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Almost 11 Year AMA and Hiatus Post


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Pork's AMA


Well good folks and creatures of the server, it's coming up on Ten and a half years of lotc for me and I have yet to do one of these. 

I joined the server about week 6 way back in the 2011s, was still madly in love with Eragon and the GoT books and wanted to be a hero like in the stories.

Joined up with House Stark (Yes it was alot of memes in Aegis)

Was basically like a factions server buildwise and layout wise during the reign of whatshisname,

the old guy who left to create Dungeon Realms i believe.


Fought in alot of wars since then, have had dozens if not over a hundred characters pk'd since

(Personal PK clause caused much misery for friends ;D)


I am mainly writing this to let people ask me questions before I disappear, maybe for good finally. Others my age have kids and nice jobs, while I rp with people half my age. I do have lots of funds and no responsibilities though.... Well I should wrap this up since I tend to run on and on about things.


If you remember my IGN before PorkNchopS I'll $app you 10$


(Quitting because I fell in love with gains and real life, Y'all should try it sometimes!)

Will still answer DMs so if you want to talk or play the occasional EU4 or R6 game hmu




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What is your favorite Fish??



not totally sure if I ever interacted with you in any way on lotc but gonna say bye anyway lol. Bye bro bro, Peace and Love 


(Also, I also fell in love with the irl grind and technically a year gone now but did make some small appearances here and there)

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Menocress in Heat, Porkour's pigman, the Dark Brotherhood, Liri breaking the server every other day, #NeverForgetSnowyFields, etc. Crazy to think it's been a been a decade when honestly at times it feels like that stuff was just last summer. Congrats on the grains both at the iron temple and in the bank.


Got any fond memories that stick out that you'd want to share? No idea if I'm misremembering but you ran with the Von Shlichlen house/company back in Anthos?

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Stuck around due to having no life when cancer struck twice in hs and college.


Did run with the vonschlichtens for a long time


my favorite fish is shark

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