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 The Call of the Midnight Fog 


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 The Call of the Midnight Fog 







A  storm of ebony smoke-like fog lingered across the trees of the small Elysium park, the once cheerful atmosphere stripped bare by winter. The trees were stripped of their leaves; the blossoms were wilting and crying out in nature, and the world around them was depleted of its sheer vibrance. Three new trees overlook the garden, twisted in the distance from the absence of life, and wildlife screams as fog dribble past the square...

DING DING DING, an alarm to the inhabitants of the darkness that was unorthodox, but the sounds of screams and the bell felt like a graveyard, like a grim reaper’s first laugh. The soldiers, governance, and tenants roamed the square in a midnight stroll, unaware of the occurrences. Still, the black haze loomed, and the bell tolled. Nightmares and an insatiable hunger were coming. The long night was only beginning for the unsuspecting...




In the dead of twilight, black fog and trees of twisted visage loomed in the once blossoming park. Three figures were unrecognizable by growling voices and outrage underestimated by the Elysian residents. Hazy, coughing, and horrid to see in the twilight sky. Was this the affliction people spoke of? The world grew darker, and the voices of rage were raised by the unsurrending citizens and royals. A fight soon broke out within the alleyways of the clinic and Elysium post; screams and hollers, "Surrender or face death to the God of Hunger!" voices growled out to the guards and citizens. Commander Immeral, known for his unyielding prowess with a sword, fought alongside his wife. Still, as the going got challenging and the struggle was on its last legs, the commander struck a bargain with the creatures. Were they considered mortal? The figures of perplexing armor took the commander, Immeral Solros. They left him with a scar from the commander's blade on the back of his neck. What was happening beyond the walls of Elysium for the brief time he was taken, causing the darkness to creep into his mind? Marking him forever, was this a mark of a new cult? Or a long-forgotten god riding on the backs of its minions.


Cynical activity has been happening within the walls of Elysium; these strange armored creatures drained the power and nature from everything they seemed to touch, leaving people powerless to fight with the small amount on patrol. If one feels unsafe by an individual that is masked or in heavy armor. In that case, it is recommended to go find a guard. DO NOT ENGAGE without backup. If anyone feels drained, it is recommended to go to the clinic and lie down and ask for some tea to help with it. There are currently four injured people in the clinic, all of whom have varying problems such as cuts, bruises, new markings, limb loss, and one in a coma... Medicine has been given, and individuals are healing. Please proceed with vigilance around the city.


For all Military personnel, Scheduled Patrols will begin under each commander. All active Guards are to form teams for patrol for the rest of their time. Please Report To the Aurum or The Commanders for your teams if you can not form your own. More information will come in due time.




His Royal Higness The High Prince-Consort Ehrendil

Shield of Elysium, The Clover Knight




Ooc: pictures credits to Amethyst as well as the players that took the time to do this, was a fun experience. 





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