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A strange, bearded man hands you a messy flier as you walk past him. He gives you a simple nod before trotting off to harass more.



To the dear reader,

I am a wandering Gravedigger that has currently got nowhere to tend to. I offer my services to keep the bodies of your fallen safe for a mere shack and a place to rest my head. I can do most strange burial styles, but I am not fully anointed to truly do the burial of those of the Canonist faiths, though I shall be truly pursuing such a method if need be.


Upon this, I will look for those who delve in the strange arts of plants to create fluids that shall ensure that your bones are kept clean and away from dark forces!


Please contact myself through fat pigeon, the cloud temple folk have slums that I am currently sleeping at.

Bless you,



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An old Cloud Temple monk laughs at the advertisement. "That poor old bastard, doesn't he know no one dies? That's why they pay us the big bucks to pluck those pesky souls back from the soulstream -- Ariel bless us." he genuflects "No wonder the poor sob is jobless and sleeping in the slums... speaking of, I feel my daily movement coming..." he says, grasping his belly as he waddles to the nearest slum.

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