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Staff Conduct


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As is tradition, staff conduct is publicly available. Whether you are staff or not—thank you for your time.

Staff Conduct

Some basics & a warm welcome | Nov 22nd, 2022


Hi, welcome to staff.


Thank you for putting others first. I hope these few words will help you.

Success rests in the richness and fullness of the connections you make. Make no mistake—you are not here to push papers, fill forms, or cap quotas.

Structures, roles, and policies don't exist.
Only people exist—and so does what they do.

Volunteer each minute responsibly. Guard your free moments, work on things you find meaningful, and reject those you don’t. Leave every player better than when you found them.

Remember your roots in this community; you were and will always be part of it. Be there for people who need you; highlight the best in players, and let them bring out the best in you. Embrace new & young players (and their mistakes too)…you were there once.

As part of the staff remember the most important fact: you aren’t the fun or the maker of the fun; rather, you facilitate a space for fun to manifest. The fun that is already there—the fun that each player has every day. So consider this: that the best staff experience is invisible. It's when people don't need you…but want you there.

It bears repeating, 1) put your full heart in what you do and reject busywork, 2) make friends and stay grounded and 3) stay ambitious and in good health—IRL comes first.

That’s all—welcome again & have fun!


Max & the Administration

What We Stand For


  1. Please exercise caution when it comes to private matters. Confidentiality is your responsibility; especially when it comes to sensitive discussions and people's personal information.
  2. Please respect player privacy—if you don’t have a reason to be watching their RP then allow them their space. Same applies to reading player logs: if you aren’t investigating on an official matter, it should be off-limits.
  3. Please honor player effort. Your power is for you to guide and serve your community. Feel free to decorate the interior of your home with LC or warp to your friend—but don’t skip great efforts or attain an unfair advantage.
    • For example, avoid warping others, don’t tp for purposes of villainy or PvP, or use WorldEdit or other powers to the benefit of yourself or another party.
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