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Creation of the Mayoral Commissioner Council


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The Royal City of New Vienne Commissioner Council


    Upon my ascension of Lord Mayor of New Vienne I have started my term off by appointing City Commissioners to be held by five individuals, the Commissioner-General, Commissioner of Culture and three Commissioners. These individuals shall each execute their duties faithfully within the City of Vienne. In order to apply for a Commissioner position you must be of 16 years of age, a lawful citizen, and a resident of New Vienne.


    Furthermore the City Government of New Vienne shall once more announce that the City is open for settlement and that houses are for purchase from the Crown. In order to qualify for any position within the City Government we urge you now to settle within New Vienne.


First Commissioner Council of New Vienne:


Commissioner-General: Eowyn von Leopold - Reports to the Lord Mayor of New Vienne upon the wellbeing of the Council.

Commissioner of Culture: VACANT - Plans events to be hosted within the City of New Vienne.

Commissioner: Valentina Roa - Aids all other Commissioners in their tasks.

Commissioner: VACANT - Aids all other Commissioners in their tasks.

Commissioner: VACANT - Aids all other Commissioners in their tasks.





Philip von Leopold, Lord Mayor of New Vienne.


DM CasualNuker#4874 for any meetings!


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An aged man and former Margrave, Leopold von Reuss looked to his brother-in-arms Ottomar von Alstreim, he spoke with hearty chuckle upon reading the signature, "Ich did nicht know people came from me other than my own children." @Ramon

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