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[✗] Dracanium Inscription Additions


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Dracanium Inscription Additions


Dracanium itself is a very well written lore piece that needs little to no alteration, however both myself and several members of the Azdrazi community agree that the Lesser Inscriptions section of the lore is somewhat lacking both in number and quality. This addition seeks to add several lesser inscriptions that can be applied to dracanium armaments, some purely for aesthetic and others for a bit of combative flare.


Lesser Inscriptions:

 Draconic Depiction


With a bit of draan energy, a Herald or Nephilim is capable of creating a flaming representation of the dragon whose dracanium the spell is placed on. This depiction is not directly in control of the herald, and will speak and act as the dracanium on its own would, however it is incapable of causing harm and can be dispelled at any time by the herald. Creating the replica and dispelling it only takes one emote each. 

  • A Draconic Depiction yields no combative advantage and cannot be summoned in combat.

  • Only one emote is required to create or remove the depiction although players can do more for aesthetics if they wish.

  • A Draconic Depiction must behave as the Dracanium itself would. The summoner has no control over its speech.

  • A Draconic Depiction cannot travel further than a Quiet Chat range (8 blocks) from the original dracanium item, and cannot speak louder than in Roleplay Chat (20 blocks).


Hoarder’s Curse


As Dragons are known to have hordes, both of the material and knowledge, this inscription is devised as a way to both hinder and punish thieves. Upon wearing an item of dracanium with this inscription, the wearer would be unable to remove it from themself until aided by a Nephilim or Herald, or they forcibly removed it alongside where it’s attached. 

  • Hoarder’s Curse can only be applied to an item which can be worn. This can be either jewelry, armor or anything else applicable.

  • Simply holding the item is not enough to bind it, it must be properly worn in the appropriate place.

  • A cursed item cannot be forcefully placed on someone without their OOC consent.

  • Someone who is wearing an item cursed by a hoarder can only have it removed by a Nephilim or Herald.

  • The item may be removed by either killing the wearer, or cutting off the limb which it is on.

  • Normal item rules apply when mechanically dealing with the item. It may be taken unless it is soulbound, and doesn’t need to be returned on mechanical death.


Dragon’s Roar


Given enough time to channel its energy properly, the voice of a dracanium armament is capable of emitting a loud roar as though its dragon were still alive. Although not guaranteed, this can be quite intimidating to enemies. This takes three emotes to perform: Activation, charging and the roar itself. During the activation phase the wielder of the dracanium item must clearly emote the charge with a tell of their choice. This must be followed with a large inhaling sound during the charging phase, clearly audible in Roleplay Chat or louder. The release of the roar must be emoted in Shout Chat, however anything past 16 blocks away is relatively unaffected as the noise dissipates at a distance. However, the noise within the range would be strong enough to disrupt any focused based magical connections.

  • Dragon’s Roar requires three emotes to use. Activation, Charging and the actual Roar.

    • The first emote of activation must have a tell of some kind, with an indication as to what item the spell is from.

    • The second emote, charging, must be a loud and clear inhaling sound that indicates the roar to come. This must be done in at least Roleplay Chat (#RP)

    • The roar itself must be done in Shout Chat (#S)

    • Focus based magic connections within a 16 block radius of the origination of the roar are instantly disconnected.

      • This includes the user of the ring, if applicable.

  • This ability may only be used once per combat situation.


Consumption of Flame


Whilst dracanium is capable of burning forever without consequence, this rune allows it to absorb flame and effectively remove it from existence. Up to a 3x3 meter area (3x3 blocks) may be cleansed of all fire including alchemical, mana based fire and even lesser drakes flame. This is done over the course of three emotes. On the first one block of fire may be removed, on the next three and on the last five, totalling to nine.

  • Consumption of flame must be channeled over the course of three emotes.

    • One block of flame may be extinguished on the first emote

    • Three additional blocks of flame may be extinguished on the second emote

    • Five additional blocks of flame may be extinguished on the third emote

  • Consumption of flame can be used to stop a Nephilim’s flame from spreading, but it cannot be used to halt their abilities entirely.

  • Consumption of flame can only be used once per combat situation.


General Redlines:

  • All inscriptions are lesser inscriptions, meaning both Heralds and Azdrazi may create them.

  • All previous rules and redlines of Vehement Smithing and Dracanium Apply.


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Bro is really prepping for those incoming dragon bones hard



+1, these are cool asf, like all of them are awesome


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big fan of this orlanth guy and his orlanth writing

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-1 because he didn’t list me in the citations

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This lore has been denied. You will be sent a forum PM regarding the reasons for denial within the next 24 hours.

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