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[World Lore] Ancestral Realm Rewrite

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Artist Credit: Ice Pick Lodge :Pathologic 2 Cover Art:







The Ancestral Realm is a plane within the Spiritual Realms bordering the Soulstream. These planes are often the final resting place for honourable orcs and Spiritualists, a true afterlife made to spurn Aeriel, as well as to provide Krug with an eternal and ever growing kingdom. When Lutauman Spirit Walk, they utilise the power of Kor, Krug, and other Greater Ancestrals to pull souls up into the Stargush’Stroh temporarily.  This contract allows the Lutauman to fulfil the will of the Ancestors, as well as enlighten the realm of the Spirits.  


Breaches upon this realm by other means are met with violence,  Kor utilising his Lessers, the Matumdâg upon assailants. They too are capable of wielding Kor’s soulfire, obliterating undead and the like, or imprisoning mortal targets within the Gundâr Broshan or Nurzum for the rest of eternity(PK).





Within the realm, mortals only have their clothing and items they find or are given in Stargush’Stroh. 


Shamans are able to bring, small trinkets, and a single weapon/larger item than two feet with them into Stargush’Stroh. 


Stargush’Stroh follows Redlines in accordance with the Lutaumancers Spirit Walk Ability


No item found within Stargush’Stroh may ever be brought back to the Mortal Realm without a MArt. {For ST events, the ruling ST may decide to bend these Redlines in accordance with the event to provide a good narrative or for rewards.} 


As in accordance with Lutaumancy Lore, default Banishment sends the target to Gundâr Broshan. Being sent to Gundâr Broshan, Bûrgulumokh, or The Nurzum are never permanently locked there in accordance to Banishment lore unless the player so desires. These beings are still able to be pulled out from these realms in accordance with their own lore, the Lutaumancer's Banishment. No character will ever be forced to shelf, or PK their character.  


Certain areas of Stargush’Stroh have outlined types of Fauna and Flora native to the area. These should be properly roleplayed in accordance. Such as having a herd of domestic animals in the Forest of Great Hunt makes little sense. Vice Versa, having a massive, rampaging animal within The Many Fields of Tranquility makes just as little sense. 



Gundâr Broshan: The Sea of Ashlandic Purgatory



Artist Credit: Nihilumbra






It is within this desolate landscape that Apohet’s Ancestral Plane connects to the soul stream. Endless dunes of ash, riddles with ruins of aeons past. Small shelters, shallow caves, salt flats, and dead trees act as the only refuge. The air is thick, and hard to breathe. It is lined by an endless sea, from which none who enter have returned.

Wayward Spirits appear in fragments where they either fall back into Soulstream or materialize and walk the path to the Gate of Kor. However, this place is not without harm or risk.

Those deemed unworthy of Stargush’Stroh, yet not wicked enough for the Nurzum, Moz’Strimoza, or Bûrgulumokh, remain in Gundâr Broshan for aeons, sometimes thousands of years pass before Kor deems them fit to pass his gate. Many will remain in this land of ash until reality itself ceases to exist. These lost souls rarely will be seen by Kor in a timely manner unless aided by a Lutaumancer.  Lutaumancers are capable of sending the wicked or wayward to this realm, a means of allowing the wicked and maligned to repent, even if it takes all of eternity.  With its proximity to the Soulstream, dark forces are able to break this rite, plucking wicked souls back through their own dark rituals.


Doraz agh Kor - Kor’s Gateway 



Artist Credit: Alex Goetling





High above the ashen lands of Gundâr Broshan stands the bridge to the Stargush’Stroh: Kor’s Gateway. From here the Greater Spirit of the Dead himself stands as a warden of his lands. Enacting judgement on each that comes before his gaze.  An infinite procession of souls slowly make their way through the Doraz agh Kor, a slow weighing of moral scales that only Kor himself adjudicates.  Those that he deems worthy can live in the Stargush’Stroh. At his side, Daemurz, The Honalob Matûrz. A lesser of Kor, skeletal in appearance, who marks down which souls go beyond, are imprisoned, or left to fester in Gundâr Broshan.  Those unlucky enough to warrant Kors malice are placed into the Nurzum or Bûrgulumokh by the great spirit himself.

Those deemed worthy of entry are granted passage into their final walk. Passing through Kor’s door is an extremely powerful process. As Kor judges the qualities of the person, their soul is transformed into an Ancestral Spirit. The merits, as well as the feats and renown of the person merits their strength and pantheon within the Stargush’Stroh. As such Lesser and Greater Ancestral Spirits exist within the realm, though new Greater Ancestral Spirits have not been made in centuries. The most powerful Greater Ancestral is Krug, while Greater Ancestral Spirits beneath him are capable of  wielding Kor’s power. Krug’s power is immeasurable, not only in indomitable strength, but in his connection with the Spirits. Krug is adored, not only by his children, but by the countless Spirits who bestowed him power thousands of years ago, and the many who would seek a pact with the greatest orc to ever live.



Kor, appearing in one of countless visages, prepares to invoke judgement upon another mortal soul.



Artist Credit: Ramses Melendez


Daemurz, The Honalob Matûrz, with its Squire, recording all who are denied, all who are accepted, and their sentences in detail.


Artist Credit: Zhihui Su

Olû Tiil Frautal - River to Final Rest

Artist Credit: Yohann Schepacz





From Kor’s Gate, the spirits venture forth into the boundaries of the Stargush’Stroh. Narrow paths beset on all sides by stone canyon walls, along a roaring river. Birds fly in droves, the air is crisp and clean. At the head of this river rests a large long boat with no sail, only a single spirit and his oar. Matûm'Lur - Ferryman of the Dead, a joyous spirit that gives embarking Ancestral spirits and Lutaumancers a quick ride down the Olû Tiil Frautal. Before making his way back upstream once more to begin the cycle again. From here, the bounty of Stargush’Stroh is beheld.  Within the river one would be able to see the reflection of the Soulstream and the countless caught within it.



Matûm'Lur, resolute upon his ferry.

Artist Credit; Dae-K

Ruzob Ukûzrii - The Hall of Eternal Joy


Artist Credit: Unknown, will update if located.





Welcoming all to Stargush’Stroh stands The Hall of Eternal Joy, surrounded by tents and  constant celebration. 


A mighty tower just beyond the Olû Tiil Frautal. Host to many a party,and feast. It is said that Krug himself built these halls upon arriving in the realm, as a testimony to his greatness. Most spirits new to Stargush are stopped here to be welcomed. Those that achieved greatness in their life are summoned to the top, to dine with Krug, if even for a day. The halls are a special place, temporarily calming and suppressing mental affliction or damage to the soul. This cannot cure these afflictions, but often may be a place to abate them temporarily. 


Turu Dobu Ziimarum - The Many Fields of Tranquility 



Artist Credit: skraaw






The endless fields act both as gathering grounds for many festivals outside and around Krugs grand tower of celebration, and farmland for the Ancestral realm. Touched by Arwa, these fields are home to copious amounts of fauna and flora both mundane and mystical. Giving the spirits that call this realm home a unique remembrance of their old life. From the great beasts of the Uruk to the strange caverns of the Ker.  Everything grows and flourishes here. Trees gather and bloom, their wood composed of the undead who trespass the entered Stargush’Stroh. It is theorised the roots dig beneath the Gundâr Broshan, though no tools are granted to Lutauman or their guests.

Familial Ancestral Spirits tend to linger here, memories of craft and husbandry stirring many to these nostalgic fields. Countless nameless Ancestrals to whom young orcs or Spiritualists derive their lineage from could be found here. Should someone have a relic of the past, whether physical or representative - a sword, a song, a secret, these forces would be capable of grabbing the attention of Lesser Ancestrals who have not moved on to other parts of the Ancestral Realm.  This plane is the most common for young Lutauman to practise and utilise their skills. As Ancestral Wardens, they bridge the gap between the Mortal and Ancestral planes - restoring ancient familial bonds or renewing ones broken by the touch of Kor.




Skoiug Goiz - The Soaring Cities
A realm filled with towns and larger settlements that are located close to one another. In this realm, there are three larger cities where the many blargs (homes) of those that wish to settle in their eternal rest are placed. Many are described here:





The Grand City of Uruk: Uzg ob Aandar - The Land of Mystery


Artist Credit: Unknown, will update if found.






The name of this grand city was given to it because it rests atop the flat plains that are surrounded by multiple mountains, making it an uninvadable location.Following the ever twisting path that led to the city gates, one would find themselves entering a city like no other. The city encompassed all manner of Uruk, ranging from warriors to Ruka craftsmen. 


The city is divided into three levels. The first level, or the middle level is a massive trading hub, where the Ruka craftsmen that have long passed, continue to sell various goods and trinkets, while constantly honing their craft. The second level is the highest point of the city, multiple shrines dedicated to Spirits rest here. This is where many Uruk shamans that have passed onto the Ancestral Realm reside, continuing to spread their teachings about Spiritualism and the Spirits to both the ancestors that reside within the city and the mortals that approach them during their Spirit walks.


Finally, the lowest level of the city, houses a massive forge, where many blacksmith Uruks hone away at their craft day and night. Should one wish to learn the secrets and gain the wisdom of the orcs of old, they venture to this forge and seek the ancestral smiths that labour here day and night.


The Grand City of ‘Ker: Groth’Stroh - The Grey Haven


Artist Credit: Toby Lewin







The name was given to this great mountain and its surrounding hills that house the dark elven souls who eventually find themselves within Stargush’stroh. The dark mountain is enveloped in a shroud of the eternal night that is only apparent when approaching the ‘Ker city’s foothills. This mountain is hollow, giving a vast expanse of eldritch caverns below. 


The city is divided into three regions. The outer shell. Great spires rise to the sky, where the ancient star charts of the Maehr are made whole once more, and knowledge is kept. A grand temple is barred from access to any that Velulaei, first of the Ker shamans, does not wish to see. Who paces an empty courtyard beneath the pale form of Luara above. 


Atop the mountain, stairs and lifts lead down into ancient clan halls beneath stone , a replica of Magara’lin. Fungi thrive, homes are carved out of the bowels of the earth. Most reside within this area as a residential complex


In the depths are cave expansions vaster than life, aquifers, fungi forest, to dark narrow tunnels. Where fauna and flora of the under-realm flourish. Few ancestral ker call this place home, though many dive down to its depths to test their skills and live as they once did in Magara’lin. For mortals exploring the depths, it is easy to become lost, and trapped in the caverns of Groth’Stroh.


The Grand City of All: Raz’Thaguzg - The Strange Desert


Artist Credit: Henry Lynch







Unlike the other two cities, The Grand City of All, stands in its full glory in the middle of the desert plains, surrounded by massive dunes of golden sands. Even before one reaches the city, the smell of various foods, and different spices, lood one's senses, their ears would be filled with the chatter of Uruks, Ker and other descendants alike, coming from the bustling markets of the city, filled with all matter of curiosities.


The city itself would be quite flat, as the buildings were made from sandstone and different kinds of wood, ranging from light colors, all the way to the dark color. The roads of the city are built of bricks, twisting and weaving into each and every corner of the beautiful city, in between each nook and cranny, as they skillfully led the people to all parts of the city. The city would contain various shops, taverns, libraries, markets, animals and anything else that the heart desired, making the city a true melting pot for many of the descendants that have embraced Kor’s will and have traveled to the Stargush’Stroh.


With a single glance, one could see all manner of descendants inhabiting the city, be it orcs, humans, elves, or any other race that walked the ever so lively streets of the city. All these different descendants, brought to the city, opened its gates to all those that wished to find a place to rest. The city truly, is a thing of beauty. Something to marvel at, as the various smells and voices of the people overwhelm the senses. It is extremely easy to become lost within the never sleeping city…..Will you manage to find your way out? Or will you succumb to the intoxicating experience, and remain forever in the city, engulfed by its never ending vibrance.


Tauob Bûbhosh Hoital - Forest of the Great Hunt



Arist Credit: Jung Yeoll






A large forest that seemingly goes on forever, comprised of massive trees that tickle the sky of the Stargush’Stroh. In the middle of the forest, there is a large clearing in which stands several large halls, filled with trophies of the Stargush’Strohs greatest hunts. It is here that many Ancestral spirits will bequeath quests on mortal travelers, or the ancients will ask these mortals to prove themselves. 


For the Tauob Bûbhosh Hoital holds horrors that no longer walk the mortal realm, and worst. Many mortals are left stranded here, and must hope for a wandering Lutaumancer to free them or strike a costly bargain for an Ancestral Spirit to guide them to Kor's Gate. From ancient drakes, to towering lesser spirits of Votar and Freygoth that invade the realm to prove their might to ancestral spirits and mortals. Danger is ever present. 




Ruzob Ukûnûrlug - Halls of Endless Study 


Artist Credit: jbrown67





A realm that contains a multitude of different biomes filled with their respective flora and fauna diversity to be studied till the end of time. Bordering between Tauob Bûbhosh Hoital and Turu Dobu Ziimarum, the middle of this lands resides a large library, filled with every book in existence. Their knowledge is to grand, mere mortals can not comprehend the extent of this knowledge. This library, though not in direct physical harm, is arguably one of the most dangerous places for a mortal to be. As its design is not for them, many lesser spirits of Theruz and Ixli roam these halls. Punishing those who are greedy and trying to steal books, or tempting them into harmful pacts.


This domain is ruled by lessers of Theruz, which hold the library with a firm fist. Cause enough ruckus, and mortals find themselves dealing with these custodians of knowledge who are able swiftly boot them, and their Lutaumancer guide out of Stargush.  




Any knowledge learned in Ruzob Ukûnûrlug is forgotten upon leaving Stargush’Stroh, unless a member of ST directly approve the Information gained.


Dâlzob Hûrûrz Mazauk - The Planes of Fearless War 


Artist Credit: Abandoned 






An enormous battlefield where the ancestral spirits partake in endless battle. Arrows rain across the land, great cannons constantly fill the air. Wagons of war are driven across with zealot rage. Shamanic spells blanket the sky. Volleys of trebuche bring reckoning upon these blood soaked fields. 


Death comes swiftly here.


 Upon being slain in combat they are revived at its entrance. Forced to regain their footing in the lands. Great keeps riddle a volcanic landscape. Warcamps litter the fiery fields. At the centre of Dâlzob Hûrûrz Mazauk stands a fortress of obsidian. Narrow stairs make way into its hall. It is around this keep that lessers of Leyd, Vulka, Enhrok, Dazkur, and more join the fray to bolster or bane the advancement of mortals to this central keep. It is said that the commander who holds this keep for an extended period will earn a permanent spot at the feasting table of Krug himself. 


None have been able to hold it yet. 


Mortal Souls that die within this direct realm of Stargush’Stroh are thrown out of their spirit walk. This includes Lutaumancers and other shamans


The Nurzum



Artist Credit: Unknown, will be updated if located






With the rejection of Ixli and Ikuras from the Spiritual planes and the devouring of the Figuga’Uzg, a new sort of Spiritual pain surged through the Spiritual Planes. The wound reverberated to the Greater Immortal Spirits,  beings who only spent time quarrelling between each other. The birth of the Moz’Strimoza, a new corrupted realm beyond their grasp, a horrific wound that encroached upon their birthright.  Leyd recognized the potential of his acolytes. The Ulua’mirzgai rejected Ixli and served to recover their lost progenitors through force. With so many Ancestral souls trapped within the Moz’Strimoza,  the Uluamirzgai took to pleading with their patron Spirit.  Leyd was offered the Bastard of Smoke, and with it, the chains of the Ismuth Anchors and the Greater Spirit’s machinations were latched upon the beast, and removed from the Dark Shamans.  


The Bastard of Smoke was the failure of the shamans, kept by the Ulua’mirzgai. A device sealing a monstrosity. An Inferi that had grown so powerful it had been made to consume Spirits alongside the Ish’urkal.  Leyd peered into the occult orb with horrid fascination. What had his Immortal kin wrought?  Inferi invaders, and the Spiritual Realm split apart by unseen hands.  If Leyd was capable of creating the Ulua’mirzgai and Ismuth Anchors, then he would plunge his hands into malicious artificery once more.  


Leyd would be aided, Kor, Ogrol, and the Uluamirzgai creating a new foundation, each profiting from the act of bodily transmutation. Kor sought vengeance against the Moz’Strimoza, for the Inferi were originally imprisoned in his domain. Ogrol could see the malice painted on Leyd’s face, and immediately the darkened Spirit sought the same things all Spirits desire. Power.


 Spared the grace of being transmuted into Inferi, the Uluamirzgai were merely mortal and Ancestral scions who could serve the greater forces coalescing. They bent the flesh of the Bastard of Smoke, flaying the skin to form a ritual circle. Its bones would form the bricks of their prison, and at its heart, an Ismuth Anchor to suspend it for all eternity. The creature would exist in undeath, made into a physical plane for the Ulua’mirzgai to become jailers within the Spiritual Plane. As the Dark Shamanism of Leyd left the Mortal Realm, their practitioners found themselves bound to this plane. Kor would never again take dark shamans or malicious creatures into the deeper part of his realm again.


Much like the device’s original purpose,  the Nurzum is a prison capable of containing Inferi. It would sit in the Ancestral Plane, a hidden rift of the Gundâr Broshan. Should Lutauman  attempt to understand this dread place, they shall require a lantern, in which they feed Five Echoes {For every OOC Hour spent here}  to light their way in this dark realm, and secure approval from the Uluamirzgai. Should they share in a similar goal, and willing to join the twisted cabal, they will be able to banish Inferi to this dark place the same as they would any other. If the light from the lantern fades, the Nurzum will drain the Lutaumancer of all but one Echo.



No persona may be locked in The Nurzum without first being Banished by a Lutaumancers Banishment Ability.  This follows all Banishment Redlines described in Lutaumancy lore.


The Realm of Shadow: Bûrgulumokh 


Artist Credit: Divine Graves




After the fall of Magara’lin. The Ker shamans in their ire sought their own means, away from the prisons of dark shamans to punish azulites. A putrid land where the Azulites that betrayed them find torment never ends. They invoked a deal with Kor, and the souls of these Luara-touched Azulites were syphoned into their realm. Dark shamans of Azul, slavers of the Spirits, servants to the ancient Primarch still reside in The Nurzum or the Moz’Strimoza. The rest, along with Azul himself, remain in Bûrgulumokh.

A true Azulite born and bred is extremely rare in the modern era. Such that the realm has naught seen visitation in some time. The great Maehr shamans made a seal, locking these dark ancestral spirits from becoming inferi, and entrapping them instead. To be hunted until reality itself ceases to function. Upon death they are reborn. The carnage begins once more. The rare Mali’ker, that earns enough scorn in the eyes of Kor, partakes in defience of the Gods as the ancient Azulite once did. Finds their soul trapped within Bûrgulumokh. 


This Gateway rests along the endless shore of Gundâr Broshan. Between two obsidian towers, a stone bridge leads to this stagnant gate. Guarded by a band of Ancestral Spirits of the Vindicators of Magara’lin. Which periodically roam the Gundâr Broshan, scouring it for any soul they might have missed or escaped theBûrgulumokh. 


Unknown to many but Greater Ancestral Spirits, Kor and his lesser, until the removal the Moz’Strimoza shifted the entire realm, ashen sand has revealed a path to the ancient gate once more. Those brave enough to enter are subject to the endless torment that waits within.


The landscape is comprised of still rivers, rocky terrain,  petrified trees. Thick mud flats, heat geysers, large brambles, and the visage of a constant solar eclipse shines from above. Few creatures and fauna exist here, and those that do reflect the harsh environment. Fly traps able to swallow elephants. Fungi that release nauseous spores. Brambles which seek to strangle all who pass by.  Insectoid beasts, all various shapes and sizes fight over food, or more often than not, stray souls in the realm. Camps line the outer rings, and forts of stone house the Maehr shamans and ancient vindicators.

At the center, is Azul's keep. A dark onyx tower, designed over the ages to help keep the vengeful vindicators and shamans at bay best it can. Where the Dread Primarch sits, watching the endless hunt. Where his feud with his father, Uradas wages on, eons after both passed from the Mortal Realm.


This realm is not dark, rather devoid of most colour. Only greys, blacks, and whites exist here. 


Lutaumancers that wish to enter the realm must burn three echoes for the seals to accept passage, but only one to exit. 



No persona may be locked in Bûrgulumokh without first being Banished by a Lutaumancers Banishment Ability.  This follows all Banishment Redlines



:Ancestral Uruk of Notice:

These Ancestral Spirits are Classified as Greater Ancestral Spirits






Krug - The first and greatest Shaman. Vanquisher of Iblees, Slayer of Daemons. Brother of Urguan, Malin, and Horen. Champion of the Spirits. The Greatest Orc to ever live. Resides within the top floor of Ruzob Ukûzrii.



Lur - The greatest hunter in history. Father of many, and tamer of the Scaddernak. As such a talented uruk, it is his tenacity, wisdom, and shamanism that allowed him to tame the fierce beast known on Aos. The uruks pride themselves for this conquest, naming the creature Lur’goi, and emblematic in ancient orcish history. The emblem still remains emblazoned as a common banner, though knowledge of the beast itself now is shrouded in history. It is rumoured that there is not a beast alive that Lur has not killed, and many more that he hunted to extinction. Resides in Tauob Bûbhosh Hoital.  



Rax - Though little is known on Rax himself, he is the first son of Krug, and the strongest. His physical strength surpassed any of Krug’s first children, and his lineage founded Krugmar after a victory against the dark shamans in an ancient clan war. Resides in Dâlzob Hûrûrz Mazauk



Gorkil - Known as a great military strategist and tactician. Lead armies of Uruk before the curse during the war of the Four Brothers and continued on after. Resides in Dâlzob Hûrûrz Mazauk. 



Braduk - Famed as a great chieftain, a wise leader during the age of Krug. Braduk explored the lands and created several ancient sites of rest across the mortal world for the Uruk. Braduk was a titan, one of the largest Uruk recorded. His clan were famous for their rhinos and impressive stature. Resides within Uzg ob Aandar.



Dom - The Mother of Shamanism. This powerful woman  helped guide her kin and many others to the spirits. Due to her actions in life, most of the Greater Spirits have been documented and their realms explored. She is mother to all Spiritual clans through some far-fetched means, and the creator of many of the Shamanic Subtypes.  Resides within Ruzob Ukûnûrlug.



Ugluk - Third born kub of Gorkil, renowned as a great warrior. A charismatic Uruk in life as he is in death. His stories are known to many in Stargush’Stroh. He travels openly across the entire realm, finding his feet carry him to every reach of Stargush. Resides…anywhere at any given time. 



Azog - Said to be the greatest smith in history. Azog forged great weapons during and after the War of the Four Brothers. Though his practices are mostly lost to time, many spiritual smiths seek this ancestor out for his knowledge of metallurgy. Resides within Uzg ob Aandar.



Kurak - Also known as the wolf of Lur. One of Lurs many children. Resides within Tauob Bûbhosh Hoital



Tor - Also known as the Fist of Lur, renown for his calm, collective intellect and physical strength.  Resides within Ruzob Ukûnûrlug.




Trickster - Trickster of Lur, he was renowned for his subterfuge. His skills at deception and diversion were so great his identity was unknown. He is everywhere across Stargush. He is nowhere, even in the land beyond. All have met the Trickster. Yet none are aware of it. 



Bralkor - The Axe of Lur, known for his great resistance to physical damage. Resides within Dâlzob Hûrûrz Mazauk. 



Jarkun - The Sword of Lur, known for strength combined with dexterity and speed.Resides within Dâlzob Hûrûrz Mazauk. 



Yar - Descended from Dom, known for his great wisdom and spirituality. A mighty shaman in his time, Yar helped his people preserve the knowledge of the spirits and created the foundations of a prized shamanic bloodline. Resides within Ruzob Ukûnûrlug.



Yaggo - Sometimes called the greatest rider of all time. A beast master in his time. The uruk of this age owe most of their knowledge of taming animals to this Uruk. Resides within Bûbhosh Hoital.



Grumbag - Known in life as a great builder, he is the patron of all Yazgars. Resides in Uzg ob Aandar.



Vargo - Known for being a great alchemist. Resides in Ruzob Ukûnûrlug.



Kharak - An exceptional Orcish Rex who created the world's greatest ever tribute to a Spirit in the form of the Orgonic plague. In being tempted by Orgon’s power, Kharak unknowingly destroyed the continent Vailor when Orgon manifested in the Mortal Plane. Known for his exceptional spirituality and leadership. Resides in Ruzob Ukûnûrlug.



Skalp’Raguk - A red-skinned orc who rose to Rexdom at the tender age of 12, and united his brothers through a long, popular, and successful Rexdom. His final act of devotion to his people was to take his own life via an explosive vest in the Dwarven throne room, along with that of several dwarves in an act of retribution. Resides in Uzg ob Aandar and Dâlzob Hûrûrz Mazauk.





:Ancestral Ker of Notice: 

These ancestral spirits are considered Greater Ancestral Spirits





Velulaei - First Ker shaman. Devotee of Luara. Elven general during the first war of Iblees. Leading her legion, the Maehr. Daughter of Malin. This Mali’ker made a pact with the Immortal Spirit, Luara. Granting her people salvation from an ancient curse. Once a joyous woman, niece of Krug, this spirit seldon leaves her temple. Those that have interacted with her, know she is melancholy, ever mourning the betrayal of her son.  Resides atop Groth’Stroh in her temple. 


Uradas - Founder of the Vindicators of Magara’lin and jailor of Azul. First captain of Velulaei during the first invasion of Iblees. Father of Azul, husband of Velulaei. During his final eons, this Ker took it as his penance to watch Azul in his insanity beneath the ruins of Magara’lin. Caring for his son, where he had failed before. Resides within Bûrgulumokh.




The Dalmakia Trio - Three Mali'ker brothers devoted to Glutros and Jevex. Their horde of gold rests still in Magara'lin, un-touched. Creators of the ancient Magara’lin stock exchange. All trade in the city flowed beneath their fingertips.  Resides in the residential district of Groth’Stroh.


Daesxin - Founder of the Remnants of Magara'lin. As all other fled, this Ker gathered the bravest Vindicators he could and stayed within Magara'lin. Upholding Velulaeis promise to Luara so her blessing would never be revoked. All Ker owe their very skin to this ancient Maehr. The modern Remnant revere this spirit with fierce zealotry, and uphold his xenophobic tendencies Resides within Bûrgulumokh.




Morvyan - Lord Commander of the Maehr, captain of the Vindicators. Morvyan served beneath Velulaei during the war of Iblees, and during the Azul heresy. Lead many vindicators into battle, and guided the fleeing Ker from crumbling Magara’lin. This Lord Commander of Maehr, stands proud at the ancient towers which overlook the gate to Bûrgulumokh. Leading his charge of seventeen elites that have accompanied him since the War of the Four Brothers.  Resides within Bûrgulumokh. 



 Arganos - Lord of celebration and devotee of Bethuraz. His celebrations in Magara'lin could carry on for months. This Mali’ker was the first of the Maehr to make contact with Bethuraz, spreading his will and praise across Magara’lin. Resides within Groth’Strohs residential district or Ruzob Ukûzrii.



Agate - Lord of tasks and devotee of Genthuraz. Agate created the ancient forges of Magara’lin in his youth, and help a great majority of Maehr flee Magara’lin during the Azul Heresy, to an isle on the coast of Axios, where many remain to this day. Resides within the depths of Groth’Stroh or Ruzob Ukûnûrlug.



Hua’ner - Hunter of the depths. Hua’ner lead hunters in the eldritch undergrowth, providing chitin, meats, and cultivating flora to help sustain the underground populace. His most notable achievement is an art lost to the Ker. The taming of the mighty Lurker, and making them beasts of burden in ancient Magara’lin. Resides within the depths of Groth’Stroh or Tauob Bûbhosh Hoital.



 Waenia - Once a brutal bandit, Devotee of Akezo. Waenia forsook her violante ways during the Maehrs travel. Joining them on their long road. During the age of Magara’lin, she took study beneath Velulaei. Waenia partook in medical practices, invoking the spirits to achieve this mean. Within the era of Azul's Heresy, this Ker revoked her oath of pacifism and took to guerilla warfare in the depths of Magara’lin. Redides within Groth’Stroh , Tauob Bûbhosh Hoital or Ruzob Ukûnûrlug.



Khel - One of the greatest Mali'ker to live, he lifted his people out from the abyss. He is renowned for his frightful ferocity paired with a cunning mind. The Sable Prince, in his final years grew from anger and hate. But is not without Malice. During the mortals time on Atlas, it was Khel that ripped a hole from Stargush’Stroh, and slaughtered all but a small sect of his family, the Oussana. A testament to what can occur when once upsets a Ancestor of great renown. Resides within the depths of Groth’Stroh or Dâlzob Hûrûrz Mazauk.



Wytall The Warsage - A powerful shaman in his time. His wisdom and guidance offered the council of many dark elves. Loved by all who met him, he wanders the land of Stargush. Offering help to the lost mortal or spirit in need. Resides across Stargush’Stroh.




Lenden the Joyful - A joyous Ker of the Div’cruan. Though upon the roads this Ker had a bitter disdain for bandits as he was once one. In his civil life, Lenden devoted himself to spreading joy to any that he met and was always seen with a smile. Resides within Ruzob Ukûzrii.




Writers: Sewer_Rat, ColonelSoberFunk, Panashea.

Reviewer: Divinity_Of_Gaea, ColonelKuehl1, Evonpire, Mannamannaa. 


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Greater dark elven ancestral spirits? WOAH.

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amazing, showstopping, never the same, outstanding, gorgeous 

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Again, truly wonderful work. So proud of our great community. =)

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