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A brief Media Team Update


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Your team is failing on many levels and will never be able to trivialize on getting videos viral. Your job is to promote the server and with 400 views per videos, which is 90% the lotc community, is not making it.


Your team cannot spend 2 weeks on a high quality video that gets 400 views, it's a waste of your time, you are ultimately doing nothing and spending Tythus LTD resources. In this day and age, you need to post quick, available and easy to consume content.


Your titles are absolutely ass, nobody in the world beside us knows what an LoTC highlight is, nobody is searching for it. "Bandit vs. man" Same thing, poor title nobody in 2023 is getting bandited, nobody is searching for that. "MAN GETS ROBBED BY THIEF" is an example of a title that will make it.


Thumbnails are great, could be improved since it's clear they do not work since every video gets 400 views, the thumbnail is very important in getting people to click the video, we use bland colors on them, they don't stand out from the others in a search request. You've gotta improve it.


My videos get more views than yours and I only post them on the forums, I don't even try to promote them on discords, there's a clear lack of work in that sector.


People that make it on Youtube/Tiktok post content every day, you doesn't. You do high quality content, yes in some case, but overall you are on part with the other youtubers that stay at sub 1000 views.


You need to define how you are going to get people to see your videos before making videos, you can spend 6 years uploading every week without making it while having great content. If people are not consuming your content, it's useless to keep going at it, you won't make it.


If you spend 3 years trying to make it as a Youtuber while you could have stopped at 1, these 2 years that you've done something else was the best decision you've ever made.


You need to go out of the box to make it, you really need to put some thought behind it and analyze how others are making it, clearly you are not doing it and nobody is interested to.

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Charles the Bald makes a great point, stay making tiktoks media team, now!

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Lotc history lessons on like wars, why they happened, how they went, what turned them around etc seems really cool to me

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History videos may be pretty neat, but that tailors towards veteran players who have a decent grasp on the world's lore and happenings. While this isn't a bad thing, I feel as though it can be somewhat limiting to the amount of attention CT may get. Myself, as a player who doesn't really have a direct bond with many of the big nations- will not be very interested in big old history lessons hearing names i've never heard of in a video talking about "The war/battle for the new age between Horkonicus and Jerfilkium".

Smaller lore videos that are still interesting to talk about, on the other hand, may interest both veteran players and newer ones as it makes the lore as a whole easier to process, and people may simply go back to watch it again just to freshen up on lore every once in a while.

For example, you could take a look at the creatures found irp or in the world (With the forum post writer's permission, ofc)- Effectively just making the lotc equivalent of LOTC National Geographic, or just explain common feats/magics in a video format. It'd allow newer players to get an understanding on what these magics and feats are about without reading the 3000 page book that is the Accepted Lore forums.

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