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The Union of Crow and Butterfly


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The Union of Crow and Butterfly 

valllo toujou couri vallhiuw





The De Astrean invites to witness the marriage of  Larissa and Vaen . 

We shall celebrate within The Park following the ceremony to conclude the reception in the Burrow.


During this festive period, we urge that everyone at the party continue to treat one another with respect.


List of Invitations:

The Groom’s  Father His Lordship, Fal’leon and his pedigree @Periphonics

The Brides Mother The current paramount Leika de Astrea and her pedigree  @The Republic of Vikela 

The brides Father, Chief Ehrendil Taliameonn and His seed @DrunkCapybaraa



 Her Grace, Princess Beatrice Ishe and  any remaining line of Ishe. @Junipersandwhich 


Countess Lunah Vanari and their House. @Arashiha


Banner lord Flour and any company they wish to accompany them. @Turbo_Dog


Ri’Keidha and the inhabtiants of  Aelkos of Eittitica @KeiLynx


Lord Ahmanu Chaephyra and their House.  @THEKINGOFPIRATS 

  • All ravens are formally invited and encouraged to wear armour or not- we dont care about dress code. 


Lord Roy d'Avre and their house @CombatRolePlay


Bal’ance the bear




Her Highness, Princess Valyris Ibarellan @Cepheid

Virar Serigne Py’lrie, and their Talonii  @Allien


Virar Theoden Akaln’riv, and their Talonii  @FredrickTeufel


Virar Aestenia Aevaris and their Talonii   @lillyeveans


Laurir Ante’ahern Athri'onn and their Talonii  @Air


Laurir Senna Cerusil and their Talonii @Sailor


Lauririi Raziel Amethil @Laeonathan


Lauririi Aearion Tawarenion  @Smol


 The Hermit's Grove and its inhabitants @Birch


The Wanderers guild and her guild members @MokoMochi



Mika Anarion, The Silver Lubba of Lurin and his citizens  @mika1278


Netseth Loa’chil, Prince of Nor’asath and his citizens @ColonelKuehl1


Lenora Jusmia, of Vortice and her citizens @Bethinwonderland


Arch-Druid Aerendyl Hawksong and the inhabitants of the Mothers Grove @TwilightWolf


Renilde I , Archduchess of Petra and her citizens @tilly




Astrid Marlow and any company she wishes to bring @RMW01


Scarlet and any company she wishes to bring @Xx_Scarlet_xX

Mystery Scarlet may come as well@Scarlet Rose


Kleodora Thulun and any company she wishes to bring 


Suika Lorenthus Vanari the Unicorn @Fluttershy


Aurelia-Jay and any company she wishes to bring 




Floria Starling and any company they wish to bring 







((Saturday, 28th at 5pm est)) 


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A certain "AJ," or Juniper in this case, smiles as she recieves her invitation and marks her calender. She wouldn't miss this event for the world.

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Scarlet cries both tears of joy for her grandson and sadness for Leika for @ the wrong Scarlet ಥ_ಥ

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Adrian Bolivar is sad that he was not specially invited, but he felt better when he realized that neither was his Brother, Javier Bolivar.

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2 minutes ago, Xx_Scarlet_xX said:

Scarlet cries both tears of joy for her grandson but also Leika for @ the wrong Scarlet ಥ_ಥ

Leika, who is elderly, watches the birds fly off and muses, "Maybe I'll give it both scarlettes in my contact book... Maybe both will come." 


e fix e fix 


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“Oh I can not wait! I must start working on my dress!” Medea said happily before running off to find materials 

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Fal’leon sits in the fae ring of the mother grove, rereading the invitation to his friends, boasting pride and joy for his son to have found such a wonderful woman to wed. “I could nae ‘ave found someone be’’er sui’ed fer ‘i’m.” He boasts cheerily.

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Otellia taking the time to read her letters as she skip pass certain missives of politics and news but would stop upon a invitation. She smiles in being a proud aunt not by blood. "This calls for a special brew!" The short elfess would shuffle away into her brewery.

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