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The Snow Wolf [!] You would not know this IRP [!]


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Jack had never been used to a calm and stable life, a lifetime of tumultuous errors in judgment and misfortune happenstance made the rare occasions of peace somewhat uneasy. The thought of such a gift being torn away plaguing the back of his mind.


 With a heavy sigh he wandered about toward the cidery. The gravel crunching under his boot at the sun began its descent. It had only been a few hours, Fennari had been picked up by a family friend to watch over her as Lissa joined Jack in a bit of shopping and a dinner together but he missed her nonetheless


As he approached the door he spirit lifted, even if but for a moment. Having his daughter back put him at ease. With a simple push of the door he was greeted first by the barking of the ever familiar guide pup. Alerting Fennari of her Dad's presence. The smile that decorated her face was as always warm, innocent. She rushed over to him instantly and with a simple swoop, he had her in his arms. A comfort among the hellish paths his life had taken him but the pain could not compare to the loss of his sight by his own hands to see how his daughter would the instant regret he had was would sink in as he started to pray to every god he could think of to wake him from this nightmare he just inflicted on himself  beg and praying as the blood from his eyes drip down his cheeks and his neck. As he fell to his knees in despair as no god answered his pleas. Jack giving up would go lay down as his family friend would take care of his eyes as he drifted of to sleep in his dream he’d see 8 foot snow wolf that’s calling him in not with words but with the look that this predator would be giving it was call him in a way he could not refuse So after many moons of sleepless nights following this wolf he finally saw the all father answering his calls or so he thought was the all father the words coming from him was incomprehensible for Jack’s mind he then awoke from his dream



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