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Story Team Update - Lore Criteria


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23 hours ago, Benleft said:

Seer is already accepted. Unless it is undergoing a rewrite or pending shelving (which there is no indication that it is), it will go unchanged. 

In the words of T5 Methomancer Jesse Pinkman, “Tracking lore is hard to balance and implement, yo. An ability as simple as ‘I can track your cardinal direction by scent, *****!’ Turns into ‘Send me your coords bro, my character has hunting magic. I promise I will not just sprint jump directly to you.’ So like, sensing things allows for the same kind of suspension-of-disbelief breaking events to happen. Relying on a level of OOC communication isn’t really fun and takes the heart and soul out of fun RP, yo. Seer strikes a nice balance that you can RP out with minimal OOC back and forth.


The reason seer is broken up into the FA/MA 1 slot/MA 2slot… difference is to ensure that people who aren’t ready for the challenges that MA Seer presents (such as not being a metagaming ****, yo) don’t end up given a really difficult magic and abusing it to hell and back. Plus, I’m a minmaxer and seer kinda blows for CRP, and I can never figure out what Greencorp is saying in their prophecies since half of them are in Glup-Shitto aka blackspeech, so like who really cares, yo.”

Thanks for your insight Jesse. I hope a bit of light hearted humor makes that a bit more digestible. 

Thank you, this is hilarious and I greatly enjoyed reading it Also a wonderful answer in general. =)


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