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Hohengarten Looking Courtiers


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I lead the viscounty of Hohengarten in Aaun. We are lucky to have a large keep, big enough to take in courtiers from around Almaris to grow with us. I hope that in time we will get a lively court feel and it will be great roleplay for everyone involved. Specifically, guards, ladies, someone who can put our brewing barrel to good use. We are looking in the coming time to take on bannermen families. We don't really have servantry, instead it is a system of working together in maintenance of the keep. Free room and board will be provided, and as you help us so will we help you. If not sure, stop by and roleplay with us. See if you like the feel

IGN: Frank_Dog
Location: Old Azor keep in Aaun. Warp is in camp David by Minitz. 

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