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[Player Event] A Missive to Innovation


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ᚽᛆᛁᛚ ᛆᚴᛚᛆᛌᛁᚴ × ᛓᚱᛁᛆᛌᛁ ᚽᛁᛌ ᚿᛆᛙᛁ × ᚽᚭᚿᚭᚢᚱ ᛐᚽᛁ ᛁᚿᚢᛁᚿᛐᚭᚱ




[!] An Engineer showcasing his work.


[!] A Missive of aged and travelled parchment appears upon ALL public settlement notice boards, many copies also pinned to roadside trees or simply float in the wind - those who read the odd missive are filled with a sense of inventive inspiration and the urge to create - along with this, odd symbols and runes line the back of the paper, glowing and gleaming when nearby a source of innovation and technological progression…


HAIL travelers, inventors, engineers, and tinkerers of the realms, I am Sir William Winklebottom III, a merchant, a trader and a patron of the inventive arts. I hail from far-away lands, beyond the seas and beyond the moon-lit sky!


 I seek inventions, innovations of grandeur, be them minor or great, I seek creations to amaze the mind and improve life as a whole! To those reading, I offer a challenge: invent, create, innovate, imagine a device, magical, alchemical, so be it! Send forth your mind and heart to create and construct! I promise to those who accept this challenge the gift of great wealth and wondrous gifts from my homeland, send word to me via an Aviary once you have created an invention worthy of the ages of greatness to come! Then we shall meet in your northernmost travel hub.


Sir William Winklebottom III

Dealer of Inventions and Innovations



[OOC] This is a player run event using Remnant Hexes Lore, you will not be actually paid anything, however please do not meta-game this.

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