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The Mad Doctor’s Narcotics

An Array of Alchemical Substances



Once, a long time ago, an alchemist created a foul mixture of herbs and ingredients which could be used as narcotic drugs. These serums created quite a profit for the alchemist. Driven to obsession, the alchemist created an array of differing effects and forms…


These can be created by T2 Alchemy under Common knowledge.




Cannot be used in combat or affect combat in any way. All these drugs are purely recreational in nature.


Taking serums requires RP consent.


All serums do not require ST signing.


Serums can only be used on a single person per singular serum.


Addiction and possibly overdose is up to the user’s choice.


Serums cannot bring someone to self harm or suicide.


These serums only last a maximum of 2 OOC hours or shorter or until combat begins. This is up to user preference on how long these take effect.

Types of Serums and Creation

The first step of narcotic creation is selecting the form of Serum. Serums take three forms, Solid, Liquid, and Gaseous and have three different alchemical signs which are put into them. Each requires different signs to create a serum with different creation processes:

Solid Serums

Solid Serums, as the name suggests, take solid forms from crystalline, pilled, or powdered. All solid serums do not require a base substance and require at least x2 Earth: Rigidity symbols.


Following extraction, while combining ingredients, one can add coloration via dyes and either:

A) Grind the combined ingredients together into a fine powder.

B) Saturate the combined ingredients within a tray with a generous amount of water and freeze them to create crystals.

C) Satire the combined ingredients into a paste with water and pack them into pills.


Solid Serums Redlines:


Must be ingested through the mouth or nose to take effect.


Must take a crystalline, pilled, or powdered appearance.

Liquid Serums

Liquid Serums can take form as multiple constituencies from water to blood. These serums require a distilled water base and x2 Water: Separation symbols.


Following extraction, while combining ingredients, one can play with the amount of water to alter the density of the mix and add coloration via dyes.


Liquid Serums Redlines:


Must be imbibed or injected to take effect.


Cannot be thicker than blood or thinner than water. 

Gaseous Serums

Gaseous Serums can only take a visible form that can be vaporous or semi-opaque. These serums require a base of aqua vitae and x2 Air: Clarity symbols.


Following extraction, before combining ingredients, one must obtain a gas tight container and add coloration via dyes as one desires. Once the ingredients are added together, you have minimal time to cap the mixture before a reaction takes place.


Gaseous Serums Redlines:


Gaseous Serums must be contained within a canister or bottle and will immediately be used upon opening.


Gaseous Serums cannot be invisible. They must be detectable visually.


Must be inhaled through the nose or mouth to take effect. They can also be used in gas masks to inhale.


Must be somewhat see through, meaning no smoke screens. 


Each serum can have up to two [2] effects associated with it in which the respective reagents must be added on top of the serum form reagents.


Blank | x1 Mundane : Purity | Filler reagent. Use this reagent in case only one effect is desired in a serum.


Will not make the other effect stronger, this is simply removing a second effect.


Euphoria | x1 - 2 Mundane: Grace | The user will feel a low to moderate high depending on the ingredients used. This effect will make the user feel a sensation of happiness or excitement.


Stimulant | x1 - 2 Mundane: Swiftness | This will make the user feel a low to moderate amount of energy  depending on the ingredients used. 


Will not make someone have more stamina or strength or any useful qualities. This will only increase your energy.


You can't force someone to stay awake for more than 3 OOC days. They will crash.


Hallucigen | x1 - 2 Mundane: Chaos | This will make the user experience mild to major visual and/or auditory hallucinations depending on the ingredients used. 


Cannot take over an entire person’s vision or hearing.


Depressants | x1 Mundane: Lethargy | This will make the user experience less arousal to external stimuli, making someone more drowsy. 


Can’t make people permanently depressed.


Will not make someone fall asleep.


Mood Changer | x1 Mundane: Instability | This will make the user experience mood swings, usually happiness, sadness, or aggravation.


The mood the user changes to is entirely up to the said user.


Painkiller | x1 Mundane: Endurance | This will make the user less susceptible to pain, albeit they can still experience greater pains.


A reminder that serums cannot be used in combat.


Pains greater than a swortsword stab will still be felt.


Confusion | x1 Mundane: Curtailment | This will make the user feel a sense of confusion of what they are doing or where they are.


Will not make someone stupid and fall over walls.

Example Recipes

Golden Heaven

A needled vial filled with a golden liquid with the consistency of blood. Upon shaking it, the liquid appears to sparkle like it had golden flakes within. Upon injection or imbibing, the user will experience a moderate euphoria as well as mild hallucinations.



Base: Distilled Water


x2 Water: Separation

x2 Mundane: Grace

x1 Mundane: Chaos

Demon’s Crystal

A set of assorted crimson crystal shards which glisten in the sunlight with veins of yellow running through them. If ingested, the user will experience mood swings as well as a sudden burst of energy which would make any man wild.



Base: N/A


x2 Earth: Ridgidy

x2 Mundane: Chaos

x1 Mundane: Instability


The purpose of this piece is to create a wide array of drugs and narcotics using alchemy, opening an avenue to more black market (Given nations ban this stuff) and custom drug roleplay outside the current tech created drugs. These recipes are constructed so that people can switch out effects to what they want, yet keep it purely recreational, giving the players more power rather than being forcefully drugged.



(Also this)













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im going to take cool drugs whether or not there's an alchemy post

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Definitely focuses on a different aspect of roleplay then previous additions have shown which I find quite interesting. Although I feel like some of these are just more crack versions of other medical remedies that are already possible.

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This is adding ... 3(8*7)=168 possible recipes... You're talking about a single alchemy piece alone with more than twice as many possible combinations as all the current approved recipes. 

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This lore has been denied. You will be sent a forum PM regarding the reasons for denial within the next 24 hours.

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