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The Sun Smiles

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Upon the 9th of MSITZA AG DARGUND, 469 E.S. | The 9th of HARREN'S FOLLY, 1914



The Sun may set at dusk,                                    

                                       But it shall always rise in the morning.” 





The name of my forebears does not cease to be, even through adversity, sorrow, or  diminishing circumstances. From the cathedrals on the Isles of The Fringe, Athera and Vailor to the pale halls of the Palace of San Luciano, to this humble keep, House Ashford de Savoie has continued forwards, unrelenting. Through numerous tragedies, broken hopes, and fractured dreams, we will hold strong to what we know to be true, Savoy lives on. Not in any grand city or ruined capital, but in the memory of those who bear its past. 


Over the last few years, the groundwork has been laid for the House of the Sun to once again build their prestige. With permission from the king, defensive structures have been erected following the complete rejuvenation of the Vuillermoz land from its once pitiful state into an area that breeds beauty and serenity. Painstaking work filling craters, discarding ruins, and replenishing flora, has been done so that the area might again, be inhabited. 


With the completion of this task, House de Savoie announces the following:


Construction of Keep Peremont


Defensive holds are critical to having secure and protected nations. Keep Peremont lies directly between the Forest of Dobrov and the Forest of Krusev, both of which have spawned numerous unsavory creatures. Thus, a this keep shall act as a barrier, defending Thus, House de Savoie has been trusted with securing the southern border, both in blocking feral creatures from infesting the land, or enemy militia.






Creation of the Sun’s Smile Library.


We are a family with a long history, and our lineage can be traced directly back to Horen with little change in name. However, our history is not well known, before the libraries of my kin have remained incomplete and spread out. However, it was my goal to bring together the histories of Ashford de Savoie together into one place in order that we might read through and see one story. Therefore, over the last several years, sources have been brought into my fold, from excerpts of papers to large scale works. These sources hold the key to a congruent history. Therefore, with the help of my dedicated son, Carolus, he has sought to translate many Savoyard tomes. There are more yet to be translated and still more yet to be found.







Excerpt from Missive (1372) - Nobilization of House Ashford

1384 - Bishop Velwyn Ashford anointed Pontiff

1450 - The Book of Ashford

Excerpt from Missive (1464) - Nobilization of House Ashford de Savoie 

1473 - House de Bar

1493 - Creation of The Chapter of Esheveurd, Knights of Savoy.

1499 - Coronation of Olivier Ashford de Savoie, King of Oren.

2509 - Cadet House of Barbanov of Haense

1512 - The Lives of Great Savoyards

1552 - Ancient Esheveurd

1703 - Chronicles of Savoy

1832 - Royal Letters for the Duchy of Corazon

1835 - Regency of Sutica

1836 - Springtime Edict

1837 - Lex Savoie

1840 - Charter of San Luciano

1840 - Royal Courts

1840 - Knights of Savoy

1842 - Savoyard Traditions

1853 - The Savoyard Culture: Volumes 1-10

1853 - The Argent Legion

1857 - Assassination of Princess Catherine 

1866 - Pact with Hanseti-Ruska

1866 - Declaration of War with Oren

1867 - Prince Lucien’s Abdication

1868 - Battle of the Sun

1871 - Last Will and Testament of Remus de Bar

1875 - Dissolution of The Principality of Savoy

1914 - Keep Peremont

1914 - House Ashford de Savoie



Transfer of the statue of Archangel Michael ‘the Courageous’ from Redclyf Ruins


For some time this holy relic stood guarding the ruins of a civilization long gone, settlements that has moved. It has been sitting unattended for too lengthy a time and therefore, concerns of its health have come into question. Following express permission given by Pontiff Pontian IV, this statue shall be carefully transferred from its place of degradation to the lands Keep Peremont sit so that it can be restored to its former glory.






Dedication of Saint Amyas Chapel and Shrine to Saint Harald Vuiller.


Originally having been hoped to be restored, it was found that the safest avenue for both the land and for the canonists who use it, that Saint Harald’s chapel would need to be deconstructed and a new chapel erected in its place. Therefore, following the steps of canonist law, so that its dismantling may be blessed, permission was sought from the High Pontiff. Following his blessing, the chapel was carefully disassembled. However, parts of its structure still held firm. Therefore, those parts were taken and cleaned.


As this new chapel was constructed, pieces from the previous church were laid into the foundation, a testament to the strength of faith. Upon its founding, it shall be dedicated to Saint Amays, the Savoyard Patron Saint. Furthermore, a Shrine to Saint Harald Vuiller has been built by the chapel in order to pay homage, not only to him, but to the Vuiller legacy.







Restoration of forestry and surrounding plant life.


The forest life of Vuillermoz had been devastated following the complete and utter bombing of the keep and surrounding buildings following the Brother’s War. Ruins, overgrowth, and large craters plagued the land. However, over the last 5 years, the land has been slowly restored, giving life to a once dead ecosystem. The ruins of old have been fully removed, giving way for new plant growth. Trees have been replanted and transferred from elsewhere to sustain new growth. The Overgrowth has been cut back, bringing on a balance to the order of things. Additionally. Larger craters have been filled, and any remaining burnt objects still on the land.


Then, a road has been connected from the main path to Reinmar and through Krusev to keep Peremont.


Establishment of Sunspire Towers


Evil lies on our doorstep. Krusev stands behind Peremont, and Dobrov in front. Both allow evil to manifest themself. They fester and grow till they are strong enough to lash out with deadly force. It is with much care that these towers shall be built, which act as both a lookout and a defensive position against these creatures of destruction. In order that they might be used to their full potential, members of the Order of the Crow are permitted to use these towers for defensive purposes.






Founding of  The Esheveurd Vineyards 


Wine, Vines, and Grapes are a large part of the Savoyard Culture. Therefore, along with the founding of the new keep, vineyards have been planted to produce the finest wine in all of Almaris. These grapes are tended to daily and maintained by a variety of special fertilizers. The process to ferment and make this fruit into a fine alcoholic drink is long and tedious, but well worth the cost.


Within the next few years, the first batches of Esheveurd Wine shall be released in these lovely bottles.


Château Péremont - Red Wine


Amour de l'aube - Red Wine


Chaleur enflammée - Rosé


Triomphe du Soleil - Rosé


Soleil blanc - White Wine


Éclat - White Wine



“We have won - Not with words, but with deeds.”



HIS LORDSHIP, Ser Sébastien ‘The White Sun’ Ashford de Savoie,

 Guardian of Keep Peremont, Palatine Kommissar, and Meyster Knight of Hanseti-Ruska,



Special thanks to @Cirdanothfor this amazing build < 3



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Wiktor Jazloviecki smiled at the document, recalling the memories of his childhood in the Principality of Savoy.

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Masashi Iekami, one of the last surviving men to remember Savoy in its Heyday, smiles the sun’s smile upon seeing the announcement. 

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Olivier Percival would smile the sun smile as he'd settle his books and quills within the newly constructed keep. His gaze settled upon the new life that had been given to the ruins of Vuillermoz.

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Renata Ashford de Savoie smiles the sun’s smile, wishing her nephew well from her place of retirement across the sea.


((attaboy alamo))

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Venerable Borys III Jazloviecki shed a tear from the Seven Skies as the legacy of Savoy lives on not only within the members of his own House

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A certain Vuiller squints upon a missive!



Good go, man! Shiny posts are always good to see!


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