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[Completed] [Lair] Hexer Keep of Dún an Éin


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Settlement PRO MC Name: Quantumatics


Settlement Name: Keep of Dún an Éin


Proposed Settlement Locations (Highlight 3 on the map):

(Build Already Exists in the Remnant of Savoy alongside region in Tile 122)

Bounds: (11,0,2207) -> (163,255,2305)




Settlement Lore (could include previous roleplay posts showing involvement with the community) (1000 words minimum):




(Hexer Keep Section of the Savoy Post Above)


Settlement Government Structure Explanation:


Being a guild rather than a city, the notion of government does not strictly apply. In simple explanation, there are three basic tiers in the hierarchy. The first being the initiates, those taken in by the Creed who have yet to finish their training and pass their trials. These are adepts who must undergo a series of vigorous examinations and on-field tests before their right to a 'brand' or marking as a fool Hexer is granted. Upon doing such, however, they are branded and graduate to claim the second rank, and title of Marked Man or Hexer. This is a title that associates plainly with one who has proven themselves capable through their survival and aptitude in hunting to be regarded equally alongside their brethren. The third and final tier is their Grandmaster, whose ordained purpose is to maintain and guide the members of the Creed in matters of monster hunting and the preservation of their knowledge and lifestyle.


The keep also provides domicile for various characters and entities that work alongside the Hexers towards general pursuits. Whether it be alchemists studying the natural world and developing potions, tonics and salves to assist the Creed and expand their knowledge base on their trade, or sorcerers and sorceresses who's ideals align with the Hexers in seeking to rid the world of vile creatures and rendering adjacent aid and knowledge to that end. 

Settlement Builds and Infrastructure (photos required):




























How does this settlement offer a unique niche not already found in an existing polity on the server?:

The Hexers offer a unique facet of roleplay in that they are an independent guild entirely removed from nations and political entities in the land of Almaris. From an IC perspective, Hexers operate under a tenuously strict code of political neutrality and abstinence; this in turn allows for a far greater sense of freedom for the players within the community, as they remain unbound to the relative OOC bureaucracy that is often found within general nation roleplay whilst still interacting with the RP bodies of these entities through roleplay events such as contracts.


In terms of in-character dynamics, the Hexers are a group of warrior-monks who undergo intensive training from childhood in swordplay, bestiary study and philosophy in order to become monster-hunters for hire. Whilst the niche of monster-hunting is something that has been heavily explored upon the server countless times by varying groups over the years, Hexers have always been a group that have sought to solidify that niche and grant a proper basis for it to be explored. It draws the qualities and elements that worked well from old monster-hunting groups such as the Marked Men and seeks to improve upon them as well as make them more viable within the servers current climate. A core factor that separates Hexers from other groups that explore similar areas of RP is their motivation. For example, in comparison to the Lectors, another group which also dabbles in monster-hunting roleplay, the motive for pursuing their like cause varies greatly. Whereas Lectors slay beasts due to their adherence to Exalted Owyn and consider them unholy abominations, Hexers are more motivated by wealth of pocket and health of mankind.


Hexer philosophy is a good window into the variety of RP that we as a collective provide. Whilst we take inspiration from classical monster hunter sources for themes and setting, lots of the group's IC ideals have been developed naturally through roleplay since the group began last year. Hexers are thematically low-fantasy with gritty and pessimistic tones; Hexer philosophy and dogma is deeply reflective of this, as it is often relative to the idea of nihilism and stoicism. But beyond that, it explores ideas that are pertinent to the characters that partake within the group. It facilitates an environment in which characters can involve themselves in the fantasy based aspects of the server in concentrated guild rp that is often lost in nations or other groups. These ideas of personal-character narrative and motivation blend with the RP that we provide, to allow characters within the group to grow, develop and pursue their own arcs and storylines congruent with the overarching narrative we pursue as a group.


How does your settlement tie to the greater lore and narrative set by the community on LotC?:


The Hexers began in October of 2021, starting off as a small-group of 3-4 roleplayers. A great amount of the guild's early interactions with other polities on the server came with their interactions with the Principality of Savoy where they were primarily based, starting off as a small camp upon the coast and eventually expanding into possessing a keep after they were granted it by the Prince of Savoy after conducting a series of monster hunts and bounty work on the Prince’s request.


These interactions eventually culminated into a server wide eventline where the city of San Luciano was destroyed via a Thahnium Bomb by a foreign mercenary band known as the Band of the Cockatrice. The main motivation for this occurrence was because the Prince of Savoy actively chose to safeguard the Hexers from the Band of the Cockatrice, whose main objective was to hunt down and exterminate them as well as convince other nations and factions on the server to do the same. This same notion of sanctifying the existence of the Hexers came from the Empire of Oren and the Kingdom of Haense, as each respective nation signed a treaty that refuted the Band’s threats. The aftermath of San Luciano’s destruction would go on to become an active event zone for a short time, where other players could come and interact with the wasteland in ST ran events.


Hexers have played a very active role in the ongoing Kivdrona eventline, and much of what is currently happening within that eventline has been shaped by actions carried out by the Hexers through roleplay.


Alongside this, Hexers have also undertaken various roleplay monster-hunting contracts for nations such as Oren and Haense, allowing for a sort of collaborative narrative experience between the two groups and thus proving that Hexers can coincide and interact with other existing factions on the server without issue. We have been heavily involved in other assorted ST events relating to monsters and beasts, and even ran several of our own player-events.


In addition, Savoy’s dissolution granted full independence to the Hexers and their Keep of Dún an Éin, meaning that our settlement would derive its basis from extensive pre-experienced roleplay that would facilitate its reputation and existence. 


Have you ever run a settlement on LoTC before and what experience do you have with leadership within roleplay communities among the current groups of players?:


I've had experience in leadership in nations like Oren and Savoy in the past and also ran my own settlement for a time with the Grand Duchy of Vasiyeva, which taught me a great deal about player management and the importance of role play in facilitating a positive and efficient environment for a settlement


The Hexers in particular have been run for over half a year now and have maintained very successful roleplay and even considerable activity just from passive RP and guild-style events and player directives. We’ve maintained around 2.5-3 percent at our height, largely keeping Savoy’s activity high prior to its roleplay dissolution. With our own settlement similar metrics would be maintained and continue on as an extension of pre-existing roleplay. 


Do you understand the metrics for maintaining activity and the grounds for settlement removal, along with the standing polity cap?


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Application completed. You will be contacted by Staff on the application's status and next steps.

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