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Nomination of Salt and Silver! Okarir'mali

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Before Our Silver Forums



*Old Speech papyri circulate through the cihi*


You know me, and gathered we are, here in our great forums, where song is sung and slots are played. I offer to those who listen, my service.

I am a Mali of the community, through my spike I have given you sweet honey from the source, and reached forth to bring many gifts and wonders to Haelun'or. I dream of a vision that all of Haelun'or benefits from. It is thanks to our blessed lives, and the Toil-of-no-Toil, The LEISURE that we may focus on all the aspects of High-Life. Arts, philosophies, sciences both natural and super, Athleticism and health. All these aspects of ourselves are subject of ever increasing perfection. There is a common saying. That it is better to be a warrior-poet than simply one or the other.



Enjoying The Fruits of our City, The Symposiast is free to gather amongst comrades with our vast leisures



The Iron Temple



-Not Just 'The Lads' Gather To Heft Biggly!



I labor, hours so as to show my beautiful neighbors of our most splendid state the ways of The Iron Temple, this branch of which, I have been spearheading. Moved am I by the efforts displayed by those Truly Beautiful mali'aheral who reach forth to grab with their hands and sculpt their forms into works of art, finer figures, more blessed than can be represented in any marble carved by the most skilled hands. We are beautiful people, why wouldn't we work out? It is a place to gather, where silver tongues and bodies are tempered, and truly, all live in ascent.




-A pair of coconuts are spiked on the bar


And no longer can excuses be made, I have perfected a tool to offer resistance to even the most voidally drained Magician so they too may enjoy max toneage. My Warlock Weights!

Truly, we are most blessed for the freedoms to pursue arts





-A Hoplite Returns to his Marbled Citystate After Winning Glories


It is often I return from my voyages over the sea, where I represent haelun'or well, and strike out great benefit and privileges. When I come across those silver seas, I often I witness the greatness of Haelun'or, of our mother city, cast there over the bluff! Her great temples and spires striking high! But with all this great opportunity to progress, we must organize and manage the cihi's direction! Support me, lliran, Pamphilos of Haelun'or, as ElOkarir'Mali!


It is my greatest honor and greatest privilege to serve our great Mother-City, Ay'Haelun'or! Ay The Republic! Ay her Colonies!




-Pamphilos Callidora of The Hyptos


((Come to a speech Ill be holding on saturday 26! Let us dialect!))



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The old elf Seth Calith, Maheral of Haelun'or smiled at Pamphilos nomination.

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