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Published in the Year of our Lord, 1910





The age of insecurity is far behind us. If someone asked us what it was like to raise and carve the foundations of our kingdom, we would certainly have an answer. We would certainly respond with pride after every spoken word, all thanks to the successful and hard-working people who were there in the times of the greatest need.


As the Royal Government has been ratified and formed, so are its branches arriving at people’s service, which will work every day for the benefit of the citizens of our kingdom. With the introduction of the Edict of Diligence, the formation of the Office of Magistrate is hereby announced. It will first serve as a legal advisor to His Majesty the King, and will also be in charge of solving immigration issues at the level of the entire kingdom. In addition to the aforementioned duties, the Office of the Magistrate will serve as the central archive of the kingdom, from which all information will be collected, sorted, and shared.


The main goal of the Office of the Magistrate is the orderly management of the kingdom's internal affairs policy, with additional attention that will be directed to immigration issues, both due to the large influx of new residents, and to care for the future of the kingdom, its capacity, and standard of living.



TRH Louis II August, the 1st Royal Magistrate of the United Kingdom of Aaun






As the representative and the highest authority of the Office of the Magistrate, the task of the Royal Magistrate is to manage the subordinate offices by coordinating work with them accordingly, the organization of duties of subordinate agents, and the maintenance of records and information in the archives of the kingdom, as well as to deal with immigration matters alongside the subordinate offices throughout the territory of the kingdom and beyond, if necessary.



The main duties of the Royal Informant are to keep records related to the Royal Census, which includes statistical information on the number, variety, and occupations of the citizens of the kingdom. In addition to the above, the duty includes coordination and communication with other offices within the Royal Government if immigration is brought into question by other parties.



These agents, now to be referred to as Inspector-Informants, fall under the authority of Royal Informant. The task of the Inspector-Informant is to forward important information regarding immigration issues to the Royal Informant, as well as fieldwork which consists of inspecting reaching areas within the territory of the kingdom.




Information that directly concerns the kingdom and all other information enters the central archive, which is in charge of the Royal Archivist. The duties of the Royal Archivist include regularly updating the central archive, adding or removing information from the archive, and maintaining the Royal Directory.






The Office of the Magistrate wishes to announce the recruitment of the new Royal Informant and the subordinate Inspector-Informants for the Office of the Royal Informant.

Applicants who wish to apply for the position of Royal Informant and Inspector-Informants are encouraged to do so by contacting the Royal Magistrate, Louis II August (Discord: rep2k#4690, IGN: rep2k)





LTH, Louis II August, Marquis de Haute-Epine,

Comt de Beaufoy e Arentaniebourg, Baron de Rosius,

Seigneur Commandant de la Garde de La Rose, Seigneur 

de Mont Louis, Protecteur d’Arentanie et Magistrat royal 

du Royaume-Uni d'Aaun




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