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Introducing: Zvaervauld Lilac Honey

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Zvaervauld Lilac Honey



Issued naf zwy 13th hag i Msitza ag Dargund i 461 ES.



Va Birodeo Herzenav ag Edlervik,


House Weiss introduces its first batch of lilac honey this Saint’s day. With a selection of rolling fields belonging to our great king being left under our protection comes an opportunity to expand the commerce of the realm internally and externally. We have chosen the first export we will invest time into: honey. For some it is  a delectable snack, for others a medicinal wonder. 


Tender practices and attentive care has allowed the lands surrounding Staalgrav to flourish in the vibrant pinks and purples of blooming lilac. Within such oceans of petals we have established strong colonies of persistent honey bees, all who work diligently to create the lilac honey of the future. For these bees we have provided only the most quality of man-made hives with roomy confines and easily removable

racks that have been hand-carved with the utmost vigilance to mimic the internal starting structure of a colony: a love letter to the wonder of Godan’s Creation.




Though we have tried our best, we have found that some bees inevitably prefer nature. To encourage the utmost comfort for our hard workers (and to gain the tastiest of honey) we also allow the construction of natural hives. With great effort, we ensure that we disturb these small worlds as little as possible.


Whichever the source, we can assure the quality of our Zvaervauld lilac honey.


Sold on Market Stall III or speak to Audo Weiss.



Iv Joveo Mann,


His Lordship, Audo Weiss


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Verónica smiled reading the missive. She was rather proud of the work Audo had been doing when it came to the Zvaervauld Lilac Honey. Among other things

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Felix Weiss smiled as he sipped his iced tea and gazed over the ocean of Zvaervauld lilacs that were peppered with buzzing bees! 

He watched as artisans in the workshop carefully filled up the little glass jars with the delicious golden-amber honey, and as his children snuck little bites of honeycomb here and there. 


"It may not be the grandest of industries, but House Weiss now has a product that we can be proud of." He smiled to himself as he sipped his iced tea. 

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maria has one hell of a bee phobia, if they were to be safe the only thing she feared was the ~buzz buzz buzz~

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The Vicreine of Hypisa Laurelie de Pelear saw the missive with a smile "Please don't let this be the honey club all over again"

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