturally the trifecta of The Mages Guild, The Enchantry, and The Celestials all pitched into the effort to abate this threat.


Eliza, the Fallen

The opening of the Arcasian era found Eliza nestled comfortably within Llyria. The Mages Guild operated there, continuing the spread of wisdom. Then, the second bell tolled. Centuries of cycles tend to break the minds of ancient Elves, and Eliza was not excluded.  Years of Voidal practition has rent asunder the Wizard’s mind. There was a stint of time where reality and imagination melded together, and the vast power of the void exacerbated the mania. The elfess took a century long pilgrimage into the Wilds for meditation. It was only through this meditation that the Wizard was able to hold onto fragments of thought and memories. The fragments seemed to provide a bare bones structure of what anything was, but between these bones was endless possibility. The state of fluid and continual change. Life, like an emotion, burst into being and was powerful in essence, but when it was taken over by an outside force it was gone.The Wizard once thought I ought to have control over myself. She was meant to be an alchemist of the mind; It’s master. Yet the tighter she held, the further it slipped. There was naught left but to surrender to the cosmos.


Eliza, the Wizard of Academia and Archmage Scholarch

The Elfess adjusted to the light of Almaris. What emerged from the wilds was a woman unlike that which entered. Fragments of memories held together her general identity, whilst airy ideals and philosophy filled what space was left in her psyche. Frequent bouts of disassociation claim the Wizard most days, but she seems healthy enough bar her frail physique. The primordial chrysalis of isolation seemed to age her physique millenia forwards, rendering her into an ailing old woman. Eliza settled in Elysium where she took up medical practice once again in exchange for the Duke's hospitality. She serves as a mentor for the townsfolk and an enchanter to those who hear word of her latent abilities. Eventually Eliza rejoins Kalgrimmor in leading The Mages Guild in Almaris, allowing the Golden Dwarf a much needed rest from the weight of his duties. The Wizard of Academia was ignited with a sense of diligence in the wake of the Implosion of the Ando Alur Voidal Tear, quickly tapping into the heartbeat of the Realm to engage in a plan of action for the Guild. She called upon ancient allies to maintain order, Beranabus Seregon and Evo’lur Tartarus. The will of the Three saw to the immediate restoration of foreign diplomacy and internal education, creating a self sustained and lasting system to carry the Guild. This age of Reformation also caught the attention of another relic from an older Era of the Guild; Ayche Raven’kor. This core group, under the name of the Collegium Magistrati ushered life into the body of The Mages Guild, seeing to the education of many great Magi, establishing a satellite Guild Hall in the Elven settlement of Ebonwood, advocating for Realm-wide magical law, and establishing good relations with orders such as The Mothers Grove and the Sunbreak Paladins. All until the expedition into the final frontier. The final bell tolled. The place where Eliza was destined to go to, the boundary between realms. The Voidal Hallow, bred from the explosion of a Tear. With initial plans of survey and study, the folly of descendant kind required the ultimate sacrifice. There the Elfess vanished from the Material realm, summoning a wall of earth to hold off Horrors whilst her dearest friend escaped. Ayche Raven’kor would be the last to see the Wizard in the flesh.


Now she rests in true neutrality and true contentment, perhaps where she always belonged. 
The Material Realm was but a detour.



Player Comments:

“I always saw Eliza as a kind of worldly motherly figure. I think of Flemish from the dragon age series, but rather comforting and pleasant rather than unsettling, in that she always seemed like she had an answer and knew what was going on.” -z3m0s


“When Dael'ran was becoming an Ascended at the time I was a mediocre roleplayer who really wanted magic simply because it was cool. To put it frankly, if Ravondir hadn't brought Dael to Eliza I do not think I would've become a voidal mage since no one else wanted to teach me. Not only did you, by giving me a chance, and your character make Dael who he was, you also shaped me a little bit because you sorta opened my eyes to the fun that magic can bring vs the power that people desire. The good lessons in sand pits learning the magic and understanding how to use it really shaped how I would play Dael, and then soon my other characters who got involved in magic. Overall, I'd say a very important teacher.” -Zachosnacko


“I think Eliza is full of thoughts, it feels like there is a lot going on in her brain. She's one of my fav characters to rp with when I do get spontaneous urges to play.” -Elk


“She's like an old aunt sort of character, who'll give you lessons on things you didn't know you needed. She also gives off the sort of vibes of a person likely to call you sonny boy.” -CephalonAir


“I guess Eliza's a constant. She's always been around, he's at least known her almost as long as Ayche can remember… whether they were goofing around in Sutica or whether she's leading the Mages' Guild and training future generations... I think she might be the last of the people he's known for this many years who's still around - who he was friends with at some point anyway.” -Draxagon



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My heart is broken </3


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I miss you already x


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