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The Union Of the Butterfly

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The Union of The Butterfly 

valllo toujou couri vallhiuw





The De Astrea invites to witness the marriage of Medea de Astrea & Aerin Sinan 

We shall celebrate within The Paradine Keep following the ceremony to conclude the reception in the Tavern

During this festive period, we urge that everyone at the party continue to treat one another with respect.

Please keep in mind that there will be speeches after the ceremony, so please come with your best interest at heart and your best stories to fluster both bride and groom. 

Following the speeches, the bride will host an unique drinking competition. 



List of Invitations:

The Groom’s  Father Monsueir Sinan 

The Brides Mother The current paramount Leika de Astrea and her pedigree @Tigergiri

The brides Father, Chief Ehrendil Taliameonn and His seed @DrunkCapybaraa




 Her Grace, Princess Beatrice Ishe and  any remaining line of Ishe.  @JuniperSeason


Countess Lunah Vanari and their House. @Arashiha


Banner lord Flour and any company they wish to accompany them. @Turbo_Dog


Ri’Keidha and the inhabitants of  Aelkos of Eittitica  


Lord Ahmanu Chaephyra and their House.  @sofsitar  @THEKINGOFPIRATS

  • All ravens are formally invited and encouraged to wear armour  (no helmet) 


Lord Roy d'Avre and their house @CombatRolePlay


Bal’ance the bear


Floria Starling & her Their House @Pixicat


 The Waywards Hermits, and its inhabitants @Ratsack


The Wanderers guild, and her guild members @MokoMochi




Her Highness Princess Valyris Ibarellan | @Cepheid


Evarir Veralya Wynasul, and their Talonii | @Amuletic


Evarir Aurelius Haelimah, and their Talonii | @aWhyte 


Virar Serigne Py’lrie, and their Talonii | @Allien


Virar Theoden Akaln’riv, and their Talonii | @FredrickTeufel


Virar Aestenia Aevaris, and their Talonii  |  @Maevlin


Virar Thalon Nullivari, and their Talonii |  @_Sug


Laurir Ante'ahern Athri'onn, and their Talonii | @Air


Laurir Senna Cerusil, and their Talonii |  @Sailor


Lauririi Raziel Aevaris |  @Laeonathan


Lauririi Aearion Tawarenion | @Smol


Noron Kraal of Dralguuna, and their Talonii |  @_Hexe_


The Celia’diraar @Sailor



Mika Anarion The Silver Lubba of Lurin, and his citizens | @mika1278


Netseth Loa’chil, Prince of Nor’asath, and his citizens | @ColonelKuehl1


Lenora Jusmia of Vortice, and her citizens | @Bethinwonderland


High princess Idril Sylvaeri and her citizens | @JJosey 


The King of Norland Odin and any of his citizens @ichigomaster98


The inhabitants of the Mothers Grove   @WaveLincoln




Jakob Castington, and his Talonii | @Oh_Ontario


Madoc @Sewer_Rat

Vakas @Disklexia









((February 26th at 4pm est)) 


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Leika examines the letter and the lengthy list of invitations. From the opposite side of the castle, cries, "MEDEA DID YOU INVITE EVERYONE?"

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Held the invitation with a small smile before she blinked "how many people does she know!! I'm her aunt and i don't even know that many people..." the elfess said as she looked to a Ker next to her with a small smile "this reminds me im still waiting for that proposal from you Glorier" 

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Theoden Akaln'riv would blink upon reading over the invite list before looking at his keep which was intended to host the large list of invited guests. "Why does guest list include entire nations?!" He would exclaim, worry filling him.

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13 minutes ago, Tigergiri said:

Leika examines the letter and the lengthy list of invitations. From the opposite side of the castle, cries, "MEDEA DID YOU INVITE EVERYONE?"

“I think!?!? WAIT LET ME DOUBLE CHECK MOM!!!” Medea runs to find her book of people she knew

“**** **** **** **** ****!!!” Medea ran around the palace as she prepared things for the wedding. “I have so much to do!!!”

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Odin shows the invitation to his family and fellow Norlanders. "An excellent chance to make new friends and stories." He says, looking forward to seeing how the Southerners handle their alcohol.

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Auro'ra Castington pales at the sight of the extensive list of invitations, a wave of panic coursing through her as she thought of how many drinks she'd have to brew...


" What is this? A chaRITY? "



Made you look :)


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Aerin reads through the guest list, careful not to miss any names. Once finished, he pauses, just staring at the paper for a solid minute. "Medea...hun..." He uttered. "Just how many people do you know...." He began to worry over the mass size of the guest list "So many...people...." He mumbled.

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The crown princess began to sip her tea as she looked over  this missive, her lips smacked softly as she looked over to vakas. 


“If you need a second, I’d be more than willing”



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3 hours ago, _Hexe_ said:
  Reveal hidden contents




I cackled so hard at this


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Otellia smiled as she pinned the invitation to the guild hall board for all other members to see. “I should really think of a gift but I think I met this Medea person once” She laughed aloud with her pipe in hand


Raell would be hopping up and down and stop “Oh no I need Aerin to finish his trials quick!” 


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Flour read his copy of the invitation over looking over the lengthy guest list that was inscribed on it “Holy biscuits and pastries how big is the host building going to be for this many people?” He said as he turned back to a cake he was decorating a look of concern on his face

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