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I have heard your calls, and I have peeped for myself that the Drinking Halls of the Goi remain quiet and empty. Worse still, I have seen the state of decay into which the Shrine of Wud has befallen. BUT FOR NO LONGER! With the help of Brudda Kor’Garr, and the classic recipes of Orc Cuisine, I, Toad of Yar, willingly take up the mantle to provide all the bruddaz of Krugmar with the Grub they truly deserve. If none are to challenge this, I will begin my work immediately to prepare a feast fit for the bruddaz and ziztaz of the Goi, as we have gone far too long without one. In light of recent events, in this time of proposed unity, I will use my position in efforts to further unify our people, so that we might become even stronger, and never again go hungry or without grog.

To those who seek the same position, I welcome their challenge! I wish only for the best grub and grog to be served in Krug, so that our bruddaz and ziztaz may grow strong. Be warned, I will be giving my full effort in order to create the best grub the Goi has seen, and to honor my fallen Brudda Wud.


Blessings of Ublulhar to all in this age of unity! Azh'Grish, Azh'Horde, Azh'Voice!

Art source: Ryan Lee https://www.pinterest.com/pin/761671355746914691/

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"Diz iz hozh, bruddah!" Bashag'Ugluk would be sitting by the tavern, reading the missive. "Zum bub'hozh grub agh grog iz juz wub we need." Anxiously waits for this great feast prepared by the Grubgoth

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Kor'garr the Clanless lets out a howl of joyous laughter, spilling a tankard of Krug-a-Kola all over his bald head in the ecstatic throes of mirth. A grey hand slaps against the table multiple times as each bellow rings out from the front gates of San'Velku. A hearty grin, spreading beneath a glorious mustache, stretches from ear to ear as the inebriated orc holds the paper up in a victorious cheer.


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