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Kitsune race / konosune


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Hi, suggestion 

What if you made the lore backstory related to the fae? 

For example, the kitsune were originally from the fae realm, but some of them have slipped past the veil to be here. 

In that sense, they are a bit like epiphytes, ie voidal magic would be harmful to them. And innately, they would be repelled by it. 

They could (culturally) be respected by druids for their connection to nature. 

Fae don't reproduce like descendants do, instead its asexual. So perhaps the way a kitsune is born is when a fae crosses into the mortal world and claims the body of a fox to be their vessel? And to avoid certain uh. . . degens, I would say that kitsunes don't ever feel much attraction to descendants, seeing them as mere playthings or entertainment. Every now and then forming friends, but seeing themselves as beings of higher beauty and class. 

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I'd rather bring back wonk and hou-zi instead of adding another different beast race. Might also be worthwhile attempting to tie this into pre existing lore and building off that. There's weird shit in Oyashiman lore which is all influenced by the Sengoku period and Japanese Folklore

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5 hours ago, Tigergiri said:

I checked cause i saw the comment and came up with shank?




i initially used google translate out of laziness. このつね returns literally nothing. of course everyone knows kitsune means fox.

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dear @X_Arcane_X while reading the lore, the past post lore, and the “why should kitsune be a race” debate post was made. I have a couple criticisms and comments on this 


first and foremost, I have never wrote lore, but…. I have talked to people who have lore written, in such case one of the many advices both my friends and my English teacher have given me is to brainstorm things and draft them on a sheet of paper or a blank writable document. Things like this allow other players, friends mainly and more knowledgeable people to write lore very decently and with care!


this of course is me assuming you did not do such, because of how poorly it’s written.


secondly your race Idea in my opinion, Is great, however once more poorly written, and have lost possible support for it, in which case, don’t get yourself down, find people who can help you write the lore decently, even IF it gets denied it gives players ideas and things  to run with for future races some ideas. I had some ideas when you wrote your past post. If you like please dm me per my profile or discord and I can give you some simple pointers, however I sadly can’t help. 


One last thing is don’t title your lore post “Not finished lore post don’t judge” as lore post are meant to be judge as they are posted in such topic. I personally believe it’s gonna get denied either way due to staff not accepting new race lore  at the moment for lore reasons however it is a cool thing to make to explain what happens if a kha and a human had a stork delivery (keeping it pg.) and give a half kha half human race lore or simply a new type of ghost CA of sorts, so long as once more it’s well written and researched. I do think this lore is rushed worst than sega rush their games but if taken seriously and slowly, there’s a tasty new lore made for people who like foxes and fox spirits, could also open gates to possibly warding deity magic! (Who knows!)










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