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The Lands of Yol


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Suleyk Ya Hi



The Lands of Yol are made from the coalition of forces and scholars that have gathered at its foundations. These lands are made of scholars and knights alike who find common ground within the servitude against the Aeungudaemonic forces. The Rules and Procedures of the Lands goes as follows.

Long since the declaration of the Academy amidst the lands of the Horde things have changed. Fires grew stronger, men and women grew in numbers, and the influence of the world lost more of its grip upon the mortal minds drawn to the Unknown of the draconic philosophies. Therefore from this day forward what was once known as the Academy of Dragur shall no longer exist, and its institutions shall be demolished immediately. Within its place a new gathering of stone and fire will begin, the Lands of Yol. A separation of the purely Draconic will be made and all Nephilim and Azdrazi shall be rendered defenders of the realm and clergymen of the Father. This means that these lands encompass more than the existence of dragonkin and are welcome to outsiders given they are within the boundaries of the Law. 

At the declaration of this very word, the Lord of Yol will be crowned upon the helm of Mordrake - Morur’ei the Noble Dragon. From the day of this declaration the Lands of Yol are hereby rendered separate with the claimants of their lands - the Iron’Uzg. All treaties and alliances with the academy are now Null, and the title of vassalship is no more.

The Lands of Yol are led by a single ruler who holds all power within it - the Lord of Yol. His word is the supreme law however it is welcome to be questioned and challenged. Beneath him lies his Horde of soldiers and scholars alike. The Horde of Yol encompasses all citizenry and soldiers within its calling.

Within the great walls of Yol, three are many Knightly Orders. Knightly Order’s are any given group with a purpose as well as a patron that they serve. They are welcome here within the walls and are encouraged to be participated in. To establish one within the lands, seek out the Lord of Yol.

To become a citizen within the lands of Yol, one must seek out the Lord himself. Should they do so, they will be granted citizenry within his walls and are rendered to achieve all benefits of such. This is a title that is granted only to members of great servitude and commitment.

The Laws of Yol are simple, and precise. All creatures rendered upon the two sides of the coin that have been termed “light and dark” are hereby banished from the lands and should they be found crawling at the entrance of the city or within it - they will be publicly executed immediately. Citizens of Yol are prohibited from engaging in combat against one another viciously with the exception of duels. Any sign of Aeungudaemonic worship or prowess will be removed immediately and practitioners of such will find a swift, merciful death.

Religions practiced within the Lands of Yol are permitted to the following: Cannonism, Asioth. Worship of Dragon’s as well as Saints is permitted.



Settlement Discord https://discord.gg/senZ4EtyEw





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Yhazlak glanced down at the flier, furrowing her brows. She felt ... Conflicted about this. 

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Xob Wobson frowned deeply, the adherent to Aglazek wished for the death of all dark beings, all beings that dare defy THE GREAT ONE himself - including those Spawn of Dragur "Damnation be upon those who defy The GOD-KING AGLAZEK, damnation to those who dare insult his edicts by their existence..." Spat the Arch-Zealot from the depths of Felt Cap Hall, the gnome soon placing the missive within a small box labled "TO DEAL WITH LATER"

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An Adherent to the Sun smiled the sun's smile upon the sight of the missive. 

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"Doesn't matter anyway, it'll be destroyed in soon." remarked Ser Walton.

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A certain mali'ame's lips thin, finding amusement in the hypocrisy. "It will not be my issue anymore, soon," she muttered to herself, a hand reaching for the rose within her pocket.

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A small figure let out a chipper laugh upon reading such a missive, closer to a giggle, her eyes alight. "Oh me oh my, they're using their big boy words for this one!" Another laugh thereafter, gaining naught but humor from its reading.

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