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Sillumir Rejoin

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Comrades Rejoin



Year 115
Okarir’tir: Sillumir #90
Tilruir’tir: Sillumir #85



Addressing elSillumiran


ElSillumiran, those who fight for purity and fight for the Silver State. Those who are so brave as to shed blood for their people, to sacrifice their health for the sake of their ‘thill kin.


I, Okarir’tir of Haelun’or, speak to you; my brothers, sisters, and my comrades. This is the time to come back.


I call for every Veteran Sillumir to rejoin and unite under one face and banner again.


I call for everyone who has fought against the fennic occupants. I call for every soldier, Mali, Valah, Bortu and Uruk who dedicated themselves to the patriotism of our most blessed motherland.


Put on your weary mask, polish your identity number, and rally into the formation.



Okarir’tir, Sillumir #90 

maehr’sae hiylun’ehya, ay’larihei



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