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[✗] [In-Game Ban] [Tomatoh757] Appeal


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Minecraft IGN(s):








Ban Selection


In-Game Ban


Ban Reason


Offensive and prejudice remarks


What circumstances led to this ban?


So basically i contacted a user to buy an skin for mina and i did a joke about hyspians and cartels. I also mentioned irl spanish people doing that kind of stuff.
I understand it was something that may offend people and it should not be said, i regret it and won't do it again.


Are there aspects of the ban you agree and/or disagree with?


I do agree with the reason of the ban.


What motivates you to return to LOTC?


I have a lot of friends that I want to rp again with, I was planning a lot of interesting rp and different stuff.


Attach other relevant information.



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Appeal denied. 


If you have any questions, you feel free to contact me at HobbitForHire#6479

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