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[Paladin Feat] Keepers, The Vessels of Xan


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Itharel of The First Age


Justicars, Judges, Itharel. They have many different names, however Xan has bestowed upon them the title of ‘Keeper.’ A Keeper’s duty is to carry out their Aengul’s will in the form of one duty which has been empowered. For Herun or Xath as he may often refer to himself as, has the sacred duty of Guardianship. He was the kinder one out of the two, for their time. Adniel, being the venerable Keeper of Order. There could only be two at one time, or so they had once said. They came to be a decade or two after Tahariae had rescued him from his dying waters, wounded and beaten. Xan stepped forth through the golden gates of The Gilded Court, breaching into the realm of Tahariae, his companion and brother in arms. The two were and are the greatest of allies with their bonds strengthened they seek to purge the blight from these lands, for Order and Purity to be preserved and dealt with swiftly. Several months into Iblees returning havoc ran amuck amongst the mortal realm, Iblees’ power had dwarfed that of Xan’s and he bitterly knew so. He couldn’t face Iblees on and re-forge the Golden Lance much like he can now - considering more of his power has returned. 


Xan knew of Tahariae’s Itharel from his sparing and few interactions with Daniel Baelish, the Itharel of Judgement. Tahariae too was no fool, he knew of Xan’s capabilities and whenever he recollected his power that he would make a grand ally. An ally which could rival that of the other descended Aengudaemons. Tahariae gifted his brother the knowledge of the Itharel, how to forge them anew in his own way- giving unmatched power to those who had never imagined of holding even a fraction of so.


Xan returned back to his grand realm of gold and pearl, descending beneath his throne and taking no time in returning back to his forge which he once created the aengulic weapon known as The Golden Lance which had been bestowed upon Hilan the First. He had also forged the Spear of Order which was his replacement weapon that had soon been bestowed upon the Keeper of Order, Adniel. The corners of his lips twitched up, drawing his gaze down into the aengulic ichor which flowed through his forge and he began to prepare. Much like he had the Golden Lance it was trial and error, finding himself near the ledge of his grand throne he drew his gaze down, staring at the erected marble pillar which contained a lengthy set of an ancient language engraved within, the name ‘Athna’ appearing here and there, evidently he was fond of his own personal children which contained his blood.



Herun was the first to become his Keeper, Knight and Justicar. He who would bear the burden which his grandfather once carried - He was to become the Prophet once more. His trial to prove his might and worth to Xan was clear and he carried it out hastily, and left Order wanting. He had shown traits much like his previous beloved prophet, Hilan. Hilan is believed by some to have been his first Keeper due to the immense power the Prophet carried, rivaling even that of the current Keepers. His connection to Xan was unwavering, thus explaining the many artifacts and relics he produced, and that teaching was passed down onto Herun.


Xan’s ivory arms lifted, the Aengul settled its ever watchful gaze upon the pillar and with that an inscription would engrave itself into the blank space at the base of the pillar in a writing that rolls off the tongue, an ancient and aengulic text it was. This pillar would be known as the Pillar of Binding.


Xan still required time to perfect his own creation, yet his beloved Prophet Herun Athna had been impaled in one of his tasks to retrieve a spear. Having been also impaled by Tahariae’s wayward Itharel, Ivanus. - Daniel Baelish. - Xan drew his gaze up, his very realm trembling with the anger which coursed throughout Xan as he called upon his inquisitor, Jack Vivyaen. He who Xan had once placed a curse upon in holy intent. He and his inquisitor were close, perhaps the second mortal he had grown fond of. Yet, he would never show it. Jack arrived from the gates, descending down onto one knee before the mighty Xan, asking what his Aengul sought. It was then Xan demanded that Jack would be the savior of his Prophet, Herun. He who Jack had worked with to remove Setherien, The Inquisitor doing as he was told without an utterance of questioning.


Jack had arrived at the bloody scene: the clerics fought the necromancers and Herun who was on the verge of death, bound to life by the will of his Aengul. He couldn’t even breathe right with the gaping hole in his chest, the kind knight led there in naught but utter agony. Jack retrieved Herun before disappearing in a golden haze which emanated with the power of Xan himself, evidently a portal that Xan had manifested to ease Jack’s journey into the Vault which later became Herun’s realm. - A mere fragment of Xan’s realm gifted to him. - Jack settled him upon the golden throne which spewed forth a golden light, engulfing Herun in a transparent sphere.


Several more months had passed, Xan couldn’t save his Prophet. So he did what had to be done, Herun would become a premature Keeper. Xan’s right hand, his Angel blessed in golden light.





Itharel of The Second Age 


It had been centuries since the last of the keepers had died out or given up their duties. At the dawn of the second age, was Juliette Novellen, Parthenia of The Long-Haired Star, made Keeper by rite from the paladins of Xan. Crumena of Kamees, Jack Vivyaen, Tilruir'tir of Joma, and Diomedes Terin were among few present at her prophetic keepership. The youthful princess ascended in bargain with Xan and Tahariae who required a vessel for the upcoming battle with Gazardiel in the heart of the inferi-infested Korvassa. The brave Juliette stood in defiance of her former lords as the Horen was taken over by The Sunlit Lord. Juliette, inhabited by Xan, would slay countless Inferi amongst Gazardiel, Aengul of New Beginnings, with the descendant forces and The Spear of Brev. 


With the death of New Beginnings and Iblees' freedom, were Paladins once more thrust into an age without their lord. Infighting as tradition had swallowed them whole, and the sun began to set upon Xan's blessed. Yet, the world grew everdarker and the former Triumvirate desperate for security within descendants. By Tahariae's herald, Sordran, under the pseudonym The Silverblade, issued a prophetic quest in order to reunite the paladins and bring them to greatness once more. With Tarathiel Asul'onn, Juliette Novellen, and Aer'dir Mallos, did the three work side by side in bringing the five orders into one banner to fight against the forces of the dark. Upon the mountains of Urguan were the paladins, in their entirety, issued the order; Do not let the sun set. The dark tide grew stronger in their absence, and only with unity, or blood, would Xan's chosen be able to stand against them. In stand against the vampiric forces of The Dark Harbor and the draconic footmen of Azdromoth who had destroyed their keep at Sunbreak, the paladins stood mighty in defiance against death. In the darkest hour, were they brighter than ever before. Conquering The Dark Harbour, and repelling Azdromoth's forces from Sunbreak, were paladins emboldened and The Silverblade's prophecy true. With their great efforts, was his project fruitful- Keepers to be re-established as Xan's chosen upon the mortal realm. Gone for centuries and with a name tarnished in silver and blood, were these Keepers born anew. Forged in the blood of drakes and cleansed with holy fire, were the Itharel established once more. 




-There are only up to [4] suitable vessel keepers at any given time, of which are kept track of by Story Management. 

-Keepership is not passed down or taught, but granted single handedly by ST Management via event. 

-Maintenance of [4] keepers is not mandatory, and only made when relevant to plot either current or upcoming. 


Physical Traits


Keepers are, while mostly intact, imbued with such deific energy it would leave their bodies forever changed. While their soul and workings are restructured entirely to work in the favor of Deities who may enact possession, it is not without both boon and bane. Frozen in time, a painting of whom the person once was, the Keeper would cease aging entirely. With this, an addition that any form of disease, poison, or other bodily ailment (Natural or not) would be entirely ineffective in the face of a Keeper. Functionally, this makes a Keeper immortal to any form of natural death, or natural cause of death- brought only by themselves or others upon them. However, mortal bodies still are imperfect. A keeper would still be required to maintain their physical health and wellbeing, able to atrophy, bleed, and break like any other mortal body. Anything effective against a standard Descendant would find itself effective against a Keeper. 


Keepers as well are often products of rituals in which they were reborn. In The First Age, Paladins were often ritualistically scarred and tattooed to signify their transition into cultural ascension. Even in The Second Age, this persists. Things used in transition from Paladin to Keeper wrought by their deity may stay permanently upon a paladin. This can range from tattoos, to auras, to physical traits or differences. During ascension this is an extremely painful process which may leave a Keeper forever somber and particularly quiet about the day in which they turned. 




-Keepers do not age, frozen from when they are made. Keepers are immune to any form of mundane/magical poison, disease, or aging.

-A Keeper is affected by anything but poison, disease, and age, normally. Any form of weapon, magic, etc. functions against them as they would a normal descendant. 


Mental Traits


A glorious existence, yet one that comes with heavy shoulders and a heavier heart. While kept distinctly quiet within the chronicles of Paladin orders, Keepers are potentially bound to warped views of what their cause was once for. While some Keepers maintain their mental strength and fortitude, others may crack under the immense pressure that comes with being a suitable deific vessel. A Keeper may become lost within their cause, or lose their cause entirely- uncertain as they may bargain back for their mortality. Others may be heroic and gallant, yet self-centered and hardheaded. As with any touch of descendant, Keepers too are flawed by their natural form. Maintaining the fearlessness and duty that come with Paladinism, a Keeper may still be susceptible to any form of natural mental problem, illness, or instability. With the amount of pressure placed within Paladin Orders upon keepers, they may indeed be more prone to it than their ordermen. 



-Keepers do not have any form of mental protection outside of the bounds of standard paladinism lore. 






[Passive] [Combat/Noncombat] - Perfect Deific Connection

With their soul restructured and their mortality fit for The King, a paladin would find themselves with an immaculate connection- one unhindered by mortal forms or potentially flawed souls. Their aura, as would be their lord, would be turned unto true blue - sapphire. 

A keeper would have their aura colour replaced with sapphire, overriding their previous selection of gold, silver, or emerald. This has no effect on a paladin's subtype.



-Any tells from standard Paladinism (E.x. Silver mists of a Wyrmstalker's step) would be replaced with sapphire.

-This sapphire colour is not interchangeable with others, and a Keeper would hold this sapphire colour instead of the one granted to them at first connection.

-A keeper would be unable to hold (or turn into) any form of additive/transformative CA or "Dark" affiliated MA. A Keeper would not be able to hold any other deific magic, except Seer. 




[Passive] [Combat/Noncombat] - The Unsetting Sun's Aura

The imperfect vessel, a keeper would be allowed an exuberant aura which may manifest in any form. Differing keeper to keeper, their magic would be far more bold and extravagant. When in connection, manifesting as any form of aura colour (gold, silver, emerald, sapphire) alongside their sapphire aura, displaying their gifted mastery. 

A keeper may manifest more flashy and showy tells when connected of any of the four aura colours in any form. This could be manifested with angelic wings, blazing fire around their form, aura weeping from their eyes or wounds, etc... This aura, as with standard mists, would be mildly uncomfortable to darkspawn but would yield no other effect. 



-These tells are entirely aesthetic, only mildly discomforting darkspawn to witness/touch- entirely harmless. These tells cannot be used to gain combative advantage. Manifestation of flames or wings, or anything of the sort, do not grant abilities related to so. 

-These tells are ethereal as with standard mists, acting as a cohesive fog rather than a solid mass. 

-These tells are freeform with respect to a far more showy aura than with typical paladinism.




[Ability] [Combat/Noncombat] - Blood Brothers

An arbiter of Xan, a keeper may instill righteous fury into their battle brothers in an act of last stand. Recorded throughout history, keepers have granted immense strength to their compatriots in battle, able to stave off even death for but moments to ensure the battle is won. 

A Keeper over the course of [3] Emotes would shine a radiant sapphire light above them, alighting the hearts of every nearby paladin within [20] metres with sapphire mists which would bleed from their chest. Paladins under effect of this spell, including the keeper, would find themselves able to continue fighting on for an extra [3] emotes further than they otherwise would have, before succumbing to exhaustion, wounds, etc... In this time, they would find their ember count considered at maximum, before returning to what it was prior. 



-This spell may be used once per combat, and cost [4] embers to cast. 

-Paladins under this spell would, for [3] emotes, have their Ember count replenished and available for casting. If a spell is started and casting goes longer than the [3] emote count, ember cost is considered consumed at the beginning of the spell- allowing them to continue the cast unhindered.

-Paladins under this spell would maintain an extra [3] emotes of 'fight' left within them, before succumbing to any form of incapacitation. If a paladin would be considered dead or incapacitated at the start of the spell (knocked out, killed, etc.) they would not revive for purpose of this spell. Were a paladin to be normally killed or incapacitated during the active duration of this spell, they would continue until the [3] emotes have ended. 

-Paladins under this spell are unhindered, and are not limited to exhaustion, weakness, fatigue, stamina, etc.

-Normal descendants within the [20] meter radius would find themselves emboldened with an immense sense of duty that binds them to their task.

-Darkspawn within the [20] meter radius would find themselves disheartened and frightened by the display, even if not directly viewing it.




[Event Ability] [Combat/Noncombat] - The Name That Lives On

Itharel, keepers, time moves on, names change, and yet meanings are the same. A keeper is ultimately a vessel for which their lord may inhabit, as is the ultimate form of service, duty, and sacrifice. A Keeper may not return living, nor return to what they once were before being used as a vessel. Yet, they may be granted eternal service and life within the afterlife, should their fate be so. In the end, whilst the Keeper may pass in heroic tragedy, it is the name that lives on and pushes the order everforward unto dawn. 

A keeper may be taken by the Story Administrator (or an otherwise approved individual) to briefly have them as vessel for a set of deities/patrons kept track of by Story Management. This may PK the character, or lead them to be permanently crippled or inhibited. 



-Upon taking keepership, a paladin is effectively given to ST Management to be taken at any time, potentially leading to the PK of the character. This permission may not be revoked as enforced by administration.

-Keepers after inhabitation, if surviving, are left often crippled and weaker versions of who they were before. They may still be inhabited, yet, are unsuitable vessels for so.

-Keepers may not intentionally "activate" this ability, only utilized for when playing a part within an event in which keepership is intended to be used. 

-Past death, a keeper is sent unto Xan's Realm to become a centurion. 






A special thank you to HeeroZeero, ScreamingDingo, Zarsies, Firespirit44, Valannor, and Yandeer for acting as fantastic resources for this lore and the Paladin Events of 2020-2022. Thank you for all your help and participation in not only this lore, but the sustained revival of the paladins.

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wow if i used the words i wanna use to describe how this piece transmits such level of basedness and talent, i would get warned by them forum mod critters!

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Wow what cool and snazzy lore, I hope it’ll be used nicely by the ordinary and mundane players

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