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The Infractions & Raids Update

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Math should rise exponentially the more players are involved if anything. 



12 = 3 days. 

13 - 14 = 12 additional hours (6 per player)

15 - 16 = 24 (1 day) additional hours (12 per player)

16 - 17 = 48 (2 days) additional hours (24 per player)

and so forth.

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45 minutes ago, Xarkly said:

many words


28 based and nexuspilled bandits in prev maps would utterly shred a nation when 4 of them could handily outcompete rallies back then and going earlier when as a rule ppl were on average shit at pvp its even worse

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I’m looking forward to the redoing of heist rules and I hope they incorporate player opinion into this on both sides. Rules seem to be going in the right direction and while I may still be gradually withdrawing from the community I am thankful changes are being made.

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These raid rules are incredibly skewed in favor of raiders, even moreso now that raiders can blow an entrance anywhere they please. Expecting smaller or even in some cases larger groups to be able to properly defend themselves from a sudden 12-28 player raid is unreasonable and if you wanted to go down this route, the raiders should have to inform enemies an hour prior of an incoming raid after a certain amount of players is surpassed.

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12 hrs per extra player past 12 in a raid during peacetime.


I have added so much to this conversation. You're welcome.


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