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OH'SEHN VAL LOCH'TOHL [A Wedding Invitation]


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"aye, joffery this is one advantageous tune - ohhohoho .. . . "








The Barony of Al'Ildic presents. . .




Rare is it that this occasion befalls on the Barony keep, especially of the heiress Al'Ildic and a lord Jerovitz. . .


The bride and groom invite those of the Old Regime, Knights of Hanseti-Ruska and the Old Regime of Petra, and peers of both.



[OCTOBER 29TH, 2022. 4PM EST]

In the Emma of Woldzmir Chapel,

The Commonwealth of Petra



Synopsis of Lovers


Vladrik Kortrevich II and Sadie O'Rourke, two souls that begun their conquest of courtship at the age of youths. Together, they ensued many cricket-sounded nights, summer-sunned days and an entire childhood with one another. The Stone Rose of Krusev was given to the Baroness Al'ildic in honor of Kaitlyn Kortrevich, the first baroness of Jerovitz. The heirloom is treasured by House Kortrevich, and now passes onto its future generation of star-crossed lovers.



In Kortrevich tradition, the ring is only given to koravian brides whom are a clear and constituted choice for suitor. The Northman himself, enacted his dedication by opting out of lifstalan events, required by his nation. Focusing on scholarly pursuits. Now, he settles into his knighthood trials and a life with his dearest Baroness, as her loyal consort.





The proceedings will take place in the bride's chosen chapel for it's patron saint, Emma of Woldzmir. Show to the courtyard near the Margrave of Minitz, carrying into the church for the blessed ceremony under star and sun. The clergy of Canonism oversees in the eyes of Mother Maya vas Ruthern, and in holy matrimony they will stay. 




Count Nikolai Mikhail Kortrevich of Jerovitz ( @Phersades)

Countess-Consort Esmée Gabrielle Kortrevich of Jerovitz ( @dove )

Ser Calahan O'Rourke of Old Halstaig ( @Pyrite )

Holy Mother Maya vas Ruthern II of Vidaus ( @milkyi )

Dame Catherine, Regent of the Commonwealth ( @AndrewTech )

His Royal Majesty, Keong Karl Barbanov III of Karosgrad ( @GMRO )

Her Royal Majesty, Keonas Amadea Ulyssa of Susa ( @shay )

Knights & Squires of the Circle of Saint Emma 

Knights & Squires of the Round Table

Dame Irene of Vienne ( @ RainedropF )

Best Man, Firr Tulip van Wick ( @HurferDurfer1 )

Lord Everett Patrick O'Rourke of Old Halstaig ( @CanadaMatt ) 

Lady Alexandrina Maya O'Rourke of Old Halstaig ( @ )

Lady Mischa Florentia Lesanov-Falcone of Florentine ( @Melpomenne

Haunch-Prinzen Georg Sigismund Barbanov-Bihar ( @gusanoarentonio ) 

Princess Royal Analiesa Josefina Barbanov-Bihar ( @PerfectlyPeachy )

Prince Marius Audemar Barbanov-Bihar ( @Mio )

Lady Esfir Rose Kortrevich of Jerovitz ( @marslol )

Lord Matviy Kortrevich of Jerovitz ( @MapleSunflower )

Lord Anton Otto Rique Kortrevich ( @AgentofDeath13 )

Lady Inessa Kortrevich of Jerovitz ( @GlassySkies )
Duchess-Consort Josefina Renée Kortrevich-Barclay of Reinmar ( @crazedpudding)

Ser Matyas Baruch of Valwyck ( @ThanksChris )
Ser Barley van Wick of Woldzmir ( @ScourgeOfOrders)

Lord Cosimo Falcone of The Holy Land, Florentine ( @Goon)

Lady Margosha Lesanov ( @Bonito )

Manon Yvaine de Falstaff ( @wowsirss)

Viorica Barrow of Jerovitz ( @sarahbarah )

Wynanya Arvellon of Nevaehlen  ( @critter)

& her invited kin from the Vale

Princess Elizaveta Ulyssa van Wick ( @Moenah)

Lady High Justicar Adele Emma Ludovar ( @CopOwl)

Ser Sebastien 'The White Sun' de Savoie ( @tcs_tonsils_ )


All peers of the Petran Regime, and the Peerage of Haense are welcome to the ceremony. . . 

Besides the following:

Bishop Household names, The third born prince of Haense, Ruthern kin from the Duchy household, uninvited de Falstaff . ..  Including others that wish to cause distress to the bride, groom or guests on their special night.



Signed. . .


Her Ladyship,



Sadie Cristonia O'Rourke, Baroness of Al'Ildic


His Lordship,




Vladrik Iov Robaire Kortrevich II, Baron-Consort of Al'Ildic






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Somewhere, in a twisted and corrupted land, the Knight sat. He read over the invite as a subtle smile came to his face...

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A druid's loom rattles as she weaves, puffing on a cigarette and peering at the missive with a growing smile. 


"Guide the girl who means to marry Vlad'ii! - Well, we canne miss this one."

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