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The Moonlight Sanctuary

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The Moonlight Sanctuary

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[!] The entire page appears to be translated from Kharahatla

Within the walls of Nor’asath, lie the slumbering cats…


The Remenant Kha, being a people met with near constant adversity, seek residence where they can find it. 

Some of such have come to be those who occupy the Moonlight Sanctuary, a small camp located just within the lands of Nor’asath. The Kha of this place take solace in their culture centered around both old and new traditions. Intermingling the shaman ways of their host kingdom with the old ways of Kharajyr since passed on


The camp settled with new Kharajyr blood and teeming with potential, its arms are opened to all Kha who seek a place to stay and foster a community, one in which they can thrive amongst their own peoples without issue. A place in which the remnants of our language, and new aspects of it, can be spoken without the hindrance of new descendants being ignorant to our words. Built upon the ideals that the Kha remain a strong group of individuals, the Sanctuary is a place in which one can exist peacefully and indulge in the cultures of the new Kha without worries.


Come join your Kharajyr brethren and uptake a free home within our community of friends, brothers, and sisters


DnD 5e: Tabaxi Race, Abilities & Names, Explained



Sanctuary Rules

1. Do not harm our Nor'asath hosts

2. Speak our language as often as possible

3. Disrespect to the moon is forbidden

4. Accept all Kha who wish to join us

5. Respect and obey the elders

6. Obey Nor'asath law

ArtStation - Tabaxi Monk: D&D Character Design

Sanctuary Culture

Cultural events such as the Haulquiz’Metzli and naming ceremony, while not mandatory, are recommended for all Kha to take part in! Led by the Sanctuary Elders, these events offer wisdom of the future for the residence of our home  and spiritualistic experiences.

Our community attempts to uphold as much of the ancient ways as possible, while continuing to adapt to our new world, one lacking our Muuna. Heath, dietary and other such practices are taught by the Elders of the community during communal teaching events

Clothing offered by those capable of making it are often akin to that of the generations before, and are highly suggested to be worn when in the community 

The Moonlight Sanctuary offers cultural experiences led by its Elders so that our brethren may continue to pass down the ancient history of our kind for centuries to come


Present Elders


Yhl'Kabuki Khurhukar



OOC: Those who wish to join the Sanctuary and do not already have a Kha are offered a free skin from myself and are suggested to join our communal discord! Contact our leaders for further info: Periphonics#8931   Cherry Blossom 🌸#7274


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Yaotl's maw forms a content smile, clasping his paw on his Tigrasi friend Tul'Kabuki's shoulder.


"Our people can once again have a place to call home, perta" he says to the large Kha, before heading off to check up on the camp.




Feel free to shoot myself or Periphonics a message if you are interested in joining our little village, or if you are looking to make your first Kha! We'd love to have you <3


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