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Letters Patent for the County of Garmont, 1910

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Letters Patent for the County of Garmont, 1910


Issued and Confirmed by Her Grace, the Archduchess of the Petra, Renilde I 

19 Godfrey's Triumph, 1910 






It has pleased Our August graciousness to reward the service of Our beloved sister and subject, Charlotte Roberta of the Petra, with appointment to the peerage of the Commonwealth. Accordingly, with the grace of God and the counsel of Our court, we do invest Charlotte Roberta of the Petra as the Countess of Garmont, a role they as peers shall hold in trust to Our Commonwealth for the duration of their loyal fealty. They are enjoined to maintain the law of Our realm, to abide peacefully by Our rule, and to rise to Our defense when necessary. In return, as a sign of Our August graciousness, we do privilege their person to collect rents on their estates and holdings.


Moreover, We do henceforth proclaim the issue and descendants of the lawful union between Our beloved sister, Charlotte Roberta of the Petra, and her husband, Prince Frederick II of Sedan, to be known legally as the House of Novellen-Petra-Garmont, a cadet branch of Our honored father’s House of Novellen of the Petra, in the shorthand known as the House of Garmont, whilst bearing the surname ‘of Garmont’ appended to their given names. 






HER GRACE, Renilde I, By the Grace of GOD, Archduchess of the Petra, Countess of Temesch and Moere

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