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Realm of Lanta

The Realm of Lanta is one of the major realms along the River Ynn. Holding dominion of large tracts of land and being in a central position to take advantage of the trade links the river presents. With it's export of purple clothing attracting a large amount of traders from nearby realms to revel in it's splendor.  The lord of this realm resides in a (by the standards of this people) luxurious mansion. Built on the foundations of an ancient house of the second age and providing far greater insulation and protection than the house of other traders and retainers surrounding it. It was even made of stone, partially consisting of clay gathered from the surrounding farmland and turned into bricks. As the sun was starting to set he was animatedly talking with one of his favorite mistresses. A blonde woman in her early 20's with something approximating an hourglass shape and with bright blue eyes by the name of Dianne. She was a sight that many an artist would try to capture and fail to do so. 

The sight now would be one almost worthy of the painting, for as the sun began to set the woman smiled at the lord's jokes yet her smile was too wide and her eyes held not love but only fear in them. The second figure of this scene, is an astoundingly average man. He was a man in his 40's with somewhat curly brown hair, brown eyes and a somewhat larger belly. It was a face that you could grow to love if it shared kindness, yet the only delight that was held in it was cruelty. 


As the lord Senact made a joke about the lack of manlihood held by the Gorann a messenger walked in, bowing their head. 'My lord Senact, the council requests your presence.

In a fraction of a second the curly-haired man's head is turned towards the messengers and a hard stare bores into his eyes. "What is the meaning of this ? The council is only to request my presence on monday and friday, today is tuesday. Why does the council make this request ?" The lord drawled on the last word, a grimace appearing on his mouth as he said the word.


"My lord I-" "Shut up, your words are worth less than wind. Go." The messenger quickly nodded, eyes turned to the ground and a slight shiver going up his spine. 


With a snarl the brown haired man stood up from the comfortable chair he was seated on. He then turned to the blondine. "I will be back soon, remain here." The blondine then replied meekly. "Yes my lord" With a swish of his cloak Jasuc went towards the door of his home. The moment his back was turned Diana's eyes bored into his back and her fists clenched, yet she did nothing as she glanced at the iron-masked retainers following the sovereign. 


Minutes later the party of one man in elaborate white-purple robes and 8 guards arrive at a round building, built in the centre of what was once park of the second age. The building itself is made of local wood but has stone foundations and is quite solidly built. It is dominated by a long table with 11 seats, 5 simple wooden seats on each side and a stone chair with furs on it on the outer side of it. At this moment 10 seats were occupied as various mean ranging from 40 to 60 years of age are in discussion. They all turn to the purple clad figure as he walks in, flanked by his guards.


The oldest man, his hair greying and with green eyes filled with a cunning intelligence speaks. "Welcome my lord, we were discussing an issue regarding the annual allocation of funds and building materials. A contentious issue was brought up regarding where to allocate them." As the old man continued to speak he was surprised as he was not interrupted. Rather than his normal behaviour the lord senact remained silent and took place on his seat. 

"I see, is it a contentious issue then councillors ?" Four of them nodded but the rest kept silent and still, just observing. 
"Mhm, I suppose action will have to be undertaken. Jeremiah -" The lord looked towards one of his retainers, a large men of 7 feet, looked to the eldest councillor and made an upwards and downwards motion with his pinky.


Without hesitation the retainer walked to the elder councillor, the man began to speak but before a word could be uttered the armored fists of the retainer went around the elders pinky. Then twisted it into two opposing direction. 


"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH !!!!" Then the councillor was punched in the face whilst and a large bruised formed on it, whilst the lord senact calmly inspected his nails. "I think you all misunderstand our relationship. I come when I wish and when I must. You do not make requests, demands or anything. You do what I say, and you all best remember it."


Jasuc stood up from his throne and then walked out of the building, though before he reached the threshold he turned back. "In the future, you may petition for my presence before sunset. That will be all." With this last confusing statement, the tyrant then left.




- 5kC and 2B are invested into a dock

- 8,75kC & 2M are stored.

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Adon’s comet continues its inevitable course across the sky, turning the heavens the color of a bleeding wound. Below the comet things are not much better, as Settlements everywhere begin to realize this new age seems no better than the last…..

-Continued excerpts from Legends and Facts of the Third Age



Cogs stream up the mighty Ynn, their eventual destination the Ka’Goran Trade Confederation. Though no [players] seem interested, dozens of petty lords know opportunity when they see it. After the auctions however, the borders are shut down. It would seem a CORRECTOR is being summoned, to address the woe befalling their pocket of northern paradise. Akim’s Freehold emerges the victor of the auction, taking their unknown Relic downriver towards home.




The Kingdom of Lanta and Knights of Ildan experience grief, as a local warband [yellowish circle] raids both their lands. Darting in and out to hamper villages, and fisherman in Ildan’s case, they steal off with loot and women. It’s soon learned this warband goes by the name of “Flastavio’s Flock” A ruthless band of hedge knights, ronin, dispossessed lords, mercenaries, and other outcasts, following an immensely charismatic chieftain. -2 F, 200 C for both nations




The Kingdom of Zorncost slowly emerges from their Spring council, building the foundations of their Realm. In a very rare form of government, King Dagmand Tus is constitutionally imbued as Zorncost’s head of state. This government follows the ideals of the 2nd age, and more recently, of the Lantan Monarchy, and Lenan Republic. Zorncost patrols are soon seen all over the river, and nearby holds, as they engage in a growing trade competition with Akim’s Freehold.



The Ill Horde, smelling blood in the water, raids across the mighty Ynn. They seize multiple foreign cogs in a daring act. The Complacent merchants are not used to such violence here. The Lenan Republic and Petty Kingdom of Tear are hit especially hard, the cream of their armies being away in the field. -500 C, 2 F for Lenan Republic


Rumors reach the various nations within the Camadacian region. Two mysterious hordes are slowly marching on the fertile lands, growing every day. Little is known of them besides their inevitable path. 


Volunteers from Hausenberg flock to the Northern Black Camadacian cause, if they choose to accept them. By and large young second sons and rich merchants, seeking adventure against their Kingdom’s greatest rival. +25 Heavy Cavalry if accepted. 



Across the oceanic coasts strange rumors and tales of seamen being dragged off to captivity by pale men spread. They are quickly discounted, and it’s acknowledged the rumors were sprung from the Bak-nari slaving ships.


The northern city state boldly claiming the name Ilesia announces their vassalization of the recently formed Toran Shire. This single village has been growing a considerable influence, mostly thanks to the rich City funding them. The ties are formalized this year, the City State growing into a proper northern trade power…….


Kingdom of Albarias


Sebastian and his retinue encounter an overtly hostile Adonian reclamation mission. As the two hosts meet in the foothills of the Albarian mountains, battle is about to commence…..


A circular disk flies into the sky, and from it emits the light of god himself. The two armies are locked within a searing grid pattern of pure white light. Any who touch it are burned, and it seems the Adonians have made their message clear. They would fight and die at all cost for whatever they are heading too, and now, Sebastian must do the same. 


There’s no time to see if the Village will join this Spring, as Sebastian and his host find themselves engaged.


The Pilgrim Church/Legion


In perhaps a move of over zealotry, the first Village to be approached spits in the Pilgrim’s faces, and is razed for their troubles. The zealots take it a step too far however, burning and killing the entire Village and Populace in an act of faith, securing nothing of value.


Hearing word of the grim fate befalling the 1st, the next 3 villages on their path submit without complaint. However as soon as the Host marches, problems arise. Saboteurs have been tampering with food, the wagons, and the Host as a whole. It would seem these villages were far from integrated, and after having blended in with the Pilgrim masses, formed a resistance. -3 Food, 500 C


The final two villages refuse to submit, having already lent their Oaths to the Amichai, who are similarly harvesting the Ynnish villages. The two hosts face off, neither having time to make a move, as Spring draws to a close. The first scouts to reach the village had all been immolated with fire balls flying through the sky. The superstitious pilgrims whisper that the Amichai have God's wrath on their side. -25 Light Cavalry


The Ill Horde splinter group parallels this advance, eating up villages on their side of Ynn. A man within the Pilgrim cult has been gathering a following to him, after his brave tale. He claims to have escaped the Ill Horde slavery, stating the other scouts with him this Spring were taken too far away to rescue with him. He preaches an entirely new radical tenant of the Church, demanding they exploit and learn the mysteries of God himself in all his ways. The cult is growing around him, hiding him as he moves from caravan to caravan, preaching his tenets. 




The Spirit Seekers


The hermit preaching southern expansion disappears, while the victorious one sticks with the tribe as they advance, smug. For now scouts yield no results of Relics or Knowledge, perhaps too far south.

The Spirit Seekers successfully capture the first two villages with no issue in face of their overwhelming numbers. However problems soon begin to proliferate with this new blood. Throats are found slit, food ruined, gold stolen. -3 F, 500 C


The remaining two villages are found completely empty, scouts reporting their entire populaces have begun to flee to the City nearby, to ask for safety. They have not yet arrived, fleeing before the Seekers advance. Perhaps one choosing to pursue can catch them before they arrive at the City during the summer, at the risk of going off the path seeking knowledge. 


Herzogtum Greifenburg


The Village Herr Albert visits is ecstatic to have an actual Monarch visit them. For countless decades this village has lived a quiet life under the covert auspices of the Rurviche Syndicate. However that is forgotten in the village's fervor, as they pledge to join Albert’s Kingdom, provided they’re allowed the full rights of citizens in the Realm. A village gained if Albert wants it, perhaps at the cost of angering the Syndicate…..




The Diushi Clans



Hong Taos expedition in the wastes succeeds with flying colors, the roughshod wastelander village eager to follow him and his promises of a verdant promised land.


Hai Yun’s march goes remarkably less well, as Village militia harry his advance at every turn. After a short clash, the first Village falls to the horde. But the second, encased in a wooden palisade, holds out as Spring draws to a close, sending pleas for aid far and wide… -100 Light Infantry




The 2 villages and Town happily accept Korynn's gift, alongside that of Zorncost, and the Grosslich Reich. They accept none of the pledges for protection however, clearly enjoying playing the three powers off each other. A small amount of overland trade begins however, the seed of something more? +150 C


A grand scheme indeed, few petty Kingdom’s were capable of engineering feats this large. However the confident engineers begin to gather materials, and survey the land. The canal seems possible, but will be a steep price in both labor and resources.


After a brief field battle, the two villages town guard is smashed, the settlements submitting. This has caught the eye of local powers however, and the Korynn note a marked increase of Zorncost patrols in the other independent settlements. -50 Light 1 hand, -50 Light Spears, -10 Archers

And so the Korynn and Osberht head to THE NESTS…..




And so the first clash between Camadacian brothers transpires, beneath the blood red gaze of Adon’s Comet. A light rain falls, as the heavens weep to see the promised land of Ilesia soaked in blood. The bold General Grempesh was not expecting such full retaliation, having been playing a game of careful raids himself. The Camadacian millita clash with Grempeshs’s famed Black Winged mercenaries. A band loyal to the general, and ruthless in their raids. They earn their name by their cloaks, flayed skin from captured commune militia. An oversight the wounded pride of the Camadacian King allows, as the Black Wings get results.


The ensuing conflict is small regardless, Grempesh sent tail betwixt his leg back over the border. None had expected such a swift and total response. No raids happen this year, though rumors of a proper Camadacian host being raised spread far and wide. +1 prestige for Officer leading. -10 archers, 5 militia, 5 cavalry


The cash goes a very small way to restoring this archaic and complex undercroft. But it goes a long way with the refugees, ensuring they feel safe, are cared for, and warm. Refugees eager to explore, having no worries of shelter and food, find a small stockpile of scrap leftover from the second age. +1 M




The Dominate of Ayan Rus


The letter reaches the Adonians, but no reply is given. -15 C


The expedition sent north travels for perhaps a few days, when they get the sense of being stalked. No sooner then did they show alertness, then Bak-nari women descended on all sides. Blow darts volley into the men, paralyzing them. Women clad in tropical animal skins and little else close the gap, fighting with fearsome clubs wrapped in layers of a shiny black stone, that cuts with the edge of a razor. 


Only 10 spearmen and 3 archers make it back alive. With grim reports of the rest dead, or being dragged off to captivity, paralyzed. It would seem the island is surrounded, the fell mists warding off raids on the island for now. Surveyors are seen again, this time with cloth around their mouths. It would seem they were learning, and studiously recording the effects on what seems to be human hide.


League of Serra


Some perhaps whisper the aging Don was losing his grip on things in his elderly years. But the actions of the Black Stripes and his orders galvanizing them disproves that. In a bold action they raid the warehouse the Capo is alleged to be at, easily dispatching his armed guard. Having perhaps expected it however, he narrowly avoids their grasp, fleeing to the Rurviche Syndicate with whatever knowledge he seems to hold.

Republic of Lena


The northern village accepts the Lenan proposition, terrified of the numerous warbands. When Vrizians, Flastavio’s Flock, and the Ill Horde roamed the land, it was more than enough reason to enter the rich Republic. Provided they get the full rights of any Lenan citizen of course, and the Village aldermen is allowed onto the lower council. 


Ambrosian Republic of Vudoa


A brief skirmish ensues, as the villagers refuse to enter this ambitious Republic who asks with an army at their back. What happens next is an astonishing testament to Ambrosian administration. All the dissidents are purged, and their plan of resettlement and occupation is executed flawlessly. A now loyal and eager village joins the fold! -25 cavalry






The raid goes remarkably well, the majority of Bak-nari ships seemingly away. The village raided is full of women in strange garb, with pens full of cayen, and Dominate men. Rescuing them, they also gain 3k C, 5 F, 2 M. The dominate troops request passage home, though rumors abound of a Bak-nari fleet in the Stygoi river.


In a rather embarrassing display of martial power, the two villages band together, and defeat the Caneyan army. After bleeding them for leagues of land, the joint villager force hits the leaderless light infantry host so hard they shatter, running for home. The villagers are led by a man growing in fame; Chief Big Shitta -150 Lights








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Transparent Shield Coat Arm - Flame Coat Of Arms | Full Size PNG Download |  SeekPNG


"Glory is the reward of Valour."


Year 2 of the Third Age


Roland sat in his tent, surrounded by his brothers and his liegemen. His rent mail hung from a stand in the corner, and his sword hung carelessly from the back of his curule chair. "We have taken losses we can scarce afford to lose. De Vries is dead, Morton too. Denair has lost a leg below the knee, along with three sons - his fourth is not of any use to me either, being barely fit to lift his father's sword, nevermind don his mail and wield his lance." 


He glanced out the tent, his brow furrowed, and his expression dark. "Our new friends have made our stay here difficult, and for now, we must withdraw." There were no angry shouts, only a few ill humoured grumbles from the most blockheaded of the company. "We have a good price for the prisoners, which dampens this defeat a little, but we have no choice but to withdraw northwards." 


In silence, the knights depart, and leave their liege to his brooding.




From atop a low hill, Roland looks imperiously out across the vast lands, green and bountiful, that seemed to stretch endlessly along the River Ynn. “It is unfortunate that we were unsuccessful at Tamerick Town” he spoke, to his brother Tancred “but this is a green land, and when we set out from Vrizia, we could not have hoped to find better than this.”


He turned in his saddle, to look Tancred in the eye. “This, dear brother, is as good a place to settle as any, I think. We’ve ridden for years, let us now build a nation in this place.” Tancred shrugged, seemingly disinterested in this new plan of Roland’s. “What will you call it then?” his younger brother grumbled.


Roland grinned. “Vrizenland.”




-More miners are employed. (5000C, 2 B)


-Roland leads his followers north, where the Vrizians settle upon the banks of the Ynn.


-Filled with wrath and eager to spill blood, the Count of Vrizia leads his horsemen on campaigns against the local villages, intent on forcing them to bend to his rule. 205 Knights, 150 Light Cavalry. (Mod)



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The Dominate of Ayan Rus


They were standing on the second floor of the Tserkov Palace, the ancient ruins which the Patriarch was very proud of. Nothing stood above them but Saint Vladimir here. The sun was bright, and the mists below seemed to glow in its blessed light.






“I don’t like it, I don’t like it at all.” The Patriarch heaved a sigh, his ample chest rising with a great struggle under his many furs and fineries. Even in high summer, he always felt a chill in his chest, as if Saint Vladimir were judging him from the heavens above. He shivered. 


“Enouv to make trip to Vorkuta?” grunted the Foreigner in his thick accent. He wore plain robes, and his face was hidden by bandages.


“Good God, no!” The Patriarch laughed easily and patted his huge belly. “Me, take that miserable rocky road to see a pile of rubble?” He leaned over and slapped the Foreigner on the shoulder heartily. “No, my good friend, I leave that to you.”


“This is surprise,” muttered his closest advisor, shrugging off his hand with a barely discernible scowl.


“Think of the good old times, when the Tarnished Order was whole, and all you had to do was sit next to me and make the others jealous of all the attention I gave you.” The Patriarch mopped his brow with a huge, stained handkerchief. He had only eaten seven eggs, three rashers of bacon, six spiced sausages, four potatoes slathered in butter and herbs and eighteen tomatoes stuffed with goats cheese this morning and instead of his customary three pints of morning brew, he had only had two! “Well, if we make it through all this, maybe we’ll be able to live like that again, hmm?” For lunch, it would have to be a roast hog- No, venison. Yes, Venison stuffed with leeks and garlic accompanied by a fine wine -only five cups, he would have to ration the Serran wine until this awful situation was resolved- with a roast chicken or two and perhaps some of those fine vegetable pies his cook was so gifted at making… Would it be excessive to wrap that up with sweet pies soaked in honey….? Well, perhaps he would only have three of them. Saint Vladimir did denounce any excess, after all…


“... do not trust Myukor. Is mad dog.” The Foreign’s bandages parted as he opened his mouth and spat a gobbet of bloody phlegm onto the dirt. “Cursed malbchuck.


The Patriarch’s dreamy smile fell as his thoughts of lunch collapsed. “Yes. Well. Do keep an eye on him, will you? I wouldn’t trust him anymore than I would eat him, and you know that’s saying something when it comes to me!” He chuckled, but his eyes were as glacial as a winter blizzard. “We need him. We need the Tarnished. Make sure the next ones are as loyal as my dear Grandaughter. We need them to be willing to kill him when he becomes redundant.”


-One Workshop is built in Novosibirsk. What a marvelous, wonderfully mundane creation!

-150 Light Archers are trained up from the peasantry to defend the island.

-250 Spearman are also trained.




-The Dominate men, freshly liberated by the noble savages on the coast will try to nab some of the paralytic poison from the amazonian corpses on their way out. After all, why should anyone mind, the w*men are dead!


-The reality of their situation has set in. The Bak’Nari have them surrounded, and will not let them pass. These dire days of summer pass slowly, and the nights are fraught with concern. In an emergency meeting with his Councilors, the Patriarch decrees that the soldiers will spread out across the island in groups of one or two dozen, and build small watchtowers around which they will camp. Horn-bearing archers will stand guard atop them, ready to warn the island of any incoming raids, and The Foreigner is sent to assess the status of Vorkuta Fortress, which stands upon a high hill at the western tip of the island, watching over the river split like a silent, crouching giant. [1 B, 500C spent on watch towers, signal fires and horns.]





-Kalina & Myukor continue their missions… [Discord]


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League of Serra

-Year 2-


With the disloyal Captain of Porta Serra deposed though still alive, business was able to return to a state of normalcy, but the Orsi Family now knew the merchant neighbors were seeking to put their hands in his pocket without the courtesy of even asking. Such a flagrant act of disrespect could not go unanswered but the Don had yet to decide how to respond and how any response should take form. Though it seems that the Serran’s were not alone in the region as the fiercely independent people of North Camadacia sought to be within the friendship of the Orsi Patriarch and respect was duly given. 


Though the news that they brought from the North was quite troubling, raids of barbarity from the Kingdom of Camadacia itself and fear mongering that they intend to conquer the entire region to establish a new Empire. The Don as a fatherly figure to the people of Serra most certainly sympathizes with the wishes of the peoples of North Camadacia and their free settlements as it was a sentiment shared with his own people. With threats to his West and to his East the Don sought to consolidate the vulnerable areas of the Republics, to do this he would send emissaries north to the villages and town.




Two small squadrons of the Black Stripes would be sent into the Rurviche Syndicate, disguised as traders and given appropriate documentation to make their story seem believable. Their orders are to attempt to locate the disloyal former Capo of the Orsi Family. [Mod]


Emissaries are sent to the Northern Villages and Towns that are not yet under the fold of any nation, they are offered the Don’s protection and the rights afforded to the Serran’s. [Mod]


A Mine is constructed.

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Spirit Seekers
(Sorry for the silence and shitpost. My sheet broke and I've been real busy)

The Spirit Seekers continue to seek things spiritually. Hangups of the newly joined tribesmen aside, the horde continues to travel north toward knowledge and the Worrunt'e. Utu looks to his Spirit Guide (POI) to find the best route, and any lost treasures on the way.

-1 Group of Miners are recruited (5000C, 2B)


C: 4000
C Stockpile: 1000
F: 30
F Stockpile: 23
B: 2
B Stockpile: 2
M: 0
M Stockpile: 0

Caravans: 2
Parties: 5

3 Light Horse Archers
1 Spooky Unique:



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The Diushi Clans

"We should move on, up and through the mountains to the East. I'm sure we'll come across easier prey." Zhen would say as he and several others were gathered in Hong Tao's tent. "Easier prey? What kind of attitude is that?" Hai Yun would interject. "So what if we lost a few warriors in our conquest, I say we move West to the villages and town. Who cares about what these...'River Kings' have to say about defending them."

"Enough, both of you." Hong Tao would assert. "Zhen makes a fair argument, the summer months are the easiest to travel through the mountain passes. However we will not be leaving, we will remain here with the camps and finish what we started. This villages defiance will not be tolerated. We will deal with them first before deciding where to leave to."

2 Caravans, 7 Parties

C: 6,000
F: 24
M: 0
B: 2

F: -14

C: 0
F: 28
M: 0
B: 4

Heh, wouldn't you like to know?

check army description



The forces of the Diushi Clans converge together against the walled village, intent on laying siege upon it and sacking it. Remaining in the tile they have come to since spring.


Recruiting 5 Units One Handed Light Infantry (-5,000c +1,250 Light One Handed Infantry)

Recruiting 2 Units of Light Archers (-5,000c, +300 Light Archers)

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Pilgrim Church



“For though I should walk in the midst of the shadow of death, I will fear no evils, for thou art with me. Thy rod and thy staff, they have comforted me.”

The Pilgrim’s face adversity on all sides, yet they march on, willed forward by the Destiny - and the Promise of the World to Be.  [Short Post this week, I am lacking on inspiration].

Economic Actions
- Organizing one group of miners
- Saving the rest

RP Actions
- Battle on the Ice

- The Pilgrim Church’s vanguard (210 Light Horse Archers) are dispatched north to a remaining village. As is practice, they offer one chance to peacefully convert. Should the village refuse, the settlement is razed and the population enslaved.




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Realm of Lanta


Partial goverment paralysis as the Lord Senact is busy paying attention to a new mistress (Yes stat post I know)




- 1B is invested into a dock

- 1B and 5kC are invested into a mine

- 10,5 kC & 4M are stored.


-75 medium cav are sent to the eastern border in the relative geographical chokepoint to the East. Here they are to keep an eye and harass any potential raiders.

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Herzogtum Greifenburg




Year 11 of Albert's reign



After spending some time in the village, listening to the concerns of leadership, it is clear that Herzog Albert has to do something to retain control of the newly acquired holding. On the other hand, he must not dawdle and expand the realm to gain access to more resources that very much would allow the realm to protect and project its interests. It is also for the future of his people, the Greifner, and his good-for-nothing son of his. Herzog Albert remains hoping that only at some point Komodan would become the man he is supposed to be.


Without further ado the journey continued into the next season heading on to the next town and village further West.


At home Isabella and Deborah acting as regents in his absence are taking reigns on the first economic projects that have taken place in this year. A task not too difficult and a learning experience for the young ladies von Greifenburg.




2 towns (wooden palisades)

6 villages (no improvements)



Taler (C):

7,500 (2 towns, 5 villages)


Metalle (M):

2 (2 towns)


Vorräte (F):

32 (2 towns, 6 villages)


Baumaterial (B):

2 (2 towns)


Expenses (maintenance)

Taler (C):

1,000 (2 wooden palisades)


Metalle (M):



Vorräte (F):

2 (2 wooden palisades)

9 (armed forces)


Baumaterial (B):




Taler (C): 17,250

Metalle (M): 4

Vorräte (F): 40

Baumaterial (B): 4



1,250 Greifner Büttel (Light Spearmen)

500 Wappenträger (One Handed Med Infantry)

300 Bogenschützen (Med Archers)




A workshop is erected in Riebenland (town at the heart of Greifenburg). This should supplement the national economy and bolster the construction capacity of the realm. (-4,500 C, -3 B)


Herzog Albert himself tours with a small retinue to the village and town further in the west. The visit is diplomatic in its purpose, however with the motive to bring them into the field of the Duchy, peacefully. With his own presence negotiation should be swift and decisions final. (Mod)



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Cacimar leaps out from the ship, the soles of his bare feet slapping against the shallow water as he does so. His eyes scanning the beach, he eyes down the large congregation welcoming the return of the warriors. He kneels down into the water, cupping water into his hands and washing the war paint off of his lean arms. Another Caney, stops behind him, also admiring the crowd. “In many moons have I seen a crowd like this,” the man says, remarking. Cacimars eyes narrow, his eyelids shielding his pupils from the glaring coastal sun. “There will probably be more Mamey’s,” Cacimar replies, dryly.  The man playfully nudges him in the shoulder, “Xico told me you didn't mount a single Amazonian.” The man chuckles. “Your reed alright, Cacimar? Those southerners didnt manage to prick it, did they?” Cacimar chuckles lightly, nudging him back. “Save me a seat at the Guatu, Jumacao.” He begins to walk away, small waves breaking against his calves. “Your ancestors are watching you, you know!” Jumacao yells back, to which Cacimar only replies with a grin, and a nod. 


Cacimar stands up, the war paint off his entire body now, as he begins to approach the beach. By now, he was the last to reach the greeting party. As he approaches a large table, with an assortment of different fruits, he grabs a couple mamey fruits, before he strolls over to a palm tree, taking a seat against its trunk, facing the reception. His teeth sink into the fruit, before he rips off a chunk, exposing a bright orange flesh. His eyes, following the Great Cacique. He watches, as he exchanges formalities with several Caciques, and his wives, who pay homage to him in the fashion of a warrior. He laughs at this, mid bite, as he rips a piece of flesh off. 


In his mind, jealously brewed. It irked Cacimar, to see his brother go through the royal formalities. It will always make him laugh, how his brother avoids his gaze, how his brothers eyes gloss over him as if he were a nobody. It will always tempt him, however, the fantasy of the Turtle-Shell crown being adorned on his head.



-1 cog, 8  War-canoes, with 380 Warriors (140 light spearmen, 240 light onehanded), depart, with the dream conch, to raid whatever the green nation is on the mouth of the river.  


-This time, General Cayey marches with his host to meet this new Cacique that had risen to fame in the South, Chief Big Shitta. 770 Light Warriors march to meet the Chief. When they arrive, Cayey offers to settle the ordeal by 1 on 1 combat. If Cayey loses, or the Chief rejects, the army will attack anyways.



-1 Harbour is built


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The Pilgrim Legion





"Do not worry for the martyrs, o faithful sons. They are with us still! Their spirits have secured paradise, and they will join us again on the day of salvation. Weep not for their earthly forms, for they are but dust!"


Bodies floated to the sides of the thawing river, cluttering the banks as the last of the Pilgrims stumbled ashore. Already camp slaves were gathering the corpses of the enemy - they alone would be defiled, nailed to posts on the Ynn's banks to show what happens to those who run afoul of the legion.


Desab said nothing. He rarely spoke these days except to the holiest, but he wandered among his fallen soldiers. Brave heroes all, but they would be replaced. None of them were essential to his victory. This victory, bloody as it had been, would be a mere footnote in his glorious history.




As the Pilgrimage moves north, a unit of medium-armored legion regulars marches ahead to subjugate the one village spared from Desab's wrath.




1000 gold is kept in reserve this turn.

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A summer to shake the foundations of the Ynnish Realms. Just when the Corrector thought he had the situation under control, a bold stroke of history plays out behind his back. To think the non Ilesian conquerors stole a Relic from under the noses of the Ka'Gorans and Freeholders. To this day scholars debate how many were lost that day, while others argue Dahc won the victory himself.


-Continued excerpts from Legends and Facts of the Third Age


Word travels fast of destruction in the Amichai Kingdom. Having heard reports of the violence and subjugation along their portion of the Ynn, the Ka'Goran have begun to stir. Though they are a pacifist folk, they were not without their tools of defense. For centuries they have collected and stored Relics, and other marvels. In times of strife such as these, the fabled but mysterious Collector is dispatched from the Confederation. All that's known is the position shifts between the Confederated Tribes, and the wielder holds immense power. In their arrogance the Amichai put up a fight, and their  army was crushed. In a remarkable deal, order has been restored to their hold on new settlements, with strict laws enacted anywhere Gorans live and trade along the northern Ynn. The Collector now free to act, he begins to look into the very troubling reports about these 'Pilgrims'.......


The Knights of Ildan have become locked in a desperate struggle against Flastavio's Flock. Their smaller host utilizes their natural defenses, as they engage the raiders all along the river. True to their calling however, a part of Knights are dispatched south, their mission unknown.


The Zorncost and Akim Freeholder trade competition is momentarily stunned into irrelevance, as word of the world pours in. To their west, north, and south, "barbarian" nomads have been running amok. Refugees with tails of death and subjugation pour into the strong northern Realm. Zorncostan Parliament and King issue a decree to all Realms along the Ynn, offering a central location to host ambassadors. The issue of these numerous Hordes must be addressed, lest every Realm suffer these upstarts.




Angered at the Knights sent to the Black Army, the Kingdom of Camadacia officially condemns the Kingdom of Hausenberg. Another step up in their increasing race for power and influence. Word of a Camadacian host crossing into Black Army lands spreads, the numbers unknown....


House of Vrizia 


At long last the Knights and petty lords of Roland's travelling realm have been given the opportunity of their own land. Roland's warband eagerly settle, with very little words of complaint. Though the realm is founded, it perhaps is birthed under the signs of ill omen. Many of their brothers lay dead at the gates of Tamerick, and the crimson blood of Adon's Comet suffuses the very sky as they start building their holdfasts. 


The trio of villages have no answer to the armored might of Vrizian cavalry. Though the first town puts up a fight, they are swiftly dispatched, the survivors ridden down. Unable to even flee ahead of the light cavalry, all the villages submit one after the other. Though victory came easily, word of Roland's continues aggression is travelling up and down the Ynn. Already diplomats arrive to this new Realm, with letters of complaint. -1 Knight, 5 Light Cavalry




The Dominate of Ayan Rus


The men, unceremoniously dropped off on the shores by Cayens, well away from Bak-nari patrols, managed to carry with them a blow gun and a bushel of darts. However their journey up the river, filled with Bak-nari outposts and waystations, has been a deadly game of cat and mouse. It seems something had alarmed the Bak-nari in the spring-summer, and their patrols had increased. After several weeks twenty survivors stumble onto the banks, poison and it's weapon in hand.


Though dismal in amount of funding, it's the start of what could be a true ring of outposts for the Dominate. For now they can cover a few cheap towers at strategic points, though here the fog partially acts against them. As at it's pinnacle the fickle weather can sometimes obscure the river.




League of Serra


The Black Stripes men make their way into the Syndicate, easily aided by the Don's experienced smugglers.  Over the summer months they begin to legally establish themselves, careful to avoid the ever present Syndicate eyes. This process takes them the entire summer, trying to plant roots in a foreign land. 


In quite a shocking act, the village just north of Serran lands agrees to join. Most settlements in Camadacia were fiercely independent, or influenced by every Realm around them. This village recently has been suffering harsh rule under the local Town. This Town now turns its ire to Serra, stealing their small jewel. A raid hits the village weeks after they joined, ruining their harvest. -3 F


Spirit Seekers


The Seekers using their holy relic easily find the best pass through the mountains, making good time. (+1 Caravan Speed Summer Months) Even so their enthusiastic army soon outpaces the slower heart of the Seeker's tribe. The outriders and scouts reach the very edge of Ilesia, as the summer draws to a close. On the last mountain, standing solitary away from the range, lays a wide and beaten path far up into the peaks.....


As they rejoice at having been guided to a possible Holy Site, fear is mixed in. The strung out caravan is falling prey to feral Gorans, distant kin to their own Race. This far into the wastes few others had the skills and body to survive. These feral Gorans, who refer to themselves as Ta'Gorans, are primitive, but extremely effective in using the wastes to their advantage. The closer they are to the last mountain, the more the Tribes seem to be present. Amidst all this chaos, raiding, and excitement for relics, it's understandable change was coming rapidly. Some Ta'Goran chiefs even demand to see the Spirit Seekers leader and rumored Wastes hermit. It would seem these greedy Gorans were eager to use any resource that stumbles into the wastes.... -50 Light Infantry, 200 C




Diushi Clans


And so the siege begins, and ends! Over the course of summer the cunning Clans prepare for a storm of the walls. They are uncertain if the Villages call for help was answered, but no sign of enemies in the distance happens over the summer. In a climactic conclusion, the Clan leaders lead their companies over the walls with ladders, slaughtering the guardsmen. As the Diushi move into the village, who submit at long last, outriders come racing back. With the first days of Spring arrived, so too does an expeditionary force from the Grosslich Reich. It would seem they had answered the call to arms, probably in a move to shame the River Kings, and exert their influence in the nearby Towns. Whatever the reason, a host is now bearing down on the Diushi, who are gorging themselves on the Villages spoils. +5 F, + 1,500 C/-25 Medium Infantry, -75 Light Infantry, -25 Light Archers. -2 B for siege materials.


Pilgrim Church 


Smug rumors abound of a Priest kissing the Amichai Chief of Chief's ring. -1 Prestige


The Village meekly submits to the Churchmen, having already been reached by apostles of the creed. They seem to be in line with the radical escapee priest, whos journey from Ill Horde slavery to enlightenment is retold with eagerness to the outriders. 


Lantan Realm


It seems an armed presence has deterred raids over the summer. The harvest is good, the land peaceful.


Herzogtum Greifenburg


King Alberts journey continues, where he reaches a much colder welcome at the Town and nearby village. It would seem the Rurviche held a much tighter grip here. Armed thugs refused the King himself entrance at the gates, stating a land thief had no rights to enter friends of the Syndicate's home. They says this with fear in their eyes, as if they have no choice.


As if to emphasize this point, a gang of street toughs in the recently acquired village make a hit. A local constable is killed and hung as he collects taxes, a clear message. Though of course the Rurviche arrange it so that their hands are clean, but their influence is known. -100 C, -1 Medium Infantry




The Pilgrim Legion


The Village submits, though rumors of Ka'Gorans and their actions against the Amichai are on everyone's mind.

Word comes back of the Ill Horde raiding the edges of their outriders and caravans again. Slaves are taken, and others escape. It would seem the fast horde quickly used up their slaves, and had an aloof attitude to handling them. Some days they would ride escapees down as a game, others they let walk. -3 Light Cavalry




The raiders encounter a Bak-nari patrol unit, having been alerted of raids the past spring. They intercept the raiders on their way, chasing them off with light casualties on both sides. It was clear the Bak-nari navy was forming a network of routes to deter raiding, as their war fleet is rumored to be growing in the capital.


The two villages are found mostly empty of fighting men, and submit to Caneyan rule. It would seem Chief Big Shitta, realizing the unlikely odds of a second victory in the field, had gone to ground. His legend is growing, as more and more tribals flock to his banner. 














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The Pilgrim Legion




"Again they underestimate us, Dahc. These savages don't understand war. Are they willfully ignorant, or just too stupid to understand what they're dealing with?"


Desab spoke from a gilded chair as the newest batch of slaves was brought past him. Again, few men were left among the survivors. Surely by now they could see resistance was pointless?


"I have left traces of our passing at each conquest, my savior," replied Dahc. "It is only a matter of time. The truth of our message will spread."


"Will it?" Desab was curt, dismissive. "No...wasteland villages are not a strong enough message. Taking that prize from the barbarian's ship was not strong enough. The natives grow accustomed to us already, and we have yet to pierce the heart of their lands. We must move faster. I will have my teeth at their throats before they even think of responding."


Desab rose, the rod of Beit She'an glittering in his hands. With disdain he looked at the river Ynn nearby, then turned pensively to the mountains of the west.


"Arm the sinners, Dahc. It is time we moved in force."





Having laid their deception in place, having let their prey take the brunt of Ka'Goran retribution, the Pilgrims leave the riverside and fall upon those that would presume to be their betters.



No words are exchanged with the foolish Amichai barbarians as the Pilgrimage drives south from the mountain pass, nor is there any warning. Church outriders flood the land in the hundreds, driving off or slaughtering anyone who could warn the enemy of the legion's strength. They cover the land like a plague, choking its roads and cutting its towns off from each other, telling the great Desab of the enemy's weaknesses and strengths. And among the outriders comes the legion, swelling in numbers, methodically subjugating each settlement they find with a single choice: abandon the savage Amichai king, or be enslaved.

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Pontic Greeks - Wikipedia


"Most excellent, most noble, most good Antipater, I do hope your Excellency is as full of good health and humour as last I found you. You did ask me for a report on how the old Queen of Cities fares and if the political issues there render her unsafe. I attach my report, beginning with the speech of the one they call Gaius Severus, which I have translated from their ancient tongue. Make of everything what you will."


"My bold countrymen! The Assembly meets as men refreshed, about to embark upon a bold new venture. We have, for generations, preserved the ruins of the Queen of Cities from utter destruction; guarded her philosophic secrets with a jealously not to be rivalled by the most ferocious guard-dog, and even kept good order and discipline between the cruelty of tyranny on the one side, and the horror of anarchy on the other. Mark how many nations fall to barbarism and lawlessness, mark well their savagery and baseness, and reflect how good it is to be a Citizen.


But there must come a new chapter if ere the tale is to continue. Are we mere custodians of ancient stones? Worshippers of dying embers? What! Shall sheep and cattle continue to graze under the ancient triumphal arches, their owners blind to the glorious history they once were built to celebrate? I would rather be a dog than a citizen of such a place! It does not take long for dying embers to become dead ashes. No! We must be carriers of a living flame, bearers of a noble torch, warriors for a noble cause! 


Friends, we must not stagnate in the towns and villages that were once arms of a single great Corpus! 


Men say we are in dark times. They despair. They think on former days. Ye look upon yourselves and ye see not the great Philosopher who died in the cause of truth. O slight man. Knowest thou not the All-Seeing Eye of Divine Providence? Then weep not. Aye, God hath brought thee to the present time to do Him such definite service. We are born now. For the present moment. Not to bring back to an old time, but to forge a new one in the image of the old. 


Then let us go forth, striving! Let the walls of the City once more rise! Let her fam'd library once more become the envy of the world! But first, let the Schools be once more be filled with eager young men ready to do their duty; presently the rest we shall have if they be willing."


Roman Senate Wallpapers - Top Free Roman Senate Backgrounds -  WallpaperAccess


Severus' opening speech was greeted with rousing applause. It was surprisingly fiery for the stoical 'Traiarius' School. (You see, your Excellency, they think emotions are below them.) But as he was to find out, to make speeches was easy, but to navigate the Assembly was harder. He would soon come to wish himself the absolute monarch of the state.


"What is now remiss that this Assembly must address?" He began calmly.


"Noble Brother", spoke up the equally young, equally brilliant and equally annoying (according to some) Titus Antoninus of the rival Honorific School. Whispers of outraged discontent feathered the air like so many newly-lit sparks. How dare he address the Noblest, Best and Wisest Philosopher as 'brother!' Waiting for silence to return, he weighed his words with sure deliberation. "I stand like a charioteer on the Circus Antiquus, reins in hand, ready to do my country good. And the good I seek, is this: THE ABOLITION OF SLAVERY!" 


"WHAAAT!" "OUTRAGEOUS!" Even a "BLASPHEMOUS" Roared from the Traiarian benches. "HOW DARE YOU MAKE SUCH AN ACCUSATION!" Came the reply in an hundred voices. But this time, there was no silence to follow the rage. Men who, moments ago, just heard a speech about civilisation with utmost self-righteous composure began to give vent to the worst passions, brawling, beating and bearing down as blows landed. The moderates (or Custodian School) stood agape in the middle, motionless.  "He had the reins in hand, aye." Complained Severus bitterly to a nearby friend. "And he let them loose, and behold, the horses do come barrelling into the crowd! Mark'd you his words?"


And then it came. The silence. Why? A word, barely a mutter, came from a frail old man at the far side of the room. (A foreigner such as your Excellency or myself might have supposed him to be a spellcaster.) He held the folds of his worn toga in his shaking hands, up to the assembly before him. His voice was tedious, barely dragging itself to the ears of his listeners. But men listened like as if some prophet spoke. "O Philosophers, be worthy of your name!" He pleaded. "Here, within the folds of my toga, I hold peace and concord, or civil war and strife. Which will you have?"


"Peace." Said Severus with a sigh. A little while later, Antoninus the Honorific agreed: "Peace among us, most noble Claudius."


"Allow me to propose a motion..." Severus said. "Let us try to restore the great library built by our fathers. It will take many years, but he who begins is half done, said great Mato of old. Wisdom is more precious than any jewel, so it shall be the first to be enthroned in our new City-State. That is I wanted to propose before we were...led amiss."  


"I...second the motion." A defeated Honorific managed. "I second the motion." He managed with greater enthusiasm.


It was passed unanimously. (But passing a motion and putting into practice are not the same thing.)


"I propose a motion." Said Severus again. "To condemn violence in the Assembly."


"I second the motion" the Honorific replied again.


It was passed unanimously.


"Dear Darius,


your report is far too elaborative. It reads like cheap fiction, not an official report. I like it. Carry on.


His Excellency,





-The insanely ambitious plan of Gaius Severus begins. Texts of the most important antique works are searched for, copied and catalogued very carefully. The ancient ruins are searched for books, scrolls and manuscripts. The once famous Great Library has been devastated and destroyed, that plan is abandoned. Instead, the most intact and largest ruin that can be found is invested into building a new library. Until then, books and scrolls are stored in the Villa Sempronia, in the house of Claudius the Custodian. (2 B and 6,000 C invested for now.)

-An harbour is built on the riverside. (1 Harbour built)

-Political strife in the Assembly is stopped by the intervention of the ancient statesman, Claudius. Speculation begins as to what will happen to the Philosophate when he dies and the passions and calculations of these young men are let run free! 

-Emissaries are sent to the Republic of Lena.

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