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Kaladin Stormblessed

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Issued by 

The Brotherhood of Saint Karl

On this 8th of WZUVAR AG BYVCA of 462 E.S.




The Brotherhood of Saint Karl and the Order of the Crow are to expel the Evil that looms in the dark. During the recent years, multiple reports of people disappearing in the Staalmarsh; the swamps of our Eastern borders. 

Soon after, a group of Brotherhood Soldiers were sent to investigate, finding evidence of excessive undead corruption of the lands, as well as managing to capture an alive Ghoul, which was soon after questioned.


The captured demon has spilled valuable information. Thousands of undead looming in the far lands of the Staalmarsh, preparing to attack the realm and its citizens. The Haeseni people will not succumb to the forces of Evil, forces have already been sent to investigate, finding the keep of the forces of Iblees. With the help of GOD, the forces of the Haeseni people will soon begin to march to that keep, by joint effort of the Brotherhood of Saint Karl and The Order of the Crow, and will unroot evil.


This is a call to arms. Soldiers and Knights of the realm, to show our strength and willingness to protect this realm from the forces of The Betrayer. By the will of GOD, we shall end up victorious and save the realm and its citizens.



DATE: 4:30 PM EST SUNDAY 01/29/2023


DISCLAIMER:  This is a D.I.Y Event, no ST are involved, but there WILL be pretty darn good loot. Contact discord NoOne#3995 for more information



His Lordship, Baldrum Carr Ingvar Colborn, Viscount of Venzia, Baron of Bethlenen, Captain of the Colborn Company, Lieutenant of the Brotherhood of St. Karl

Baldrum Carr Ingvar Colborn


His Excellency, Ser Conrad “The Bulwark” Barclay, Knight Paramount of Hanseti-Ruska


His Lordship, Felix Weiss, Bossir of Zvaervauld, Lord Marshal of His Majesty’s Brotherhood.

Felix Weiss

His Lordship, Ser Sébastien “The White Sun” de Savoie, Deputy Palatine and Meyster Knight of Hanseti-Ruska


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Anastasia Parvana Colborn really wishes she could join in this event, but knows she will get an earfull of baldrum if she went. but she would still try to see if she could go

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Kor'garr the Clanless's eyes widen at the announcement, lips grinning from ear to ear around bulky tusks and under a thick mustache. Hurriedly the grey orc begins both preparing for another battle against the undead and also making a note to include mention of such dangers in the next release of the Kaktuz Weekli. Both blade and quill are sharpened to properly combat the darkness pervading Almaris...

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