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How Culture Shapes Orc Spiritualism


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How Culture Shapes Orc Spiritualism

A study by Gharak, for San'Velku Library of Theruz, year 114 of the Second Age

With special thanks to Kor'Garr, Toad'Yar, Madoc'Lur and Ghoraza


This is a translation of the book bearing the same name, and will also serve as an OOC-saved version of the book. Still, I strongly advise you try and read the version in Blah.


Table of Contents:



This book will be an attempt to try and answer the following question:
How does orc culture shape the spiritualist beliefs and practices in the orc society?

The question assumes that there is one orc culture. We will discuss this in the first section.

In fact, we will see that culture is often specific to clans, and this will be the heart of the second section.

I] Culture & Nature


By definition, culture is not nature. Culture is what differentiates the descendant from the beast. As such, can orcs —a race— share one culture? If so, is it not its nature?


Well, nature has given some things that orcs share: tusks, strong bodies and resilience.
The shapes of the orcs have shaped orc culture:
Blah is a consequence of the tusks, and there would be no love for the klomps¹ without the strength that orcs have inherited.


Of course, the values of Krug are also shared by all of his children. This is also central to understand the orc culture.


With so many ancestors and spirits², one must make choices. If you worship all spirits, they will receive so little thought it would be disrespectful.


This is where choices are made, and this is where orc culture splits.
This is where clan values come into play, as an answer to the sheer number of spirits.


¹Klomp: a non-deadly fight, often a display of honor

²Immortal Spirits by Goan Aldin details 36 spirits and Zpirit buuk by Shrek describes 70 of them

II] On the clans


Clans are central to orks. Not all orcs are in a clan —I, myself, am not in a clan— but those that are take pride in it.


They follow the clan principles, values and traditions, which implies there are beliefs and practices. That meanse in turn, that there are clan cultures.


For instance, the Yar clan values wisdom. They worship Theruz, the spirit of thinking, intelligence and learning, and Drezz, spirit of wisdom, for whom they collect sacred bones as a tradition.
Here, the values are the basis for clan culture.


The Ragukz clan worship three spirits, whose shrines can be found in their clan halls. Leyd, spirit of dominance and physical strength, Gazigazh "the blood mother", and Gentharuz, spirit of the industry, smithery and forging.
Here, they have a traditional pantheon as a cultural basis.


Finally, the Akaal clan has no specific spirit, but concentrates on their ancestors. They strive to "hold [them]selves to the word and actions of Krug" as per the words of Ghoraza.
Here, the culture comes from a strong inspirational figure.



One would be mistaken to speak of a single orc culture. Each clan has some unique aspects, and they shape their spirituality differently.


In the end, the shape of spirituality depends on choices on whom to give thought to, who to worship more than who.


I haven't, and can't describe all clan cultures, but we can see various ways in which clan culture interacts with the spirituality.

Clans shape values, beliefs, worship practices, traditions and historic figures: this is most of the culture.


An answer to the question asked in the introduction could be:

Orc nature defines its culture and thus, its spiritualism. But that spiritualism is a starting point, a piece of clay which the the clans mold as they pick and choose parts of it to fit their unique culture.


Edited by Gomoore
fixing a mistake
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 Raguks worship LEYD GAZIGAZH GENTHARUZ not enrohk, though great job on everything else its rlly cool


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Good job!


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Druko'Lur has a goblin read the thesis to him as he is illiterate. He then nods in approval!


Good stuff!


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Kor'garr reads over the book in approval, nodding all the while. Crimson eyes peer at the writing with a clear ease of comprehension, a low hum leaving his rumbling, scarred chest.

"Veri 'hozh werk..."

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