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Charged by the Rhun Prophet Norli Starbreaker and the Expedition Leader Darek Irongrinder to compile reports of events of the great northern expedition, I have written this first account detailing the beginning of the journey from the halls of Kal’Darakaan to the embark site of the soon-to-be colony of Khron’Hundmar.


The personal accounts of Norli Starbreaker and the late Melrik Deephook are detailed below. 






Once the Rhun Prophet had concluded his speech to the colonists in the Temple of the World Maker, the Expedition Leader gave each member a day to gather their belongings before they embarked upon the journey north. I had departed earlier, though reaching the site later than the others due to the call of business in several settlements along the way. Regardless, after this period the company of a dozen or so Dwarves set off to seek what Mafraedon Irongrinder had found so many years past. 


First, our company marched through the mountain vales of Urguan proper, this stage of the journey was easy for the brave throng of dwarves who knew the lands well and had no difficulty traversing them. Once they had passed the mountain, they traveled up the road which passed through east fleet coming to the former lands of Oren. Lands where once the fearsome men of that old Empire marched upon Urguan, and were turned back by the strength of the axes whom many present had wielded. 


Within the Harvest Confederacy, the new political entity in the lands of Oren, a group of mercenaries descended upon the group. This specific group of outlaws was no doubt disgruntled with the state of political changes within the human lands, yet they were repulsed with relative ease by the efforts of our warriors and the group went unhindered throughthe rest of the crownlands.  After a long trek through the north of old Oren, the region once known as Grenz, the company arrived in the lands of Haense coming to Karosgrad where they rested for a time and recuperated. Talking to the people of those lands, exchanging news and purchasing new supplies for the last stretch of the journey through the northern road.


After trekking for some time, the company soon reached the Rimeveld, the gateway to the Kingdoms of Norland and Haense. On the way through Norland's lands, the company was again ambushed but this time by what appeared to have been dwarven cultists dressed in green garb. They were repulsed too, as were some bandits that dared to trouble the children of Yemekar. Passing by Alisgrad, our group went off the road into the snow for quite some distance into the tundra to reach their final destination in the Iron Hills; Khron’Hundmar. The various ladened supplies upon our carts were unloaded, while tents were thrown up throughout the snow-covered valley and the animals bought along on the journey herded into pens. A week later I myself arrived, finding a busy camp with much work to be done, but I am hopeful of the future for both our fledgling colony and of all dwarf kind. 




((The previous account is not public knowledge to the rest of Almaris, but would be to the members of the Dwarven Colony)) 


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Gror Ireheart sat in his home sipping on his ale, wondering what had become of the kin he once called friends. Though they had betrayed him in his eyes, he couldn’t help but wish them well.


Well written post Brit. Keep it up my guy!


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