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June 2022, Battle of the Arts!


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Credit to @reko for the Battle of the Arts art.

Second art can be found here.








Welcome to the first Battle of the Arts contest of 2022!


Battle of the Arts consists of the following  six categories:

  • Visual Art

  • Writing / Poetry

  • Music Creation / Singing

  • Building

  • Skinning

  • Video Editing








The theme for June’s Battle of the Arts contest is Adventure in Almaris. To promote as much creativity as we can, we offer a vague theme to let the creatives expand as much as they wish! This allows for the contestants to play around with as many elements that still represent the theme.


We would love for this month’s entries to take inspiration from the recent happenings in game. Such can include the recent Voidal Hollow event line, the recent salvation of those tarnished lands, and the pesky pirates within Dark Harbour. 


How to enter?

To enter, simply comment below the post using the following format: 






  • First Place:

    • A featured post on the official LotC social media accounts.

    • 500 Mina.

    • Creative Wizard Tag on the forums.

    • An exclusive item.

  • Second Place:

    • A featured post on the official LotC social media accounts.

    • 300 Mina.

    • An exclusive item.

  • Third Place:

    • A featured post on the official LotC social media accounts.

    • 150 Mina.



  • All content entered must coincide with the theme of the month.

  • You are allowed to submit up to 1 submission per category.

  • Submissions are to be posted in the comment section of this thread.

  • Last day allowed for submissions is June 30.

  • Creative Writing is limited to 10words, and must be linked via google document.





CotC has now been combined with the BotA and will no longer stand alone.

If you have any questions, please message me on discord!




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3 minutes ago, Melpomenne said:

recent salvation of the tarnished lands

not only do ST copy elden ring, now it's the CT . . . omg . . .

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Just now, PXY said:

not only do ST copy elden ring, now it's the CT . . . omg . . .


freudian slip.........

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IGN: frankdh
Category: visual arts
link version



ok so i'll be real i think Azdromoth is pretty cool despite me being a druid, the rp i've experienced as both anne and earnest interacting with /witnessing him has been pretty wild and i always appreciated it

@Malaise plays him as a very morally grey, nuanced character which i think is more interesting and refreshing than the typical "villain" 

kinda hope he beats the paladins no offense


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category: art




(I had to compress it because the raw file was too powerful, probs azdromoth’s vile magics at place)


The artwork above depicts the haunting image of Azdromoth, King of all Kings, breathing waves of dragonsflame in Elvenesse — utterly scorching and burning many innocents in his posturing. The elves tried to use automatons and smogger creations to escape but to no avail, the Drakaar’s might was too much, for the gift of Asioth was something that the descendants couldn’t comprehend.

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IGN: Valannor

Category: Writing/Poetry 

Work: Correspondence left by The Empyrean


I'll be posting it on the forums later on, but I thought it'd be neat to submit my prose for the competition. 

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Wooo more stuff (I hopped on the Azdromoth train)


IGN: TreeSmoothie

Category: Art






My interactions w/ Azdrazi and the big man have been dope and dragons are baller



- Remagined version of the uniform of the Death Korps [ISA sect] my character helped command during the Inferi war!





Old version:


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IGN: 28idle

Category: Visual Art

Work: link version



found a huge skeleton in the desert some time ago while exploring, thought it was pretty neat :)

Edited by 28idle
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IGN: Atariase

Category: Visual Art

Work: link version


-A new player starting their own adventure in Almaris and one of the things that caught my eye were the glowing trees of Celia'nor!

lotc day 3.jpg

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This thread is really cool so far. Great submissions.


But @frankdh, your submission must win. It has to win. Just like me over the paladins. Incredible stuff. So beyond impressed. :)

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IGN: Quessinost
Category: Visual Art! 
Work: link version (i think imgur and the forums might compress it soz)


I've not taken many chances to go on any Event related adventures, but I have had my own journey in being welcomed by an amazing community in the Vale of Nevaehlen. And subsequently delving into the terrifying delirium that are some of our... eerier magicks, here!
The piece represents a conflict seen inside my character, as she sets off for a new adventure, away from this awry portent, and the brewing threat of war. Or, directly towards it!

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