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Action! Unity! Prosperity! - Vote de Lyons


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Arthur de Lyons

For the People of Valfleur


[!] A hand-held bell rang throughout the main square of Valfleur, calling for the attention of those spectating the market stalls.  Hurriedly, a courier passed out detailed missives to all those present, with the final message: "Don't forget to vote!"  Soon the people of the Commonwealth would cast their ballot in deciding a new mayor, and it seemed yet another candidate was keen to advertise their campaign.


Dearest citizens of the Commonwealth,


The time will shortly be upon us when we, the people, must once again raise our voices in unison and determine the fate of our dear capital, Valfleur.  A wonderful place, enriched by vibrant faces riding the waves of opportunity, and surrounded by a blessed countryside that was surely touched by the hand of GOD himself!  We shall be called to not only elect a new mayor for our capital but also to freely choose a representative that will serve the populace faithfully, nobles and commoners alike.


I, Arthur de Lyons, do hereby put my name forward in candidacy for the position.  


I know some of you might question the legitimacy of my campaign.  I understand your scepticism, for it was not so long ago that I was an outsider - a migrant drawn to the promise of enlightenment and possibility.  But that is exactly what makes the Commonwealth such a wonderful country!  It is a place where any man, no matter their background, can live out their dreams and reap the hard-earned rewards for their labours.  Yet, we cannot expect such a trend to last forever, not without a collective goal in mind and a solid plan for growth.  With your vote, I will make it my objective to expand accommodation within Valfleur and stimulate the economy by encouraging the establishment of more local businesses.


Furthermore, my agenda will also extend to the protection of our city’s populace from threats both external and internal.  I have sworn an oath of service to Her Grace, the Arch-Duchess Renilde I, having marched beneath her banner alongside my fellow Sons of Petra and met her enemies upon the battlefield.  I’m sure there are those among you who are also familiar with my efforts in ridding our heartlands of evil.  In the past year, I have led my fellow men-at-arms in the hunt for the so-called ‘Beast of Petra’, and have already made good progress in destroying the threat once and for all.


I believe my experience in matters of security and my direct approach to providing relief for Valfleur will rightly serve the collective populace.  With your vote, I will utilise my active participation in our armed forces to ensure a constant line of communication between the Sons of Petra and you, the people.  I shall also seek to provide a detailed consultation to the populace, regarding the construction of fortifications and defences in the region. 


Together my friends, I know we can make Valfleur a better place for everyone and expand our proud capital to even greater heights.  So when it comes time to take to the ballot box, I sincerely ask that you vote for Arthur de Lyons, a candidate who will work for you! 


Action! Unity! Prosperity!



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'Wings' von Draco grumbled in response after his beloved, Aviana von Draco, read the missive of Arthur's candidacy to him- he could not read himself, "That damned Dumb-Nugget.." he muttered, spatting a glob of discolored phlegm to his feet in trepidation. "A vote for 'Wings' is a vote for prosperity and the future accomplishment of the Commonwealth of Petra!" he then declared, waving a clenched fist in the air!

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