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A Plea for A Wider Education


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To His Majesty, Alexander I, and to the nobles and the commoners of Balian,


I write this paper today to address the lack of the education of the common man. If this paper does find itself in the hands of our Majesty, I will say this now. THis paper is in no way an attempt to smear or insult his majesty or his family. But rather tackle the more serious issue of the education of the common man and the institutions that hold them back. And I do not hold our King to such an injustice as it was in his time that the common man did indeed receive an education and the common man on paper does indeed hold the right to join in government. 


To the nobles of Balian, I ask that you take into consideration the state of that of the common man’s education as you read. 


To my fellow commoners, I pray this letter finds you well. As you read this letter that I penned, I pray you find it in your hearts and spirits to follow in my steps and champion our education. 


For far too long, the commoners in this city have been denied the basic rights to education and the ability to be a member of our government. We live in a government that creates rules and laws that govern that of the common and noble man. Yet only the noble has the say to which he may control or influence such laws. This injustice is evident in two institutions: that of our Royal Academy and the Duana. 


The Royal Academy, although a fair institution in its meritorious stature in teaching its students, furthers this injustice as it only takes in students of the noble class and forces the commoners to languish outside and devoid of its education. And although it is a meritorious institution, it fails to see the merit and intelligence of the common man. The common man is just as capable and hardworking as the nobility of this realm. 


I myself am a son of a former commoner Balian Senator. My father worked his way up the social ladder in Balian to become a part of the Balian government. Attesting to his merits, it is evident that commoners are capable of pursuing education, and yet we remain prejudiced by an institution that does not provide enough resources and attention to our plight. Indubitably, an education in the royal academy helps to further a career and job in that of the Balian government. The Balian government should make laws and rules that the common man lives under and had the opportunity in which he might be able to play a part in such rules and law-making so that he too is represented in this government. 


And so, my fellow readers, I ask again. should we be prohibited from the chance to join the Academy and then partake in a government job?


The Balian Academy should consider admission of the commoner for the sake of our nation. It is critical and necessary for proper governance and administration that we have an informed populace. Make no doubt, the majority of this Kingdom is composed of the common man and by not being educated we create a nation where its citizens remain uneducated. Some of you reading this letter might not see the error in this, but let me explain why it is necessary for the common man to be educated. An uneducated commoner, because of his lack of education and not his class, falls more susceptible to the teachings of false prophets, teachers, and false leaders who spread false governance who will seek to create disharmony in our nation. An educated commoner gains the ability to discern the needle of truth from the haystack of lies.


Therefore for the reasons stated, I ask and implore that the Royal Academy and the Duana take admission of the commoners of Balian within the folds of their institution. 


From a Commoner who seeks the education of his class, 

Adam Randell, Private and Steward of the Procuration Office

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9 minutes ago, creamynoteblock said:

[!] A small bird finds its way to Atilan's house, dropping a letter on his bedroom windowsill.

"You spelled 'education' wrong." 

Atilan would receive the bird and blink very much confused. "What? Zhink zhis must have gotten to the wrong person... Ich swear zhese birds now ein days aren't being trained correctly!"He said then taking out some seeds and pettings its feathers for its long trip home. 


Adam Randell would read the letter and proofread it and think that he spelled things correctly. 

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The Countess of Aquilae, Johanne Vuiller glances over the missive of her offices ward, arching a blonde brow. As a peer and member of the Duana, she made a decision then to bring this forth to the rest of the Duana Council to see their thoughts upon the matter and wondered momentarily how the Royal Balianese Academy might respond to this public missive, if at all.

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Cardinal Teodosio continues to run his school within the abbey educating those on Canonism and flexio as he has done for several years within Balian.

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I like this post, though Kor'garr has no way of reacting to it. I will feed the algorithm in support of your Commoner RP!


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