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The Mercy We Need


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The Pyromancer's Ballad

From the table of Laurir Aiera Sullas, 1910 Malin’s Year.


ito elthilln iylcihi’ito,


No Laurir desires to have to write this, except perhaps the greatly depraved. 


It is with heavy consideration that the disownment of one Saoréan Sullas need be made public knowledge, his name to be scratched from the Bloodline Archive, former and future accomplishments unattributed to the Talonnii.


This comes in light of his failure to present for trial, within which grave terms were to be settled, namely that of his attempted assault or even murder on the Maheral. To move to harm Our domestic conservator of culture, it is an embarrassment to the diligent name of Sullas and showcases an utter lack of self-control that one can only hope will be healed with time. 


Do not twist the words here as a sanction of any action from one group or another, as this is a legal and personal decision serving only one purpose with no political agenda.


No further action is required from any party.


kaean hileia’ito enet’leh?

o ilandria’luern barbu’ito chul’oyallrae?
mal’maronn adont’ahern tillun kae ker’ento.

nae’leh adont’ahern tillun.

Dio tillun tuva’kaean.



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