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June 2022, Battle of the Arts!


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IGN: Hyperdron

Category: Music Creation / Singing



I was torn between being submitting Auriel, or actually going and making something more with the prompt in mind; this is the result. Since there was a desire to see interpretations of more recent happenings, I went with an ambient miniature on the Voidal Hollow. The first half of the piece essentially sets the scene, a soundscape of natural yet unnatural cues, warped by the Hollow's influence - screams of nature, disembodied illusions upon the senses, and so on. The second half leans more into the infamous quintuple-PK event (reference https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/212089-a-thousand-and-one-adventures/), a driven heralding of the suffering to come then overwhelmed by painful noise, before all falls 'silent' once more. Chasing this electroacoustic aesthetic seemed a good choice, considering the area was essentially a chaotic confluence between reality's order and voidal corruption. Hopefully I've successfully upheld that intent.


Also as you can very easily tell, video editing has never been my forte. Go ahead and ask for a .wav or .mp3 if needed ^^'


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Thank you all who entered! Best of luck.

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