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Festival of Unity

13th of The Grand Harvest, Year 115 of the Second Age





Citizens of Balian and Haelun'or, gather and make haste to the grand Festival of Unity!


The kingdom of Balian and the Silver State of Haelun'or have come together to celebrate their rich and diverse cultures. Visitors from both nations will have the opportunity to peruse the various booths filled with an array of artisanal goods and sample the finest vintages from Balian and Haelun'or.





In honor of this occasion, a wine competition will be held, where the citizens of both nations will have the chance to cast their anonymous votes for the best wine of the festival. Each vintage will be judged on its taste, aroma, and appearance, with the winner to be crowned at the end of the festival.

In addition, there will be a variety of other festivities and entertainment throughout the day. Balian and Haelun'or performers will roam the festival grounds, delighting visitors of all ages. Food vendors from both nations will also be on hand, offering a wide range of delicacies and treats for visitors to enjoy. 


So, come one and all, and experience the beauty and wonder of Balian and Haelun'or as they come together in a celebration of unity and culture. The Festival of Unity  awaits, don't miss this chance to be a part of history in the making!





OOC: Date: Sunday, February 12th, 3pm EST/8pm GMT

Location: Balian



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