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Gerard du Valcour's Mayoral Campaign

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Welcome all.


I promise I shall keep this short, but you will hear all you need to settle your minds.

I am Gerard du Valcour, and running to be the mayor of Valfleur! If you wonder why

should vote me for, look no further. I have 4 goals in mind I would aim to accomplish

during the four year term.


First, I would arrange and host a Fruit and Wine festival in city of Valfleur. We would

celebrate this at the harvest, showcasing the fine produce of our Commonwealth.

There would be contests for Horsemanship, for archery, for the finest produce and

the finest wine presented during the festival, all to be judge by a panel of the

Commonwealth's finest. A market would be established during said times, for

merchants near and afar to show off their wares, and the small fee for a stall

during this time would be donated to our clinic to help provision them and

support them.


My second goal would be the establishment of a public granary. Excess foodstuffs

can be donated to the granary, and those in need will have access to the grain and

foodstuff within to keep themselves fed. This could also be utilized to help support

a campaign in defense of the Commonwealth, should such an event fall upon us.


Third, in an effort to help encourage local business and merchants within the city,

a portion of the funds allocated to the Mayoral office will be open to help reimburse

active businesses in the city walls on their taxes. To qualify for this, the business in

question must be run by a citizen of Petra, have a stall or other place of business in

Valfleur, and be in operations for two years, with annual inspections by the Mayor's

office to validate all this.


Lastly, in celebration of the chivalry that is the Knights of Valfleur, there will be an

annual pamphlet showcasing the heroics and talents of knights, each to cover one

knight in particular.


I have come to say what I would do if I were your Mayor, now ask yourself, is this

something you would like to see in your city of Valfleur? A vote for Gerard is a vote

for a prosperous city!


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"VOTE FOR FRUIT-FACE!" Lambert could be heard screaming in the streets. 

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Prior Penance gave a firm nod as he read the importation for the mayoral candidate. "Fine planks, if I do say so myself. I must reach out to this Master Valcour and see how he believes the Priory can be of assistance to the town under his possible administration." He looked over at the postulant reading the scrolls to his left. "Along with all the other candidates, of course."

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