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Penned by Bianka Ophelia Jazloviecki, 6th of Owyn’s Flame, 1901




Throughout the many years of my familial turmoil, I have put forth myself to keep this house afloat. The waves crash against our family’s reputation as we sail on the open continent of Almaris and set foot in Petrine Land, creating a place of sanctuary for our bloodline. With the death of my father and mother, the leadership of the family had fallen to my oldest brother; however, nearly a year after he completely disappeared, the succession of the family went to my older sister. Very unfortunately, she had fallen ill during the winter cold of the same year, an illness not able to be cured with known medicine. Another many years passed while I played Lady Regent, praying my dear sister would regain her strength to guide our house but praying was never enough. In desperate need, I consulted with my sister, and we both have made a decision that I shall be the matriarch of House Jazloviecki and the succession line shall follow my branch of this family, being passed to my children, followed by my children’s children. With this conclusion, I wish for The Commonwealth of Petra to honor this arrangement if anyone were to question the legitimacy of my hold on the House of Jazloviecki. 



Lady Bianka Ophelia Jazloviecki, Matriarch of House Jazloviecki, Grand Chamberlain of River Court

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Constanz nods as he reads over the missive, sipping on a glass of Petran Pinot. He’d turn towards his wife.


“Lady Bianca has been a shining example of House Jazloviecki. I am thrilled to hear this news.”

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The lurker of the Jazloviecki manor, Cathy, held the missive of the House's current affairs. She paid little attention, skim-reading it, a soft exhale border-lining a huff escaping her lips. It was a specific conversation she craved now, one that rattled her bones even in thought, yet it was the only thing now on her mind. The de Vilain scrunched up the parchment and stashed it into her satchel - venturing off to find a specific bastard of House Jazloviecki.

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