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Auction Houses: Your Thoughts  

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  1. 1. What option should we peruse for Auction Houses moving forward?

    • The Status Quo
    • Full Removal
    • No Signed Items
    • No Unsigned Items

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I don't think a full removal is completely necessary. Signed items, unsigned items, and other roleplay related items definitely need to be out of the Auction House. From what I've noticed, it takes away largely from merchant and stall RP. Which brings more activity to nations and to... the merchants themselves. Not to mention, it rapidly affects the economy of things. 

However, I do believe the auction house should still stay for buildings blocks, food, etc. Unless we bring back the old mining pits from the days of yore, I don't see why building blocks shouldn't be on the auction house. As for food, please don't bring back the wheat farm. That was an actual pain to get through. 

Everything RP related = No auction house
Everything not RP related = Could be on the auction house

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