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[Completed] The Uruloki Brotherhood


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Lair PRO MC Name: Qizu

Lair Name: Uruloki

Lair Members: Qizu, creamynoteblock, rukio, Tabby64, TreasonSeason, Diogenerate, kindEmperor, ItemVendor, outcook, high_fire, lordoflosers, Sug

Proposed Lair Locations (Highlight/draw at least three on the map):


Lair Lore (supply link to an existing creature or other lore if being used as basis for this lair) (1000 words minimum):

Lair Build and Infrastructure (photos required, give dimensions):
I am waiting to see what location we would get if accepted to begin building, however we intend on a tower/castle like structure with lots of gears, engineering aesthetics, flora, and draconic features.


Update : WIP Photo




Why can this group not fulfill their roleplay niche in an existing settlement or nation? (Give a detailed answer and examples of how this has not worked in the past.):
In times past I have had many troubles working within nations as having a Nephilim group within them brings them many troubles and even warclaims that permanently damage the nation. It is not viable for a nation to host a larger Nephilim group within them as it puts a large target on their back. As per the other two Nephilim lairs, my group is vastly different from theirs in our approach of roleplay. We are significantly different in our beliefs, our relations, and how we enjoy roleplay. Alongside that in the past there has been conflict with these groups that I feel would continue should we move in with either of them. Having our own lair would put the target off of the back's of nations and allow us to do more with our roleplay outside of wearing disguises 24/7 whilst in them.

How does this lair add to the greater world around it? How will its existence benefit its roleplay group and the server at-large?:
Throughout time Azdrazi and Heralds have been significant contributions to the server's story. It is key that there are groups engaging players and making the server's story more exciting. I feel that if my group has a lair, I can continue efforts I have put together in the past whilst taking what I have learned from my mistakes back then into account. With this new group of Heralds and Nephilim rpers, I feel as if we have quite the good shot at providing a resourceful, and exciting group for people to interact with. I would like to expand this group, more heralds, more rpers, however such attention is not something that I can ask a Nation Leader to allow.


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Is this app still active?

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Application completed. You will be contacted by Staff on the application's status and next steps.

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