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Transcript of the First King's Court

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Transcript of the First King’s Court



The Grand King, Agnar Grandaxe, walked into the throneroom standing before the Obsidian throne as he looked towards his nation. Agnar had waited for some time for more to come who ran a bit late before beginning.


Speech by the Grand King:


Kin of Urguan, it has been eight years since you chose me as your king, eight years ago I looked at a nation in stagnation, now I see a nation of opportunity. Beardlings are the future of our society, and we must educate and raise them, so they will replace us when we depart for the Khaz’a’Dentrumm!

Within these eight years, we reopened the Urguan Railways, that long have been abandoned. Now we see the railroads work day and night, transporting materials towards our kingdom's Shipyard.

But that was only the beginning, for Urguan clung to the past while the world moved forward and adapted. We as Kin of Urguan too must adapt, and as your King, I felt we had to modernize our own infrastructure. Titles such as King’s hand and Grand Marshall are dissolved, for our world does not circle around war any more, we seek to have a stable realm where roads are safe and people can prosper. However, new titles were forged in their place, Grand Ambassador who does our nations' diplomacy at keeping peace and close touch with other nations, and Grand Master of War to prepare our nation for war if peace is no longer an option.

We, too, dissolved the Legion of Urguan and integrated the legionnaires into the Obsidian Guard. They are the active personnel of the nation that guards and protects those that live within our territory, including the King. 


During Bakir’s rule, our nation changed its system to what they believed was good at that time, to have a Grand Senate while dissolving the Grand Council. It worked for a time, but clans that once had representation lost influence with such and cost more bickering and infighting than it had with a Grand Council. Thus, we transitioned back to the Grand Council, in hopes that clans can voice individual opinions to the matter once more. 


As Kings come and go, alliances have an expiration date on such. With the newly formed Grand Ambassador, we reaffirmed Alliances of Urguan with allies we have fought side by side for some decades and others centuries. With one being: Our oldest ally Kingdom of Haense. But we, too, opened trade routes across Almaris so our dwarven merchants can trade across the Realm once more.


But this is only the beginning, for more things have to be achieved before we are fully modernized.

The safety of Urguan remains a key element and main focus, so our kin can feel safe within their own borders. To ensure that our kin too are safe during external political affairs such as wars. So that unneeded blood can’t be spilled.

Aside from safety, it is important that our constitution is ahead of our time, for it is outdated and speaks of things we no longer use or do. We need to make amendments and changes that correlate with today’s Urguan. So that it is up-to-date to the current day.

Moreover, Hefrumm who too long relied on Urguan’s monetary system must allow them to have their own banking system that befits their culture.

Finally, we aim to bolster and grow the Workforce of Urguan, for it is the beating heart of our nation. Without it, we are nothing.



As the Grand King finished, he’d begin to call for recognition towards Sigrun Ireheart who was recognized by the Paladins and many across Almaris for his valiant efforts against the undead dragon Cloudbreaker. Thus he was presented pieces of bone from it, as a way of gratitude. 






  • Thalgrim Goldhand presented a suggestion of creating a militia force to serve underneath the newly formed Obsidian Guard. But was denied as the Grand King sought to see how the new Guard does upon its reformation.
  • Thromdrick Irongut asked upon the resignation of the Justicar, Briga Irongut, if he could fill into the position as Lord Justicar. The Grand King would accept but would name Ulfric Frostbeard as acting-Justicar until Thromdrick is more trained to uphold the position as Justicar.
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Sigrun Ireheart proudly raised the dragon bones into the air.  "AAAAARRRRUUUUU!"

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Kor'garr the Clanless hums in thought, reclining from his writing desk as he taps the Courtly summary with a bulky grey digit. Calls for a more modern era? Greater Industry? Something he personally agrees with, to be certain. And of course the mention of Sigrun Ireheart as a valiant defender against the undead scourge in Balian. The news-orc rubs his chin in thought, before dipping his Jabbernak feather quill into a nearby bottle of vivid Jungle Berry ink. This is certainly an opportunity of some kind...

But what path would be taken to capitalize on the future?

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