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Covenant of Da Kirkja Dverga


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Covenant of Da Kirkja Dverga


8vpfDCDt15fDAMBZ0Vb4WQUw_OYgIlLSl-4F5sr9XtX4aWfEB_eTBlNqCsGVduAUft-3phwn8_yuirr8jQj9C3-hHb5wVoZYiW7zj9yIgbeuw57zecc7i2DezzRuYbiL-ES6WPSmIPTEfmmMIcWyCHeN3V63n_UdQUsaE2meWeklM5xTBcIUFK_MsKUMxgTitle One: Clergy leadership8vpfDCDt15fDAMBZ0Vb4WQUw_OYgIlLSl-4F5sr9XtX4aWfEB_eTBlNqCsGVduAUft-3phwn8_yuirr8jQj9C3-hHb5wVoZYiW7zj9yIgbeuw57zecc7i2DezzRuYbiL-ES6WPSmIPTEfmmMIcWyCHeN3V63n_UdQUsaE2meWeklM5xTBcIUFK_MsKUMxg


Art I. Da Kirkja Dverga is not an institution dedicated to power. Rather it is one of learning and teaching. For this reason, a single dwarf may not hold executive and authoritative power over the entire clergy; it must be held by a council.


i. The council will be led by one of its members. A prophet will be voted on to serve as the representative of the council, when the council's opinion is asked by another institution.


ii. The chosen representative can be given the name of high preceptor/prophet/priest. It is up to the council's discretion to decide their own titles depending on the naming convention of the times.


iii. Clergy documents and declarations are to be signed as a council. The high preceptor cannot make public declarations without the council.


iv. The council is to be composed of preceptors/prophets/heralds (whatever naming convention is used at the time). These council members are to be proposed to the council from the pool of priests or other religious organizations, by a clan leader or member(s) of the council. Then the decision to accept the individual would be up to the council with a 2/3 (rounded up) majority needed to enter the council.


v. To remove a member of the council, there would need to be a formal petition by a council member to call for a vote on the matter. For the vote to pass, it would need a 2/3 (rounded up) majority. The member would then be demoted to priest, unless expulsion is required.


vi. To expel someone from the clergy the council needs unanimity and at least 4 council members present.


vii. The council is to be composed of one prophet per Brathmordakin. 


8vpfDCDt15fDAMBZ0Vb4WQUw_OYgIlLSl-4F5sr9XtX4aWfEB_eTBlNqCsGVduAUft-3phwn8_yuirr8jQj9C3-hHb5wVoZYiW7zj9yIgbeuw57zecc7i2DezzRuYbiL-ES6WPSmIPTEfmmMIcWyCHeN3V63n_UdQUsaE2meWeklM5xTBcIUFK_MsKUMxgTitle Two: Duties of Prophets8vpfDCDt15fDAMBZ0Vb4WQUw_OYgIlLSl-4F5sr9XtX4aWfEB_eTBlNqCsGVduAUft-3phwn8_yuirr8jQj9C3-hHb5wVoZYiW7zj9yIgbeuw57zecc7i2DezzRuYbiL-ES6WPSmIPTEfmmMIcWyCHeN3V63n_UdQUsaE2meWeklM5xTBcIUFK_MsKUMxg


Art.III Prophets are experts on the Brathmordakin, more specifically on their patron. This means that apart from teaching priests about their Brathmordakin they are also expected to be learning and searching beliefs and cultures from all dwarf groups in relation to their Brathmordakin.


Art.IV All prophets (including the high prophet) are equal in the council.


Art.V All prophets have the ability to sponsor a dwarf to become a priest if they believe they possess the knowledge required.


Art.VI The prophets can only remove a priest from the clergy through a vote with an outcome over 2/3 (rounded up) of the council. Reinstating a priest that was removed goes through the same process.


Art.VII. Prophets have the right to create organizations and groups if they so desire. However, the responsibility of maintenance is on the shoulders of said prophet.


Art VIII. Prophets are to inform priests on matters that the latter does not have a clear answer to. Prophets should only do the duties of priests when there are no priests to fulfill the duties.

i. In relation to priests, prophets serve as mentors. Guiding them on how to teach people, hold events, and sermons.


Art IX. The high prophet is a ceremonial rank that serves to represent the will of the council outside of itself. The high prophet is just a prophet.

i.  The high prophet does not have to be a prophet of Yemekar. The prophet(s) of Yemekar fulfill the same duties as any other prophet in relation to their Brathmordakin.


8vpfDCDt15fDAMBZ0Vb4WQUw_OYgIlLSl-4F5sr9XtX4aWfEB_eTBlNqCsGVduAUft-3phwn8_yuirr8jQj9C3-hHb5wVoZYiW7zj9yIgbeuw57zecc7i2DezzRuYbiL-ES6WPSmIPTEfmmMIcWyCHeN3V63n_UdQUsaE2meWeklM5xTBcIUFK_MsKUMxgTitle Three: Duties of Priests8vpfDCDt15fDAMBZ0Vb4WQUw_OYgIlLSl-4F5sr9XtX4aWfEB_eTBlNqCsGVduAUft-3phwn8_yuirr8jQj9C3-hHb5wVoZYiW7zj9yIgbeuw57zecc7i2DezzRuYbiL-ES6WPSmIPTEfmmMIcWyCHeN3V63n_UdQUsaE2meWeklM5xTBcIUFK_MsKUMxg


Article X. Priests are the teachers of the general dwarven population. They teach the basics of the Brathmordakin to those that are willing to learn.


Article XI. Priests have the ability to head ceremonies with the blessings of the council of Prophets.

i. By being a priest, one has a de facto ability to do ceremonies.


Article XII. A priest can be demoted to acolyte if they show an inability to learn and be aware of different perspectives of the Brathmordakin. 


8vpfDCDt15fDAMBZ0Vb4WQUw_OYgIlLSl-4F5sr9XtX4aWfEB_eTBlNqCsGVduAUft-3phwn8_yuirr8jQj9C3-hHb5wVoZYiW7zj9yIgbeuw57zecc7i2DezzRuYbiL-ES6WPSmIPTEfmmMIcWyCHeN3V63n_UdQUsaE2meWeklM5xTBcIUFK_MsKUMxgTitle Four: Relationship with other Religious Orders8vpfDCDt15fDAMBZ0Vb4WQUw_OYgIlLSl-4F5sr9XtX4aWfEB_eTBlNqCsGVduAUft-3phwn8_yuirr8jQj9C3-hHb5wVoZYiW7zj9yIgbeuw57zecc7i2DezzRuYbiL-ES6WPSmIPTEfmmMIcWyCHeN3V63n_UdQUsaE2meWeklM5xTBcIUFK_MsKUMxg


Article XIII. The clergy recognizes all dwarven denominations that accept the existence of the Brathmordakin and worships them, as well as, keeping the core pillars of the dwarven faith in their denomination.


Article XIV. The clergy recognizes the existence of cosmic entities that are not the Brathmordakin. The glorification of these beings is acceptable and tolerated as long  as it is done through the lenses of the Brathmordakin and their worship.

i. Any glorification of a non-Brathmordakin that does not include the direct or indirect glorification of a/the Brathmordakin as well is considered heretical.


Article XV. Any form of Khorvad worship is heretical.


8vpfDCDt15fDAMBZ0Vb4WQUw_OYgIlLSl-4F5sr9XtX4aWfEB_eTBlNqCsGVduAUft-3phwn8_yuirr8jQj9C3-hHb5wVoZYiW7zj9yIgbeuw57zecc7i2DezzRuYbiL-ES6WPSmIPTEfmmMIcWyCHeN3V63n_UdQUsaE2meWeklM5xTBcIUFK_MsKUMxgTitle Five: Amending the Covenant8vpfDCDt15fDAMBZ0Vb4WQUw_OYgIlLSl-4F5sr9XtX4aWfEB_eTBlNqCsGVduAUft-3phwn8_yuirr8jQj9C3-hHb5wVoZYiW7zj9yIgbeuw57zecc7i2DezzRuYbiL-ES6WPSmIPTEfmmMIcWyCHeN3V63n_UdQUsaE2meWeklM5xTBcIUFK_MsKUMxg


Article XVI. This covenant may only be amended if there is unanimity and minimum four prophets are present.


i. Articles as enumerated in this document can only be removed if the entire council agrees upon it.


ii. Future articles or amendments need only the condition set in Article XVI


8vpfDCDt15fDAMBZ0Vb4WQUw_OYgIlLSl-4F5sr9XtX4aWfEB_eTBlNqCsGVduAUft-3phwn8_yuirr8jQj9C3-hHb5wVoZYiW7zj9yIgbeuw57zecc7i2DezzRuYbiL-ES6WPSmIPTEfmmMIcWyCHeN3V63n_UdQUsaE2meWeklM5xTBcIUFK_MsKUMxgTitle Five: Decision make of the Council of Prophets8vpfDCDt15fDAMBZ0Vb4WQUw_OYgIlLSl-4F5sr9XtX4aWfEB_eTBlNqCsGVduAUft-3phwn8_yuirr8jQj9C3-hHb5wVoZYiW7zj9yIgbeuw57zecc7i2DezzRuYbiL-ES6WPSmIPTEfmmMIcWyCHeN3V63n_UdQUsaE2meWeklM5xTBcIUFK_MsKUMxg


Article XVII. As is tradition since times immemorial all members of the council can propose decisions to the Council of Prophets.


i. Decisions pass through a simple majority, with at least half of the Prophets of the council being present.


ii. The High Prophet needs to be present for a decision to be passed or have another prophet appointed as temporary substitute (by the High Prophet).


iii. These council decisions cannot amend the Covenant, only the process layed out in title five can do so.


-This Covenant was formed, agreed upon, stamped and signed by the Council of Prophets of Da Kirkja Dverga-

High Prophet Garedyn the Green, Prophet of Yemekar

Prophet Asketil Blackroot, Prophet of Belka

Prophet Dhaen Grandaxe, Prophet of Anbella

Prophet Tuzic Mossborn, Prophet of Ogradhad

Prophet Alaric Grimgold, Prophet of Dungrimm



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