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The Fateful Meeting; The first to be raised Celianorian

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This is something my character Raziel frequently talks about; if your character has ever talked to him a bit more… feel free to metagame this. It’s basically public knowledge by now. This is how Raziel met the ultimate Elven supervillain.




The Principality of Fenn, 62 SA. 


The icy cold wind was pressing against the young boy’s face as he made his way through the large gates of Fenn. The boy’s cheeks were red from the cold and he hurried up the stairs towards his father’s cavernous library - with thoughts of the hearth's warm he almost missed up on what was happening  at the fireplace of Fenn. Yet Raziel turned to the right and saw a tall elven Princess idly conversing with a human knight by the fireplace of Fenn.


He had no idea that in this moment his very fate was sealed.


He looked up and down her - she had a familiar face; or more so. He pondered on who she was for a second. Then, suddenly his eyes opened wide and he just pointed at her “Uh, uh!” the boy exclaimed with infantile enthusiasm, “You are Ivarielle! I want to fight for you!” he continued - still pointing at the soon-to-be Princess - who played the lyre during all this.


“That is so she simply answered - her conversation with the knight continued, giving Raziel little attention. About the nature of war they spoke, things the young Raziel understood little off; how would he? He was barely seven years old. It was going back and forth - though then, finally she returned her attention to Raziel, speaking: “A mali learning naught but war and strife at such a young age leads to two things.. a life of just that till parted by.. eternal rest, or he will be lost for a cause by about.. fourty. But when a spirit such as his is so wanting to fight, there's nothing saying he can't! she ended as the young boy looked at her, his face filled with expectation.


“Tell me, oem’ii- what is your name? she inquired as her playing of the lyre continued, those digits gliding over the strums “Umm- Raziel! kae maln is Lefkos! he quickly answered; the Princess soon winced upon his father’s name yet she kept her posture. “Your maln, Lefkos.. He's been around.. For a long time, he's fought in right and wrong- I'll make you a deal, okay? Then did her playing wither down to just two strings being monotonously plucked. Raziel then blinked a few times, slightly turning away from the biting fire A deal?” the boy tilts his head. The Princess ceased her playing of the lyre- offering it outward.


“Learn to play this, and I'll get you a tutor.”  she finished; the lyre in hand.


Raziel took the lyre - Ivarielle showed him some basics on how to play it - then she released him, walking off…



“From the ashes; salvation. From salvation; a future.”

 - Ivarielle Ibarellan, the Silver Phoenix


It took two years until they were to meet again. Raziel used that time well; he prepared himself for the day he was to present his music to the Princess. Barely any day happened in which he wouldn’t train or seek out someone to teach him another song on the lyre. Yet one day, while he was strolling through the town he saw Ivarielle again. He came walking up with the lyre she gifted him two year ago and carefully let his fingers glide over the strings. He tries to start a little melody, but at the first attempt he'd fail miserably; his nervousness taking over “I- I can do better!” he stuttered, before trying once more, now his little fingers would glide over the strings - this time, the simple melody would actually sound like something. It was far from anything good, but he had clearly improved!


Those glacial hues of Ivarielle watched the strings resonate with sound, vibrating before settling after his digits had strummed them. For a moment, she simply watched. Are you sure you don't seek a future with music, over battle?” She quipped then- after the momentary silence on her own part, and the air filled with a simple melody. Raziel presses his lips together before retorting a mere “Mmmhh” he then simply looks down for a few seconds, before lifting his head once “I don't know - some silence followed, before Ivarielle spoke once more “I confess, I expected you to.. Not even attempt, or at the very most.. Simply strum the strings in quick succession and pretend it were something” Then did those scarred lips curl upward. “You did a good job. Music is something our people, across all lines of Malin, lack. It's a beautiful art- and those that can't even strum a string can flail and dance.. And that is an art in its own right too. We need to have such professions... So when fighting comes and passes... We have beauty.” Once more; the Princess paused.


“I will teach you how to fight, so long as you strum the strings of that lyre and eventually come to present its sounds to the masses. the Princess was to conclude.


The boy exclaimed a loud “Yay! while lifting his arms in the air, alongside the lyre, in a little outbursts of childish happiness “But, but I thought you didn't want me to fight?” Gently the Princess was to shake her head. Her silver hair was tucked behind her ears as she spoke “Ne, I want them to fight for a future that's better and.. Beautiful. Why do you think we all are marching on the silver state? It's because in the aftermath I who rise in the ashes of the Silver State will bring the Mali'aheral into the unification efforts… and all of us will be together, friends.. Allies.. Happy- and in that happiness- beauty, art.. A future.” The young Amethil's eyes slowly widen, after the last part of her sentence “I like that! I want to be friends with everyone! Will there be pancakes for everyone?” he asked eagerly. Only silence came from Ivarielle for a few seconds. “Food for all and not a shortage of it...” She retorted before trailing off, the very dream she fought for taking over her thoughts for a moment before her throat was cleared. “I'll get you everything you need.. Yet do you want to traditionally fight when you grow up or be something.. More.. Unique?” Raziel stayed silent for a few seconds, pondering over the words unique and traditional, whose meanings he clearly did not fully grasp “I want to fight unique!” he then was to answer. “And so you shall! We will start in the morrow!” 



This RP happened exactly one year ago now… it was some of the best I ever had for multiple reasons: It was completely random, foremost. I never really planned to get Raziel involved with the monarchist High Elven movement. Eventually this became Celia’nor, one of the few places I truly feel home.


Thank you @Twinnyfor this wonderful RP!


When writing this, about 60 % came from our emotes from a year ago - I largely recycled it. So a lot of credit goes to @Twinny!


This is the first time I made such a post. And I'm happy about this!


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Azzie wondered which snowflake she was in Raziels mind. 

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