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The Life of Maela Vuiller | Genealogy Records


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This documentation on Maela Vuiller is only available if shown the Vuiller archives/being shown IRP!


The Life of Maela Vuiller

Arcas, Haense

Born to

Darien Frostfire and Althea Frostfire



Maela Frostfire, the one and only daughter of Darien and Althea Frostfire.

Her father, a soldier within the BSK.

Her mother, a baker.

She grew up within the Kingdom of Haense, during a time of strife.

Maela hadn’t known of any other family a majority of her life, the grandparents on both sides having long passed. No cousins, no siblings.

Haense had a way of being cruel.

She’d awaken within their small abode, tucked away in a corner. Her room, hidden from any inspectors. Maela would exit, stomping off snow as she’d grasp at her mothers hand, making way for the bakery.

They’d bake, steam pouring out and warming the humble shop.

She’d often been told to keep to herself growing up, and so when the baking finished, the reading began.

Varying books of all sorts, sinking into whole new unknown worlds.

There’d been times when she’d attempt to talk to another, only to be ignored.

She’d only been a commoner, afterall.

She’d make friends, those friendships lasting all of a few months before they were gone, slipping away like a snowflake on the wind.

It’d been one of those days, she’d may have just hardly turned ten, maybe eleven. Her mittens rubbed together, in an attempt at generating warmth as she’d idle by the tavern, having finished her work alongside her mother for the day and her father still on his shift. Maelas breath frosted out in front of her, smoky as it filtered out, crystal blue eyes taking in the scenery.

A young boy, his name lost to time, soon approached, speaking with her. A smile formed, talking easily with her fellow child and soon, he’d introduce her to his friend, Oskar Wick.

Maela hadn’t met the young boy again but she’d become fast friends with Oskar.

She’d awaken, bake with her mother and slip off to join him in fun escapades about the city, often bringing treats she’d slipped beneath her coat for them to enjoy together later on.

Wet, squelching footsteps would sound within the sewers they’d all too often explore. The squeaking of rats as they’d duck into cracks and crevices along the ground, while others watched the duo with beady eyes, always, always watching.

Oskar, donned in a fine yet worn coat would always protect Maela. They were like night and day, the two.

The boy with dark hair and gray eyes, personality like midnight on a rainy day.

The girl with pale hair and blue eyes, personality like sunshine bouncing off a window.

Opposites and yet they’d gravitate towards one another.


Time passed.

The duo were thirteen and the Inferi war was taking place.

Maelas father, Darien Frostfire, ever the loyal soldier had taken to the battlefield.

Only to be felled.

He died on the field, hit by a misshot arrow from his own side. It was never known who’d shot the arrow. Whether it be a mistake or purposeful.

His body, brought home upon a board and a funeral soon hosted.

 Grief, it overtook the Frostfires. Now, only a widowed mother and a lost daughter.

And yet, life did not let up. Darien Frostfire had secrets, a history unknown by his grieving family and so when the knock came, of Holy Knights at the door, shock came past the grief.

They were there for Maela.

Althea Frostfire, distraught, sent the Holy Knights away, for they were not to take her only daughter.

But things only grew worse. With war, came a time of strife, of pain and wanting.


A scholarly missive.

The duo were now sixteen.

Maela visited the home of Oskar Wick once more, with a freshly baked treat, steam wafting off of the dish and offering warmth in the frigid cold. She sat upon the chair, peering up at Oskar with the adoration she often did. Their childhood friendship turned to more as she found herself growing to love him, hoping that he may marry her someday.

He took his hand in hers, taking her in with a look that said all was not well.

He was scheduled to be executed the next day. His missive had gotten too much attention.

Oskar, of course, was quick to assure her.

This night, he’d fake his death but before that, he had a question:

“Will vy marry me?”

The answer was obvious, perhaps always obvious to those who’d seen the two together.

“Da, always da.”

And so a body, near unrecognizable, was found in his home that night, a note at its side.


Maela played her part well.

She grieved her friend, and unknown to those, fiancee.

Clipped, dried flowers would be laid neatly at the entrance of the sewers. A shrine, in its own way.

Family, it was something odd to her. Having always thought of herself alone, besides her late father, mother and now fiancee.

But now, once more, those Holy Knights came back.

A grand-uncle, heading the Holy Knights in the pilgrimage to come to new lands.

The Inferi war had ended, and disaster struck again.

Endless natural disasters, destroying her city and home.

Holy Knights at her side, guarding her as she’s safely escorted to the City of Man.

How many people must she have fed? Somehow in the chaos, her basket of goodies, meant to be brought to her fiancee wasn’t last. It went to the people, those starving as they awaited news of their homelands. 

And then they sailed on, to a new land, Almaris.


A new home.

It was odd, really.

The buildings towered and the cold didn’t bite at her cheeks.

Maela Frostfire and her fiance, Oskar Wick turned “Theodore Napier”, settled within the city of Providence.

The first to marry within the church and certainly not the last, they stayed with a family friend as those got settled into their new homes.

Maela, wishing to provide what she could, decorated the home. She’d bake and bake and bake, the ever-present scent of baked goods wafting through the kitchens and the hallways.

Her now husband, he’d joined the ISA.

Soon, waddling as she was with child, she’d bring him a lunch each day at work.

A thermos of cocoa, to go with a slice of apple pie, freshly made whipped cream drizzled over the top and a second thermos of beef stew.

Each meal, each dish, something different.

Soon enough, he’d been elected Alderman and doing another line of work.

Their first child was born, Darien Napier II, named after her late father.

Their second came shortly after, Ophelia Napier II, named after Oskar Wicks twin.

Maelas mother, Althea Frostfire, soon passed on.


A time came, then.

They could no longer hold the name of Napier, having outstayed their welcome with the trusted family friend.

And, so with permission of their cousin branch as Oskar, ‘Theodore’ still kept his beating heart a secret, they took on Vuiller.

Oskar, ‘Theodore’ passed one day when on the job and Maela followed shortly after. One might say it of a broken heart, as the woman withered away day by day after the loss of her beloved.


In the name of genealogy, their current descendants, living or otherwise are as listed:

Darien Jonathan Vuiller II

Ophelia Althea Vuiller II 

Antonio Pepino, son of Ophelia and Guillame, her first husband

Livia Joanna, son of Ophelia and Dmitri, her second husband

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