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Matrimonial Union 116 SA: Eloisee Roheisa and Myrios Sarran

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[!]Copies of the following poster are put up around the Duchy of Minitz[!]


The Union of Eloisee Roheisa and Myrios Sarran


How 20-Year-Old Queen Victoria Forever Changed Wedding Fashion | Vanity Fair


"There are many joys in life, and an important thing to do is to observe such times of happiness, even in the wake of tragedy, change or the loss of friends. As such, we invite those who wish to come, to observe the joining of hands between Eloisee Roheisa and Myrios Sarran, held inside the church of Minitz. There shall be a feast and party afterwards in the fields near the walls of Minitz, doubling as a celebration of the defeat of the accursed Glebites."


"Food is provided, and party favours will be distributed, and a dance held, open to all. Come, and be merry as we celebrate together."



Personal invites have been sent to the following:

Herzog Brandt Wilheim Barclay

All members of Theoderic's Warband

Sir Yvian Galken

Siegfried Barclay

Ottomar Von Alstreim

Markward Orino



(The date and time are: 7:30pm EST Friday, 17/02/2023)

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Eloisee smiled as she took a stroll through town and saw the posters hung up announcing her wedding to her beloved.


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Gregorius Roa cheered for Myrios, even tho he was in Pavia "I hope its the best wedding there has been, friend" 


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Orino couldn't tell apart any word of the invitation he received but was already happily working on a wedding gift for two of his beloved friends.

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